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Guerra Fria = Hot Dollars. The Mystery Of The Missing Trillions

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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 12:24 PM
Anyone heard of LEO WANTA..and if this threads old , move it or bin it mods, and accept my apologies.

Leo wanta was in the 80´s one of the main men in the federal reserve, when one day owing to his fame as a patriot & businesman, he recieved an unusual request from the then president Ronald Regan.

He would be the administrator for some extremely large state funds which would be used in a secret war against the former USSR, which after the downfall of communism, would return to the federal reserves of the US.

The cifras differ between conservative estimates of 25 trillion and rise upto 75 TRILLION dollars, for his part, Wanta was renamed US ambassador to Somalia.

However, after the fall of communism, the money was´nt return to its home, the U.S. federal reserve.

Certain people in power did all they could to maintain the money, which really belongs to every US citizen, in thier hands and out of the federal reserve.

Leo Wanta ended up in in prison, first in Switzerlan & then in the US.
Well after his release he kept calling for his right to know who was managing the missing bucks, the bucks that cost him his freedom.

After all this money had been transfered by presidential order, presidential order nº. 12333.
If the money was moved by a so powerful a man, surely it was legal?

Some of the powerful enemies that Wanta has are -

GEORGE BUSH SR and HILLARY CLINTON, with varias journalists pointing the finger at both as moving and using the money, with this leaving Wanta saying that he´s always suspected that Hillary had been involved in CIA operations.
A well known U.S. journalist Chris Story has spent years chasing the money, and says that a good number of poiticians, including Hillary Clinton are acustomed to using this money to fund private businiess.

Being an international operation the sercret services of the U.S. operated in different countries at diffrent times, and to show their thanks & following the protocols of Reagans assessores , they paid countries like CANADA , FRANCE, GERMANY, GREECE, MEXICO AND SPAIN 5000 million dollars
The government aslo had business with china, to which some of the agreements are sealed with WANTAS money.
The money was moved using CHIPS. A form of inter-bank cheque.
Even though the CHIPS are visible in the account books of the banks, in the change between money on paper and the hard cash, the money dissapears.
This being because where the money is they have sent it to other bank accounts by false transfers, using aalegedly politicians and the CIA.
Where the moneys at and who has it has been one of the subjects at the last G8 summit.
The fact the debt remains unpaid has provoked the fact that China now has ceased to use the U.S. dollar when it buys petrol.
FUNNY FACT - The principal exportor of petrol to China is IRAN..the best friends of the U.S. lately!!

Well, since then varias names have been linked to the missing loot, Rockafella, Rothschild, Angela Merkel and even the queen of England, aswell as an endless list of judges, lawyers and presidents of varying countries.
Recently this has led to numeros banks throughout thr world freezing accounts that are conected with the money of Leo Wanta, so mainly the people using it cant use it so freely like a few years ago.

Anyone feel bad about this or what?

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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 12:33 PM
never heard of Leo Wanta, but after reading your post, I'd like to learn to more. Very intriguing mystery you've painted, I'll start my googling now.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 12:43 PM

Originally posted by worldwatcher
...I'll start my googling now.

You might want to try using the ATS search first

threads tagged with "Wanta".


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