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The Virginia Tech Massacre Was A Covert Operation!

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posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 08:51 PM
The Virginia Tech Massacre was a covert operation using multiple shooters, and a programmed assassin, Seung Hui Cho. This was only the latest in a string of black ops like Columbine and the Santana High School shooting. In both attacks, deep covert government links to the gunmen were uncovered, and inconsistencies with the official reports began to show. In another example, the Heritage High School Shooting. The shooter had taken vacations near the same air force base Eric Harris had lived at and heard robotic commands telling him to kill.


The VT Massacre Was A Covert Operation

-There are many inconsistencies with Cho's history. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services would not give out information relating to the gunman, and the media was unable to contact Cho's parents. Virginia Tech spokesman Larry Hincker stated: “We’re having difficulty finding information about him”

-Cho's old high school, Westfield High School in Chantilly Virginia, was in close distance of the NRO headquarters. Is it just a coincidence that this same NRO building had been running a drill on 9/11 involving a plane crashing into their building? The two students who went to high school with Cho were both killed in the massacre, in another bizarre coincidence. Erin Peterson and Reema Samaha. Were they targeted for knowing too much? Erin Sheehan said that the gunman peeked through the room twice, and looked like he was looking for someone.

-Cho's sister worked for McNeil Technologies, a State Department contractor linked to the Department Of Defense, Department Of Justice, Department Of Homeland Security, and the intelligence agencies. It was used to oversee billions of dollars being sent to aide the reconstruction efforts in Iraq. McNeil Technologies has close ties to classified military operations. Ronald Thomas, CEO stated: "The McNeil Security Services Center provides front-line security protection at highly sensitive or classified facilities." McNeil Security Services Center has a suite in Virginia. McNeil Technologies is also linked to military training, defense intelligence, and Human Intel Ops. This firm benefited from the 1999 massacre at Columbine, another covert operation, which triggered a push for overboard security measures in schools.

-System Planning provided 'staff support' and 'research' for the VT massacre investigation. System Planning is a corporation that provides the Department Of Defense with new technology. Dov Zakheim, who was the Vice President of System Planning, was involved in the PNAC report that said that a 'New Pearl Harbor' event was necessary for change in the military's budget. He was also the Pentagon's comptroller, and was not able to account for the infamous missing trillions. The fact that this suspicious corporation was involved in the investigation is suggestive of a possible coverup. If it's DOD research and link to 9/11 doesn't make you suspicious, maybe this will: System Planning was also involved in the investigation of Columbine, another black op.

-Kenneth R. Feinberg was a Washington lawyer who had been appointed by John Ashcroft to direct the federal victim compensation program of Sept.11, an incident where the investigation was a joke, and a mass of evidence showed that it was a covert operation. The strange coincidence here is that Feinburg oversaw the Virginia Tech compensation program.

-The chair of the investigation was the man who led the response to the 9/11 Pentagon attack and 2002 Sniper attacks.

-Eyewitness Jeff Soriano died in a suspicious car crash only days after the massacre. The one he was allegedly drag racing with fled the scene, and the damage to his car was severe, but the car it rammed into was undamaged.

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 08:57 PM
link wasn't...sorry, you're wrong.

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 09:05 PM
Any proof for these claims. Would be rather unsettling if true.

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 09:06 PM
great post, I'll try to follow this up with info I had seen posted elsewhere right after this happened. It mentioned lots of inconsistencies with the official stories and media coverage - and was quite valid at the time, since it was written right as details were coming out.

and in regards to that first reply - isn't that exactly the type of post frowned upon around here? I expect mods to assign a warning / delete post where appropriate. It's beyond rude, and the definition of flaming to post responses like that.

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 09:12 PM
unfort all the text of the aforementioned post was removed, and only this was left:

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 09:52 PM
here's some more info. on the VT killings.. good report.

Seung-Hui Cho would have been a national asset, like a card ready to be played. Virginia Tech hosts "The Farm," where mind control experimentation is conducted under the aegis of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. When the massacre occured, Virginia Tech was involved in an earlier stage of operation Noble Resolve, which was again conducted just last week in the Portland, Oregon area. Such operations have been known to "go live" before, as on 9/11, when NORAD was apparently infiltrated and stood down during multiple drills against terrorist attacks. The Strangegloves of DARPA are most likely to know the whereabouts of Cho's missing computer hard drive

VT cover-up?

