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The Great Division

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posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 11:09 AM
Our world was torn in two, long before the dawn of recognized history. The cause of this tearing? The collective desire to give up responsibility. The collective entity of mankind chose to sentence itself to an enternity of seperation from nature. Because of this collective will, a false God was "wished" into being. This God was to absorb the responsibility of the world. In doing so, it would rob us of our divine power.

This God's nature was to enforce the seperation. It would act through the subconcious manifestation of ignorance, of fear, and all other internal forces that obscure the way back. We were disconnected from our power, in a big way.

A great barrier between the two halves of the world was born. This barrier, I will from this point on refer to as "tension" or simply "barrier". It would divide this world, which is ruled by the body, and the emotions, from the infiniate aspect of the other world the mind, the spirit.

At the moment of the division, our abilities were greatly limited. Our individual and collective conciousness began to shrink, as we were cut off from the greater part of ourselves.

The barrier, or tension works in this way. In the begining of the division, we can think of the barrier as a fine mesh netting. Though we were cut off from the greater part of ourselves, we still had some access to it. However, as the collective conciousness of all life conflicts with itself, the barrier becomes stronger, more solid, further cutting off our divine power.

Nature, itself tries to restore the natural order. As we reach certain levels of tension, nature attempts to relieve this tension through plagues, through wars, through disasters. Each of these events, however, can only relieve so much tension. There is always a percentage left that cannot be relieved. As a result, over the aeons, a higher and higher percentage of unrelievable tension builds up, and this further limits our access to our spiritual nature.

In the begining, life would exist and go through cycles. However, as we would die off, we'd be reborn with full conciousness of our previous existance. Our skills and knowledge would continue to increase.

This changed since the birth of the God of Seperation. This being changed the cycle of life. When a given entity was reborn, they would forget the lions share of their previous experiences. Only the most gifted were able to hold on to anything at all. This knowledge that was being lost served the purpose of ignorance. If we all remembered every lesson we ever learned from lifetime to lifetime, we would learn to overthrow the God, and to tear down the barrier he set into place.

So, he inspired the masses. He would ban magic. He would ban all knowledge of how nature works. He would replace this with religion, which would declare all such knwoledge sinful. He would replace this with science, who would determine that such powers never existed in the first place. As lives would be born, they would be programed into believing these things, and over several lifetimes, this programing created a stranglehold on the collective mind.

This mass programing has greatly strengthened the barrier. We are now, only able to do a fraction of what we were able to accomplish at the time of the division. There were still magic and miracles and other wonders back then. Feats that men performed would be considered supernatural by today's standards. However, as the barrier strengthened, we were further limited. When once we could have sailed through the sky without a vessel, we now must struggle and practice to get any movement out of a psi-wheel.

Science and Religion seek to put labels on everything. To define a subject, and limit it to a certain function. This process further programs the subconcious mind of the collective. Our creative power is being used to build up the barrier that keeps us from our divine nature. We are in essence, building the walls of our own pison.

There is a critical mass of tension that can be reached. This is the structural limit to the barrier. Once there is a critical mass that can no longer be relieved via catastrophic death, then the barrier will fall apart, and a sudden merging of the two worlds will occur.

However, the God knows this. He knows that if he can erase every last trace of freedom from the collective mind, the barrier will become a part of nature, and will then no longer of a tension limit. Nature will no longer fight agains it.

So the God seeks to bury all knowledge that it finds threatening to it's job description. Erase magic completely. Create complete seperation from a natural way of life. Cause dependance upon material goods and luxuries. Fill the world with fear, and doubt, and ignorance. Teach the world that there is nothing else.

It's doing a damn good job. It's pushed the remnants of previous advanced civilizations through the barrier, and destroyed the rest with nature and man made disaster. There is no proof. Over many aeons of scheming, all the proof is gone. What do we have left? Myths. Myths of Gods flying through the sky and ancient worlds. Myths that have been distorted to hide the truth. Miracles, magic, have become the subject of fairytales. Good for stories, not for reality.

The God even has his other bases covered. He projects visages of great teachers to lie to the leaders of the New Age movements. He calls them the Ascended Masters. But these poor people don't realize they're not really talking to Jesus, or Buddha. They're illusions, empowered with almighty ignorance. We mortal fools don't know better. The Ascended Bastards also lead Hitler, manipulated Crowley, and guided the way for countless atrocities.

So, he eradicates virtually all threatening knowledge, and infects seekers of this knowledge with disinfo. Clever bastard. As they pass around information, or take spiritual classes guided by the Masters, or pass on the power of various rays, they are really teaching disinfo, and passing along the frequency of ignorance, leading to the beast's black mind itself.

