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subprime housing conspiracy end game

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posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 01:03 AM

This article talks about how well paid home buyers for the last 20 years, had soaked up the business of swapping homes etc. Now Im not a home owner, but this smells like a scam in itself, and subtly spits in the faces of those with 2-5 kids, no husband or wife, who wanted to make a good life for their families, but failed and had thiers and their kids futures stolen. And I will not remove some blame from the buyer on it, because seeing inside anyone at a time of crisis, they would do anything, without proper knowledge to save themselves. Just look at religions.

I think that theres more than meets the eye. I for instance worked unknowingly for a company who was mortgaging false loans, ripping off borrowers etc...I wondered why me the telemarketer, had to buy dress shoes to work in a room away from sight of advance in a company with no chance of advancement? It was a scam which 20 of us got up and quit, and coincidentaly the managers were coked up, yes coked up yelling and coffee swilling freak repulicans ran it.. Any links here yet? And to any republicans who arent involved with underhanded or criminal dealings like your friends might be, clean out your party, same to democrats. Hell humanity in general..

I believe that the housing market was a fraud, perpetrated with the intent on one day, perhaps 100-500 years later, make America weak. I dont know who exactly to attribute blame for this too. I have some solid guesses. But the fact remain today that it is obvious that the following are unconstitutional and do nothing to benefit us:

Income Taxes
Property taxes
The war on drugs
Fox news
world leaders

only the elitist who build there UFOs to escape the coming of Gods big planet X to burn it all after they get done ruining it all. Which coincidentally planet x made a U turn towards us all on my birthday, my birthday aside..

Make your own study into the history of the housing market perpetrators. Im not saying people arent happy. But Im saying is many have had there lives ruined. I know this because the car markets are similar, you dont pay? you dont keep the car, but you pay for a car you dont own..the value drops instantly, so the whole housing and car markets are deliberate scams, which paid off sissy politicians who have no humanity, allow bribes for oppressive amendments and by-laws. Instituting the very damaging attack from within, from an old enemy. Across the sea.

All this failure was heaped upon us, because the master of nothing wanted it all. But in the end knows nothing can be done to keep it, so in the monsters deformity, he become irate with the illogic in his/her own mind and ruins the room.

posted on Oct, 18 2007 @ 06:29 PM
Interesting post Mastermind.... I am all for the "new dark age" theory at the end of this subprime fallout. Supposedly, it hasn't even gotten that bad in the US yet, Europe is getting hit now. Could be depression status by next year.

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