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Questions From Replay of 9/11 Coverage on MSNBC Today

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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 10:59 AM
This morning MSNBC replayed all of it's live coverage from the 9/11 attacks. A few things stood out in my mind and I wanted to ask if anyone else noticed them or knew anymore about them.

1. The reporter who first broke the explosion at the Pentagon said that a military officer there told him that it would "probably be a good idea" for anywhere near the "base of the towers" to evacuate. This was before either tower had fallen.

The reporter relayed it in a tone that my current hindsight makes me say, "oh here's a guy who knew that it might fall", and tried to nonchalantly warn someone. But then I can't remember if my logic or common sense at the time of the emergency would have accepted that the towers would eventually fall due to the collisions. And myself, along with many others, didn't know all of the structural components or melting points of steel at the time. So I wasn't really sure how to take that comment, also Katie Couric and Matt Lauer did not address his comment other than an "oh wow...on to the next thing".

2. What happened with the reported explosion at the state building? I feel like I may have heard an explanation for this before but it struck me as odd.

3. The reporter at the Pentagon mentioned that it smelled like a broken fluorescent light bulb after the explosion there, does this give credence to anything? Would a bomb detonation sound or feel differently than a plane that has momentum and direction coming towards the building (assuming it was a plane)?

If these have all been throughly covered before feel free to tell me to do more of my own research. I just figured some ATSers had watched the coverage and may have noticed other things as well. It's been awhile since I've seen uncut footage.

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