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Are these the core causes of illegal immigration?

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posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 09:16 PM
Main causes of illegals;

1. Lack of government regulation

2. Employers of illegals:

3. PAC's (Political Action Committees)

There are several reasons why illegal immigration isn't so illegal. First off, follow the money. Who would illegal immigrants be good for? Would they be good for the average worker by taking lessor desired jobs so that the American worker can advance to something more fullfulling? Or would it be in the interests of business owners and other wealthy individuals who could add to the existing workforce thus increasing supply and when supply in labor goes up wages go down. Who is right, or are both, or neither?

Before we answer the question let's review a few common facts;

1. Lack of government regulation - Today, if most were asked in the US if it was difficult to enter the US illegally today I imagine most would respond with a no. Why is that? Are we incapable or indifferent? Obviously we are capable of closing a border regardless of length look at the achievements of our Armed Services and NASA. If those institutions can't defend against a 3000 mile border than the Great Wall of China is still more advanced than them. So if we are capable of dealing with the problem at the border but we do not that must mean that we are indifferent to the problem. Which of course is the case currently most liberals are indifferent to illegal immigration and for that reason sides with the illegal. However the little person can not or should not be the one to turn these illegals back. Our government once believed in checks and balances. Throughout our government we should have checks and balances so that we avoid anyone and anything from becoming too powerful. My question is where are these checks and balances for illegal immigration who is or should be performing them? The answer that I have gotten back from local law enforcement is they cannot deal with issues on immigration and that ICE(Immigration Customs Enforcement) has to be notified. To my knowledege ICE only has two offices in Northern California, I don't think that is sufficient especially if local law enforcement may not touch it. Who else would be a check for this issue? US Customs and Border Protection which is part of US Dept of Homeland Security. Who made the Dept of Homeland Security wasn't that Tom Ridge and GW and didn't this happen at the same time it seemed like a much larger portion of illegals were migrating here? If I can recall most of that time would be post 9/11. To me it seems that GW uses the War on Terror as a smoke screen and that maybe the Dept of Homeland Security was more about setting up NAU(North American Union/ US version of the EU) than it was about destroying Bin Laden. What did homeland security do, open the borders?

Illegals are great for the economy too bad a sliver minority of the people own the majority of it. When the newscaster says the economy is getting better the average person needs to understand that the newscaster just told them that their wages just went down.

Employers of Illegals - This section is dedicated to the cheapskates so cheap they couldn't find any American to do their job so they had to employ an illegal. These are the same meatheads who believe in globalization and things such as the "global market." He is the same middle-aged man who isn't afraid to try a new business strategy as long as it help to cut costs and streamline the business. These people are the reason why we have institutions such as welfare, minimum wage, social security and other social institions which help prevent the poor and downtrodden from hitting rock bottom. The jobs these employers create often times do not pay a living wage or offer benefits or any kind of growth within it. My response to them is that every single person deserves a living wage. Regardless of what they do or what they have done.
Employers of illegals employ illegals in this country because they are not wealthy enough to have a factory in a 3rd world country. If they did have enough money they would own that factory. If their business is successful it is only a matter of time especially if they crack down on illegals here.

Finally, I know there are many powerful PAC's out there that are pro illegal immigration. I have not researched them too much yet however I blame them and the media for setting the tone of the debate. They can also to my knowledge be interests from other countries such as Mexico. These are the one's who create and define what is actually politically correct and what is taboo. They define the argument before the case hits the courts. PAC's cost money especially to have a powerful one so once again follow the money.

Wow what a rant, and I'm...spent. Did anyone end up reading this, and if so, I'm sorry?! What do you think?

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 12:39 AM
I am of the school of thought that is based in economics, which is the department this discussion belongs in but is so rarely entertained in.

Honestly there are 2 main causes for illegal immigration:

1) Documentation: This essentially means taxes. If there was no purpose for the federal government to document us (which they have no right to do really) then that would eliminate much of the problem.

2) Social programs: This is the other end of the federal pipeline. Money in and money out.

Sans federal social programs, this would also be far less of a problem than it is. Shoot, I'm all for removing income tax, replacing it with nothing, and removing the minimum wage.

I say let them in, let them work, and let them be managed by the states because it's pretty clear that the federal government is inept in pretty much everything they do from top to bottom.

They less they do the better.

Economically, we need uneducated and unskilled labor, which is a product of economic abuse for the better part of a century. by the way, I think you'd be hard pressed to prove a case for lack of government regulation.

They have over regulated pretty much anything they touch, and almost always make things far worse than they need to be.

A little bit of freedom and some sense (economically) is really what's needed. Well, that and removing loads of power from Washington.

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