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alien information

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posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 08:07 PM
my name is Jason and I belive that when I was 9 years old I was taken and some how download with information aboutso alien Machines that they are using and I know this because I have flash backs from when I was taken by them.

So I ask everyone that has seen anything alien to send them to me and I can try and remember if I know what it is, I wish that I could just draw the objects for you but for some reason I see them in flashes and can never rememeber what they look like just what they are.

So if you have any drawing or pictures of the object and you want to know what they are please send them to, I really want to see them so maybe I can remember what some of the things looked like. thank you

if you want to here about my abdution just reply and I would be more then welcome to tell you all about it.

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