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Nightmerish dream (prediction?)

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posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 04:21 PM
So a few years ago a bunch of bad things happened and I asked God for guidance. Not getting into detail, one of the things I dreamed was the eventual collapse and rebuilding of the west. (I guess God telling me how to survive it) Due to the dream feeling like it lasted for years when it was just a 6 hour sleep, I will post a timeline for it.

With a lot of things coming true, I figure now is better then ever to post it. And even if it doesn't come true, it makes for a great read.

I'll skip the boring years of 2007-2008, but the war on terror ends, Bin laden is Dead, and we will slowly return to normalcy, for now.( At least the US is, poor Europe)

Now on to the death of America (2009-20010)

Hillary got elected, or some other socialist, and now the Socialists are in control of everything. The nightmare has begun. first they create fake gang wars to try and limit civilian guns, controlling the market. The continued persecution of the Christian/conservative majority and limited access to guns are leading to prolonged violent protests. "Their" plan falls perfectly into lines,a s those fake gang wars become real. A forcing of the people to pay for Carbon offsets id causing the elimination of the middle class as the rich get richer and poor get poorer. Those who cannot afford their carbon emission taxes are losing their lands and rights. Economy plummets and serious talks of a North American Union are ongoing. Before 2010, the NAU is a reality, and the US government is expanded to control the two other nations of Canada and Mexico, though they still maintain some form of autonomy.

In 2010, reports are going around that Al Qaeda is on the rise in Africa and other poor parts of the world. Surviving members of the organization are reuniting to rebuild. Some are supposedly en route to South America. Indeed, they are. The terrorists make their way, utilizing the drug trade to gain funds. They are with Hezbollah leaders who have already built a base.

(this is true already today: )

With the aid of other S American anti-American agencies, they are slowly moving North to Mexico. They eventually do, and enter the North American Union. There, it is easy to make it into the US. They slowly begin their operation. First they grab some old soviet error nukes hidden in the South West desert, in long forgotten silos. They get parts to rebuild some missing chunks, and take the war head for safe keeping. It is not yet time to use the nuke, just yet. They first target small targets on the west cost: buses, taxis, street corners, blowing them up. They then move up, targeting building structures, sub way systems, and airports. Thousands die over 2 months of violence. Already pressured on the East coast with growing resentment from the populace, the gov begins an underfunded search for the terrorists. Eventually the terrorists attack major areas, killing vast numbers. The gov decides to have a secret meeting at the Capitol to discuss what to do. Terrorists operatives quickly gain knowledge of it. The nuke's true purpose is finally seen. During the meeting in mid 2010, the terrorists speed through DC, dodging check points and gunshots. When they are within one mile of the Capitol and see it in plain view, BOOM. In one single explosion, almost the entire gov is wiped out. The few senators and leaders who resented socialism and protested their gov by not going to the meeting, are now left to be the only survivors of the 3 branch system of government. The president is dead, the vice pres is dead, the speaker of the house is dead, the entire line of succession is lost and no more. Even the supreme court is destroyed. While the terrorists rejoice in victory, Americans are left with the question "who leads us?"

The surviving senators create a council, and their non-socialist leadership is welcomed by the masses. For the brief period of 2 months that they ruled, civilians were able to get guns, and the nation was recovering. Taxes went down, even though D.C. was a burning chunk of ash, people were receiving relief funds to rebuild in the west coast. But it wasn't over. Although most terrorists were caught, some were still attacking. Mayors were creating alliances to try and re-establish states. And the rest of the world was going crazy without US dollars, or Ameros, doing anything.

Eventually, some surviving members of the executive branch who are also socialists want their political beliefs back in power. Amongst them, the war czar, or execution manager, demands leadership power as says he is part of the line of succession. Not wanting socialism back, the council, and most Americans, laugh him out of power. But this war czar refuses to listen. As the council demands all soldiers in foreign nation to return home to defend the home front, the war czar comes home too. As you all know, the war czar is a position made to help in foreign wars. Well, without any foreign wars to help in, he was out of a job, and in my dream he demanded the job as president.

The war czar takes his troops, and lunches a drive for power, removing the council and positioning himself in power. Angry Americans reject his authority, and in 1 month's time, some united mayors, as I mentioned above, are having serious talks of seceding from the union. In 3 months, now being late 2010, the beginning the the 2nd civil war begins as most states east of the Mississippi, Texas, Alaska, Hawaii, and a couple of other states, all systematically succeed from the union. caught off guard, the War Czar sends in troops to regain the states, but suddenly finds that a great majority of his generals have left him to join their home states.