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 09:56 PM
Just curious here what the common link was between all the victims.

If this was a planned operation, there had to have been a motive.

Any similarities of interest?

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 10:00 PM
Very interesting connections here, I am sure that some will look into the information been given and research its veracity.

Thanks for the post.

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 10:04 PM

Two days before the Virginia Tech massacre, witnesses saw a suspicious man in a hooded sweat shirt and found exit doors chained shut in the building

Link to source

Who was this hooded person who chained the doors the first time?

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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 04:46 PM
link wasn't...sorry, you're wrong.

Evidence that it wasn't? Did you even read the evidence I presented?

Any proof for these claims. Would be rather unsettling if true.

Just curious here what the common link was between all the victims.

The motive was another power grab on schools. McNeil Technologies, the firm Cho's sister works for, benefits from school bloodshed, because they act as pretexts for demand for more school security.

Those sites provide documentation for these claims.


-Even though families of the victims demanded a role on the panel, there were no VT families on the panel.

-There were many warnings/hints of the massacre, including numerous bomb threats in the days prior, but the police still failed to respond or alert the campus earlier.

-The people on the panel had very strange ties. We've already covered the chair. One was the CEO for The Academy Group, a group who's associates and practictioners are almost all FBI agents.

-One of the companies that benefited from the slaughter was Amtelco, which sells Red Alert Systems for buildings. Tim Brady, Amtelco regional manager stated "Our inflow of Red Alert requests and hits on our site has been 365 percent,". Amtelco has now sold it's red alert system to FEMA.

-Only a month before the horrible massacre, Tony McNulty, Minister for Police and Security in the British government, who deals with crime involving guns and anti-social behavior, and counter-terrorism, spoke at Virginia Tech.

-In a bizarre coincidence, NBC, the network that Cho sent his 'manifesto' to, which arrived suspiciously fast, had shown a documentary about a mentally ill man who went on a killing spree only hours before the massacre.

-Federal orders were given to Virginia Tech law enforcement that had them standing down. EMTs and police officers told Prison Planet that they had been given stand down orders, and this was confirmed by Matt Kazee, an eyewitness who heard an official say that they had to wait for federal forces before engaging.

-Charles Mesloh, a criminology professor in Florida said that the shooter acted as a trained professional. He stated that he had a %60 fatality rate.

-Two eyewitnesses, one of them had been shot, had both said in a television interview that they did not recognize the shooter. They also said that he reloaded very fast, 'looked trained', and was wearing all black.

-After the Massacre, the black ops had only begun. Bomb threats began rattling at least 10 different states and there was a report that men in [B]military camo[/B] had entered and left a school, causing a lock down. Threatening graffiti also appeared two days after the shooting.

-The massacre caused Kucinich's impeachment plans to be put on hold

-7000 feet under Butt Mountain in Blacksburg, Virginia, is a deep underground research laboratory involved with top secret defense research including mind control warfare, which was used in Columbine and Red Lake, as evidence shows.

-Strange 'aftermath drills' were seen being conducted after the massacre by Marines, this was seen by Matt Kazee.

-Matt Kazee told Alex Jones that in the week before the massacre, 'every cop in three counties' was around Virginia Tech.

-Virginia Tech is linked to CIA & DARPA

-2 days after, a hostage situation at NASA involved a mysterious gunman that next to no information is out on. The wife of the man killed in the attack said it would be unfair to the gunman to give out more information (She's talking about being fair to the one who killed her husband!). It conveniently happened in Building 44, furthest from the complex. It is very hard to get a gun into the facility. The gunman worked for Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., an organization linked to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and is known to conduct classified defense research

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 05:04 PM
I'd like to see the skeptics prove this wasn't a black op.

We all know it was used to rush in legislation that makes it so anyone with a 'mental disorder' can't purchase firearms... That alone is an indicator.

Good info in this thread, nice work.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 05:10 PM
I've been totally speechless for days now and all i can do is go from thread to thread shaking my head and wondering why all the staged evil.

This story may or may not be true, but i lean more towards it beeing true in the face of our times and what "they" (who the hell are they) are capable of doing.

Each story overwhelms me more.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 05:28 PM


An initial report from Fox News states that "A government official with knowledge of the shooting said the gunman had been arrested." The photos show a man being arrested.

