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Situation X: The Amero Replaces The U.S. Dollar

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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 09:30 PM
I have been researching into the the supposed replacement of the U.S. dollar by the Amerio with great interest. After doing the research and seeing the MSNBC video it occurred to me that maybe this is not a joke. Recently I have been looking into moving money offshore into places like New Zealand and Australia as to preventive measure. The returns for New Zealand bonds is at 8.25% to 7.00% with very little risk supposedly other than currency fluctuations. The U.S. dollar has been steadily loosing value so in theory I could make more than 8.25% due to the U.S. dollar devaluation. Currently I am heavily invested in timberland at the moment and would be interested in knowing if that asset would be devalued in the event of a dollar replacement.

The question I am asking is where would be the best places to put money in order to preserve my assets in the event of the U.S. currency being replaced by another currency (the Amero) that would still have a decent return.

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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 10:46 PM
I'll give you a different perspective. In such a scenario the Federal Reserve would probably be abolished and anyone owing them money (read banks) would be off the hook to a varying degree. Likewise anyone they owed money to would be screwed to a certian degree, particulary other countries who have invested in what would then be our worthless debt.

In turn the banks would also have to forgive the debt owed to them by the citizens since it was all illegal debt in the first place. It is against the law to create money and then lend it. There never is any real consideration. This law is never enforced, but it is a part of our legal code.

How to piss off your bank

Thus the new Amero would be based on a debt free society at the start and it would probably rise drastically versus these other curriencies. Thus you would want to own American stocks and have dollar denominated cash equivalents in that scenario.

Killing the dollar ends global trade and that is not good for anyone, especially creditor countries and net exporters. Who knows what will really happen. I doubt the Amero or the above is all that likely. but if it happens it will probably be set up to be favorable to the populances.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 11:48 PM
I will rage like a rat in a cage for one whole month, then go to the bank to trade some dollars to Ameros...

Resistance is futile.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 06:34 AM
It simply doesn't make sense to me that 3 countries would want to create a single currency. In Europe it makes a little more sense where there are 20+ countries all within a very small geographic region, but I can't see it being of any use in North America except to remove the transaction fees on changing money into a different currency. And that's coming from someone who lives in a border city, 15 minutes from the US. If it does happen, I wouldn't consider it a real "survival" situation that would need any preparation. Things seem to have flowed fairly seamlessly in Europe. All of your digital money and stocks would be automatically converted, and you would take in the remainder of money left in your wallet into the bank to change.

If for some reason you want to change all of your money into another currency to somehow avoid something, I would say Brazil/Latin America but I believe they all use USD... and China would seem risky for most people. I think it would make more sense to just buy an index fund in USD or CAD that relates to your country of choice. Examples include EAFE (Europe, Australia, Far East), Emerging Markets, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brazil, Latin America 40, etc. Pretty much every country has one. If you go that route you are owning some of the largest companies in those countries, without as much of the currency risk... plus they are likely to grow considerably faster than just foreign money on it's own. Most that I mentioned have grown by around 30% so far in the past year, with the exception of Japan.

You could also buy precious metals like gold to play off of people's fear/anxiety and are always a hedge against anything currency-related (again, I would go the gold index route to minimize risk rather than physically owning gold, or a single gold company. I would guess that there would likely be a spike in these prices if the Amero were first announced, and then again soon before they impliment it.

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posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 09:15 AM
Sorry , Its a nice dream to wish for, but I do not see them forgiving anything owed to them, especially China.

Someone has to pay for all this excess, and way too many credit cards given to the US poulace. Discover...yea were going to dicover all right.
To beat this, then illegals get 5 years no taxes under the new amnesty railroad going on now.

China is who we have to answer to in the end.They hold most of our dollars via Wal-Mart scam. Unfortunatly for Gods creature there,they use mobile death vans on the people ,what do you think they will do to us? they already control the ports in Cali.

The key thing to look at is the "Debtors prison" scenario. Do a google search and you will find some links.

This accumulation of debt is a strategic weapon against USA population originally forged not for US but for the whole world rule,by Rome thousands of years ago for Ceasar iron glove to surround the Earth into A Novus Ordo Seclorum. The plan was refined in 1776 by Spartacus Weishaup, and that organisation that currently is the chief cornerstone or All Seeing Eye, the man behind the curtain.
The creation of the fed scam in 1913 sealed the coffin.
The Amero is just being created to compete with Euro until that fails and then a "single microchip currency" will emerge as well as Ceasars revealing to the world as Supreme Dictator.
But UFC gladiatior fights, and football zombies don't want to hear me warn them. They do not want to wake up. Alot are not going to do anything they are waiting for"Jesus"to save us. They just want to keep fluffing there feathers at each other and strutting around like peacocks. Every OSU Buckeye head here is chanting Wal-Mart ,Wal-Mart with spinning hypnotised look in their eyes.
Meanwhile when they go to the games at the "horseshoe" there are armed gestapo in swat wagons everywhere, with psychotic looks in there eyes.Barret 50cal rifle toting snipers on every rooftop with tents set up surrounding the OSU stadium parking lots. it is truly shocking to see.
Ill never give up fighting for a free EArth people, but it appears the lucifer system is working perfectly.
Ill keep trying though.

Please pardon me for saying, "Resistance" is your duty to the free mind given to you. Resistance will end the evil happening to our children, especially the vaccines they promote with mind erasing Mercury in them. Isnt that worth fighting and dying for? A innocent child being force injected in the womb!!!!!!!!!!Im ready to defend the Constitution and our children of the future. Alot of my friends are ready to die for freedom as well. The free mind of Gods creature and free will given to us by the Universe is worth fighting to save . There is more than enough for all. Fight those who want to take it from you, they are fighting you now.

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posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 05:57 PM
Are there any non fiat currencies left in the world? I really don't want to hold gold because of how it is taxed and the other negatives associated with it. Thanks for the ideas everyone.

posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 10:04 PM
Malaysia was trying to promote an "Islamic gold dinar" for trade amongst Muslim countries. I haven't heard anything about it for awhile, but maybe something like that will suit your needs. You won't find any important economies that are non-fiat anymore because most realize how bad an idea commodity-backed currencies really are.

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