The 2nd Civil War (2011-2016)

The war goes on in a stale mate for about a year until the beginning of 2012, when the rebels begin to unite further, electing their own war czar, then, with a united army, they begin gaining land.

All while this is happening, the Europeans are under assault. The Asian Union has formed, and is on the war path. Europe is pressed by the Terrorists inside them, Russia and Iran's united army going at them, and the lost of their common thinking is causing disunion. Their only hope is in America, but their in a civil war. So they make a deal with the War Czar of the Western States, and ready an attempt to unite America so they can use America as reinforcements. The attempt at a joint invasion at the Eastern Rebels goes horribly wrong.


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posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 04:34 PM
Out of 100,000 troops deployed to the US, less then a quarter ever see home again. Massacre is the only word available to the Europeans, as they never again attempt to do this. They are slowly gobbled up by the growing Asian Union. The war czar also lost, the rebels seem to be winning. After this major battle, however, both sides are incredibly tired and mass resources have been exhausted. Now another stale mate happened. Nothing much happens for 3 years. It could best be described as the Germans vrs the Russians in WW2, each side gained and lost land.

You're probably wondering what happened to the NAU. Well, that kind of dissolved during the first year of the civil war. Mexico joined the rebels, and Canada joined the Czar. I didn't dream so much on it, but Canada and the rebels reached a deal, and Canada succeeded from the NAU. Mexico and The czar battled it out a bit in the South West, but soon drug warfare on Mexico's southern border caused a slow succession from the NAU.

Any who, in 2015, the war re-energized. A major Rebel advancement led the, to gain the upper hand, and then the czars had the same occur to them. The reb developed hydrogen tanks, allowing them to run on water. With the battles being mainly along the Mississippi, obviously being able to utilize water as energy went along way. Likewise, the Czars began pumping oil out of the South west, allowing them a lot of money from exports and for their own army. New planes by the czars led to bombing of eastern Mississippian towns, while advanced helis led to the advancement of ground forces for the rebs. The battle lines finally went further west then the Mississippi. But just as the rebs were gaining land, the Asian Union was gobbling up the last of all opposition. Except for the Americas, the Asian Union owned everything North of the equator on Earth. And learning from the past, they knew that eventually someone would win the civil war in America, and Asia would be next. Wanting to take advantage of the situation, they cracked a deal with the war czars, promising to support them and destroy the rebs. But they lied. As the czars felt confident on the Western Coast (no longer afraid of Asian Union armies), they focused everything on the east. But the Asian union did attack the Czars, surprising them. While they were focusing their battles in the Est, their west fell apart. Suddenly, surrounded on both sides, they collapsed in 2016. The rebs fell next against the massive army of the Asian Union.

Rebirth of America.(2016-2025)

After several years of oppression, the American revolted and won back their nation in 2019. I didn't dream so much of this, but the NAU is re-established by the rebels, only not as a police state, but as a new America. The union invades Asia, and Europe is liberated. The dream ended with the world being united by the Americans in 2025ish. It was certainly an odd dream, but it was cool too. Very vivid.

In the end, America wins, but not until after much death and destruction.

Funny how in 2012, the world didn't end, it simply went to hell in a hand basket.

Socialism 1 for winning against the US, Capitalism 2 for winning against Socialism and uniting the Earth.

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posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 04:51 PM
That is strange because I had somewhat similar things in my dream. There was this women in a judges position who ruled over everything. I'm thinking this must be Hilary Clinton. She then orders myself to be taken off somewhere because I'm Christian and as I'm being dragged off I see the sun setting and I'm yelling Pentecostal! Pentecostal!. Strange indeed.

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posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 07:28 PM
reply to post by cloakndagger

Pentecostal is a belief system if that helps you.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 12:56 PM
Man, even if that doesn't come true, thats pretty awesome. Especially that you can remember all that. They could make a movie out of that. However, on another note, doesn't that somewhat seem like Revelations from the Bible?

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 11:36 PM

Originally posted by ChrisJr03
Man, even if that doesn't come true, thats pretty awesome. Especially that you can remember all that. They could make a movie out of that. However, on another note, doesn't that somewhat seem like Revelations from the Bible?

I thought about making a video game out of it, but due to my lack of coding skills, I'm still thinking about it. I'll tell you one thing, it sure was creepy. It was very vivid. It was like I was watching a movie in my dream, and at the same time, at some points, being able to play the main character. Though, if it does come true, God help the West Coast. I got a chill up my back seeing a movie trailer that could almost be described as directly from my dream. I forget its name, but it was San Fransisco getting multiple attacks, and that was a clone of my dream.

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