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When was the last time you felt safe?

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 01:22 AM
It is right to say that today is September 11th. A day which our generation knows as its date that will live in infamy just as much if not more so than the attack on Pearl Harbor. To remember this day is right. But to forget the ones responsible…that is worse than forgetting the innocent lives that were lost and would make us just as wrong as those who caused this blemish in our nation’s history.
I’m not talking about the stereotypical terrorist, the suicide bombers, the plane hi-jackers or even Osama Bin Laden himself. The people I refer to are the ones who we have trusted with our future, the ones who we have placed into office to direct our society, the very people we know so intimately as public figures who behind the cameras and reports, behind the promises and the smiles, behind the speeches and cover-ups are one of two things: pawns or players.
Be them pawns and they are no more than the average citizen, only figurines of symbolism, a necessary guise to give us the illusion of our own “control” over our government. But if players they are, well I think it’s needless to say that they play with our lives as if WE were the pawns!!!
Regardless of who’s in control and who’s playing who there is something very wrong with the world and the events that have taken place over the last 6 years in our society. Wars have broken out, invasions have taken place, people have died, money has been made all at what seems to be at the mercy of a flawlessly laid chain of events that has led us to be literally the judge, jury, and executioner of the entire world when it is the leaders within our own ranks who should be punished. Again, I am not talking about the stereotypical citizen, most people have no idea what possibilities lay behind the decisions they make. They busy themselves within their lives and they are happy not knowing, for knowing would make them just as angered, just as outraged as I am now.
I was once too one of the stereotypical ones. I went about my day trusting in the way the system works, trusting the protection of the country, trusting the word of a tyrant and the direction of our government. We live under a dictatorship in which there are many dictators and few revolutionist who see the truth. It has been called “democracy,” it has been dubbed “republic” but I fail to see the justification of such names under the ignorance of those who make up the mass public. We have been fooled from day one, 6 years ago, possibly even before that.
Over these past 6 years, a great deal of happenings have tightened our hold on the world. The domination of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, the capture of Saddam Hussein, all stemming from this infamous day. Without this day, would our country have as much power as it now has? Would our opponents be larger in number if we didn’t cut them down in the raids of our bombers? Would our Armed Forces be policing foreign countries, forcing their hand and politics and making satellite puppet governments under the pretenses of diplomacy while forcibly armed? The answer to all these questions is very simple. No.
Our government has lied to us. We’ve been set up. We’ve been tricked into believing that the attack on the World Trade Center was a devious plot set up by terrorist, the hunt for terrorists lead us into an all out war, the reduction of our civil liberties is necessary, that an increase in overzealous militarism is righteous, and a profound lack of justice and understanding of the entire truth of what happened that day and why is to be carried out by those responsible.
You need only look to the one’s calling the shots to find the guilty parties, along with their accomplices, the ones who are making all the money.
My question is knowing all this, even the small minority of us who believe there is some untruth behind what we’ve been told…why hasn’t anything been done?

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