What's the old saying? The devil can appear as an angel of Heaven?

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 11:10 AM
Now I'm going to talk about tension a bit more.

When we hate each other. When mankind engages in a war of ideas, or a war of weapons this creates a certain level of conflict in the collective mind.

When mankind goes against nature. Seeks out comfort, hides from dirt, and work, and truth, buries himself in the idiot box, this also creates conflict with nature.

At every point when man fights himself or nature, this adds tension to the barrier. When we are nervous, when we doubt ourselves, when we hear that little voice in our minds that says we just can't do it, tension builds up.

That little voice btw, is that evil God. The Creator that WE Created. As we fear, as we doubt, as man kills himself, or rapes the planet, as we fight with our friends, or as we say "I'm too old" or "it's too late" we are giving the God our power.

He is the murderous entity that demands sacrifice. a million deaths a day, and 6 bilion broken hearts. Tension gives his barrier strength. The more tension in the barrier, the thicker and blacker it gets, the less light that can shine in from the other side.

We each have our own little barrier we try to dig through, but as we fight ourselves, our true nature, we add another brick to the wall. We may dig at the wall all year with a spoon, and eventually make progress, see more Light, get more Creative Power. But when we fight ourselves, when we fear, doubt, tell ourselves we can't, we put another brick in the wall.

The same process occurs on a supermassive scale as the collective does the same thing. bust out a few bricks, over the window..Make a few cracks, cement over them.

For each one of us that makes it through our own wall, that's one brick our of the massive wall that cannot be filled in. But a little light in a world of darkness can sometimes go unnoticed, especially when we're all taught not to believe in such things.

The God of Seperation, the Emperor of Fear, he has other enforcers of his barrier. Some witting, some unwitting.

There are his Ascended Bastards that masquerade as spiritual teachers, and spread disinfo, and direct lines to the world of ignorance.

There are then, the aliens. Yes, the greys. An alternate version of us from the future where he has already won. In this future he has traded out the spirit, emotions, and body, for the mind. An overdeveloped, completely out of balance feature. These creatures, utterly dependant on their technology rely on the God to allow them to retain their minds, for if it were swapped out again, they would surely die. So it is their purpose to help lead more to him. Hitler was dictated by one of these creatures. Magicians all know of "LAM" when speaking of Crowley. They had to interfere, Crowley might have been a threat, so they had to shake him down.

The Reptilians...Ah yes, the demons, that which goes bump in the night. These entities, too exist to the God's design. Their feature are their primal emotions, and the physical body. Their lust, rage, desire to dominate..This is fed by the tension in the world. The more men fear, the stronger they become. These are truely, the children of the False God. Between the AM, the Greys, and the Reptilians, the Powers that be that rule the world, are all guided towards the False God's direction.

Who else serves, though unwittingly? Politicians, Religious Leaders, all of those who spread the idealogy of division. All those who cause the masses to turn on one another. Why? This conflict adds to the tension, tension builds up the wall.

Major coporations also serve the False God. They spread the division from nature. They teach us comfort, and luxury, and make any other altnernative abhorent. From them we learn that there is nothing on earth besides the MON AY!

Now, there is yet another struggle going on. The False God is opposed by Nature, aka the True God. The True God is impersonal, and is the collective of the world. It is engaged in a move by move chess match with the false God. It tries to create death to relieve tension, to buy the world time for people to emerge to be able to change the collective thought of the world so that the barrier can be torn down.

The False God, however, spins the deaths that occur, and tries to use it to create more pain, and hate, and fear, thus adding to the tension.

The True God tries to inspire those who have the will to stand up, and give them the power to act.

The False God tries to discourage everyone from opposing his edicts.

Time is running out. The True God has two options. Either wait until the tension reaches a critical mass and merges the worlds. Or It can try to inspire enough change in the collective to tear down the wall.

The False God seems to have the upperhand. If it manages to completely obscure the truth with his programing and disinfo, the barrier will become a part of nature, and will never reach a critical mass.

As both sides move their pieces, trying to buy time, trying to create or relieve tension, we sit in the middle. Lost. Torn between our programing and our nature. Only one side can win.

Which side are you fighting for?

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 03:10 PM
Here I'm going to take a step back and describe a world pre division.

All forms of life were aware of their interconnectedness. All species could communicate. We all knew what effect each cause would create, what effect caused the cause, and how to create the cause that would stiumlate the effect we desire.