That's on accomplice who has been covered up and disappeared from the official version. I am having enormous difficulties finding actual eyewitness testimony indicating the involvement of Seung Hui Cho as an active shooter. In fact, what's coming up is repeated reports of a 6ft tall Chinese man. Cho was not 6fft tall and was Korean.

There are more shooters still.

A student at Virginia Tech, Park Chang-Min, stated:

"... hid his face behind a mask and had his brown-coloured cap lowered to his eyes. He wore glasses and something like a black ammo jacket"

The man seen arrested does not appear to be wearing glasses and is not wearing a mask, nor does he have a brown cap or an ammo jacket. He does not appear to be 6ft tall or Chinese either..and the masked man would not be the Chinese one, because people would not be able to identify him as such while he was wearing a mask. This indicates the presence of a third gunman.

It also conflicts with a report that the gunman was dressed like a boy scout. Was this the Chinese man, or was this a fourth gunman?

Brian Williams interviewed students who said they saw a shooter in ALL BLACK. The man being arrested is not wearing all black. His pants are not black. fifth gunman?

So, a 6ft tall Chinese man, a man who was later secretly detained and vanished from all reports, a man wearing all black, a man dressed like a boy scout, and a masked man. The man dressed like a boy scout could be the Chinese man, and the man wearing black might be the masked man. This still shows that at least three men were involved. Seung Hui Cho may have been the masked man, as he is seen wearing an ammo jacket in his manifesto and wears a cap, and in the infamous photo of him in Marine uniform, he is wearing a mask. Though, he does not wear glasses. One wonders if the masked man was either Cho or his other masked friend, who was also with him in camo.

Cho was probably involved, but he was a mind-controlled patsy, assisted by two or more operatives. One must remember that he, who had bought his guns only months prior, acted as a trained professional, was methodical, mechanical, glassy-eyed, and went on a rampage right in the area of the deep underground laboratory in Blacksburg, which is heavily involved in Project MKULTRA. One must also remember that McNeil Technologies (Cho's sister works there) is involved with classified operations and military training.

Evidence shows that Seung Hui Cho was another Eric Harris. One who was right near a very close to mind control research (Harris lived in Plattsburgh AFB, which was linked to Ewen Cameron in the 1960s, who was involved in MKULTRA, and it also has several underground levels.). He was not a Sirhan Sirhan type assassin. He was not brainwashed to kill a certain target. He was brainwashed to commit a massive massacre, but it is likely he was programmed to kill certain people who 'knew too much' (Erin Peterson and Reema Samaha) which is why he was taking photos of students and, according to Erin Sheehan, looking for people during the massacre (Peeking through doors, etc) Targets who had seen too much and got away (Jeff Soriano), as in Columbine and the JFK assassination, were eliminated.

I'm seeing new evidence of a black op at V.Tech everyday. We are dealing with one of the latest covert operations.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 10:01 PM
I am like Dg speechless here, the more I am reading the more I wish we have some research done to verify all this information.

This is a conspiracy and a half or more, even as good as the 9/11 one.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 04:01 PM
nice to see your post, LordCarpainter, things like these tend to fall by the wayside too soon.

there are many different facets (or plain red herrings) which may be designed from the start to divide the audience and work much like simple disinfo, f-ex. stories about Cho having beein in psychiatric custody (so he should not have been able to buy weapons) or on medication.

whether these are just diversions, i don't know, what i do know, though is that nearly every single major 'shooting' looks very fishy if people only bothered to look.

columbine, the myriad of bombs alledgedly placed in the school, how many would these have weighed? i see you covered that one already:

let me add links to port arthur, another obvious black op -

the simplest reasons are probably the most vaild: it's about disarmament for a planned holocaust. whenever people were schduled for disarmament, they were also scheduled for a (brief) visit to the extinction camps. afaics, it's going to happen because they just won't listen and i'm starting to feel more and more callous about it and fear that i'm not the only one.

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 07:08 PM
LP, thanks for the post. That's pretty much the exact article I was looking for. Can't say if it's the same for sure, but it covers all the same things as I was trying to remember.

posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 04:02 PM
Thanks for the support, guys. Yes, Port Arthur, Columbine, Red Lake, Santana, and others looked to be black ops, many using mind control. Columbine involved multiple accomplices, a mind-controlled Eric Harris, military oversight, and the assassination of witnesses and others who 'knew too much'. Numerous witnesses had allegedly hung themselves. A Columbine mother allegedly shot herself. Two Columbine students were killed in a mysterious shooting at a Subway restaurant and no suspects were ever found. A director preparing to make a documentary about Columbine and how it was a covert operation was killed. Many of the injured allegedly committed suicide. The family of one of the students killed ran away from Littleton after receiving threats, as did the Klebolds. There were reports that the Taylor family was having their mail checked.

