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New National Cycling Champion *spoiler?*

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posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 05:44 PM
My man Levi Leipheimer won the National Championships. George Hincapie came in second. Go Team Disco!!

(Mods - I put spoiler, but this event is a week old (9/2) just broadcast today, though. You may remove the spoiler from the title if you wish)

George was vying for the title also but he said "I had great legs today but being a team player, I had to play that role. I was just unable to use good form today." (paraphrasing from watching his interview).

(George is not just a fine biker, he's also a saint among men. Saw a documentary on GH in his hometown. They treat him like Elvis and he deserves it. Yes, they have a 'George Hincapie Day'.

Levi is a phenom. Also, Levi's wife, Odessa is an angel (and a legendary beauty). I mean an actual angel. She was a champion herself, but now supports Levi. They live and train in Spain. they train? Odessa moto paces Levi on a skooter at 35mph.

SF Gate article. Photo, M. Maloney, news staff.

I'm not sure but I think this is Levi's first national championship. (he tends to ride in Europe).

Great job Levi, George and Discovery Team.

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