We could have access to any information we wanted, the collective mind was better than any library.

Each being understood what role it played in the world, and how to influence what is around them.

An individual could influence nature in a limited way. They could change the weather for a given area for a given time period, providing it was not in conflict with the current season.

Each person was happy, because they were able to read their emotions and adjust accordingly.

Society existed to bring greater ease to the people. There was no governing body that would dictate rules. Men did not slaughter animals needlessly. Each kill would be given respect, and we would take only what was required, and we used that to it's maximum, using every piece of the animal.

There was no fact, no information that was obscure to us. It could be found.

Lifetimes were much longer, rebirths came with full conciousness of the past.

This is just a small example of what our people were capable of. These are just the abilities that everyday people would have. Imagine what experts could have done!

Everyone was not making full use of the infinate, however we all had knowledge of it, and could access it.

Then, we approached what I call the "Dusk" period. Man began to express himself via his art. Making beautiful songs, artwork, etc...But this became a competition among men. Each strived to produce a better song than the next guy, one that would be remembered.

Competition was extremely fierce. Instead of being happy inside, people began to place their "power" into things outside of themselves. The need to get this piece, or make something better than the other guy. It became maddening. As everyone was connected to an abundance of divine creativity the pieces became grander and grander. So grand in fact, that nothing in nature was capable of matching the beauty or power of what mankind was creating.

That is to say, mankind became so absorbed by his works that he could not longer appreciate what nature provided.

It was at this point that the majority of man began to become increasingly dissastisfied with himself. It was here that major markets began to be born. Providers of materials, of food, or services that would allow others to spend their time creating. For a time, these advanced people fell out of balance with nature itself, so possesed had the people come.

Nature struck back, making crops more difficult to grow, and animals more difficult to find and kill. Some men listened, Most didn't. Then nature began to become more difficult to manipulate and predict. Some listened, most didn't. Then nature unleashed a calamity upon man, destroying much of his creations.

Mankind became angry with Nature at the loss of his goods and luxuries, and a collective will to be free of nature was born. There was an idea that nature was cruel and unpredictable, and the desire to have reasons for such hardship began to awaken.

As these desires began to create a new life, men willed much of their power to it, wanting instead, to be able to devote his time to creating things, instead of survival, as Nature again reduced him fully to. A False God was born of this conflict between man and nature. He no longer wnated to be responsible for his own happiness, he wanted to place this on something outside of himself. His creations...a God.

This God performed well the task of taking responsibility for man. Things were peaceful for a time. But as ages passed, the God's agenda was twisted by man's various desires. The desire to dominate, the desire to have for oneself that he be elevated above others.

This became the God's objective, to enforce the subjugation of the lower classes. By now, much of the knowledge of the infinate power of mind and spirit was pushed to the farther regions of the majority's mind. The lower class were tired of being reborn to a continuation of misery, and the upper class weren't satisfied being reborn as the lower class and having to wor their way back up.

The False God found a compromise. Erase memories. Or what we today know as reincarnation. The death that consumes conciousness, and leaves a clean slate. The only way to do this, however, was to create a barrier between the infinate and finate aspects of man. And so was born the great barrier.

Those who knew better began to fight against the God. They were still pretty connected to the truth of nature, and didn't want to lose this knowledge to death. So they used their magic to try to sway the opinions of the masses. This became a threat to the God's primary objective. So, he began influencing mankind subconciously, telling him that magic and such knowledge is evil. He began to erase all knowledge of such things from the world.

Skip ahead, skip ahead, here we are today. I have not the knowledge nor the time to give you a complete history of everything that ever happened. So this summary must suffice for now.

The False God is now the enforcer of ignorance, of seperation. It is his job to spin every event that occurs into something that suits his purposes. Whether it's from a scientific, religious, or financial aspect, he's always trying to tell us how to interpret things, always telling us what we should and shouldn't do, what can and can't be done.

This is the voice of the enemy. He has virtually unlimited resources, and has had aeons of planning and manipulation to set the board as such. Anyone with even the slightest knowledge or opposing information to his plot is in a nearly immesurable fraction of a percent of the population, when once that numver was a full 100%.

He has done well, oh puppet master, pulling the strings, and yet we cannot tell we are being lead step by step along the path chosen for us, so long ago...

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 03:50 PM
Agree with division between us and animals. We did compete with other apes though, and it would have helped evolutionarily to not give a damn about other apes and just eat them. Maybe the choice was between vegetarianism and religion.........

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by redled

Not an angle I subscribe to, but thanks for replying!

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