A key note on Columbine is the Subway shooting that killed Columbine students Nicholas Kunselman and Stephanie Hart. It proved to be a government-controlled execution of eyewitnesses. One thing that might raise eyebrows is that Columbine student Rachel Scott, who was killed in the massacre, worked at that Subway. Another interesting fact was that it was only blocks away from Columbine, and that it was also very close to Harris and Klebold's former employer Blackjack Pizza. It was a very unlikely target for a robbery. According to J.J. Hodack, "It's not worth robbing, 50 bucks, maybe,". Another smoking gun is that the money was not taken. This clearly indicates that it wasn't a robbery, but an attack. It happened conveniently at a time when only those two were inside, so there were no eyewitnesses. One of the victims was an employee. Another very suspicious piece of the puzzle is that the surveillance camera was unusually turned, no camera+no witnesses=no suspects, no proof, and no investigation was conducted. There was no serious investigation, and no suspects were ever found. It was a controlled assassination, using either a government assassin or a 'Trench Coat Mafia' patsy.

Note the similarities between these cases. After Columbine, eyewitnesses and other people related to the massacre began disappearing, dying, allegedly committing suicide, and two days after the massacre, key eyewitness Jeff Soriano is killed in a car crash. Many of the V Tech students were deeply scarred by the massacre, even those who were not inside the school or faced with the gunmen. Surely Soriano wouldn't have been engaging in the extremely dangerous activity of drag racing of all things two days after what he'd been through. Why does his car look completely mashed, though the car right by it was completely undamaged. The one he was racing is unidentified, and 'fled the scene', and there were no eyewitnesses to the crash. No videos of the incident, or anything. No investigation. This was no accident. It was the controlled and planned execution of a key eyewitness who might have blown the cover.

posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 04:15 PM
Cho Linked To CFR

McNeil Technologies, the firm Cho's sister worked for, an agency involved with classified defense, intelligence, and CONUS projects, an agency that benefited from the Columbine massacre and is involved in military training, and involved with federal forces and the Iraq war, as well as Homeland Security. This spook agency is owned by Veritas Capitol, which is also involved in classified defense/intelligence projects. Veritas Capitol was founded by
Robert B. McKeon, the president of Veritas, who is a member of the Council On Foreign Relations. Smoking gun!

Edit: Why was this moved to Skunk Works? It`s not crazy. It`s becoming crystal clear that this was a covert operation. Now no one will read it.. More people go to General.. Oh well..

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posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 01:20 PM
OK, I am not saying you are wrong here, there are a few too many coincidences for my liking but what is the driver behind usuing MKULTRA type assassins to massacre children in schools?

Changes in legislation?
Gun control?
Death of individuals?
Profit for individuals / corporations?

The first two I can see but I am not convinced by the third or fourth. To me, even the gains made by those firms providing the new, enhanced school security would not justify this under any circumstances. Especially when you take the 'variables' into account all of which may mean that you stage this big, expensive op and then don't get the work. Wouldn't it just be easier to bribe someone?

Can please you sum up your argument as to who and why as you grab onto a great many differing sources and parallels here. Good post though

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 03:17 PM

Originally posted by EJHoover
OK, I am not saying you are wrong here, there are a few too many coincidences for my liking but what is the driver behind usuing MKULTRA type assassins to massacre children in schools?

Changes in legislation?
Gun control?
Death of individuals?
Profit for individuals / corporations?

The first two I can see but I am not convinced by the third or fourth. To me, even the gains made by those firms providing the new, enhanced school security would not justify this under any circumstances. Especially when you take the 'variables' into account all of which may mean that you stage this big, expensive op and then don't get the work. Wouldn't it just be easier to bribe someone?

Can please you sum up your argument as to who and why as you grab onto a great many differing sources and parallels here. Good post though

These are the key motives:

*Homeland Security

*Turning Schools Into Prisons

*Government Agencies and Corporations Affiliated With Government Connections Benefit in the Aftermath & Coverup

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