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Spirit Allies

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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 11:08 PM
The Creator makes Souls in twelves. So, you have eleven 'spirit allies' or 'soul Mates'. Some of your Spirit Allies are likely in our home dimension (where The Creator is) in which some people refer to them as 'Guardian Angels' I call them Spirit Allies. Others may be here on earth with you. It is most likely that the ones here on earth with you are family members. I have met three of my soul mates in some of my deepest meditations. Those three were female and one of their names was Feebee.

I have seen an Angel here on earth also. An Angel is a being that is far more advanced than us humans in the spiritual sense. I only refer to them as Angels for lack of a better word.

The reason you feel the connection because of past lives is this: This earth is a school for souls. It takes many lives to reach your full potential here. Also please note that you were not always human. You started out toward the bottom of this evolutionary soul latter somewhere. Furthermore, you will not always be human if you reach your full potential here on earth. For, there are higher schools to attend still. We will be in school with the angles next. Maybe we will be one of there pets.

With lots of practice You can meditate and communicate with your Spirit Allies in the other realm. They will help you learn spiritual things and will occasionally, if your lucky, tell you other interesting things like future events. I found that they are reluctant to do this for reasons being that they don't want to ruin our experience here on earth. But some people have built relationships with their Spirit Allies that are very tight. These people can sometimes tell you things about your past, present and or future. And, also other peoples past, present and or future. The reason why they know these things isn't because they have the power to see them, them-selves. Its because their 'Spirit Allies' with witch whom they have developed this relationship with tells them.

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