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U.N, E.T, Countries, People + More

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posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 05:21 PM
United nations is weak (I tell soon why everything here is weak), countries have weak defense and protecting system, people is blind as emptyness (Believe mostly everything). Aliens, what about them, leaders of our countries don't want cooperate with them an any thing, even friendship with good aliens. Planet earth is insane, death, sadness, evil running on the earth. Its not about story of god and satan, its about us what does these all here. We looking up, but most of us look down, they even watch stars and think what's up there. Why all this is so insane here, why not peacefull planet this earth. Its because most of look only earth, they look earth and humans are most important, important than any living animal, important than any living alien, and that's why people look aliens too like they are evil, because they think at only we are here on earth only ones who are really borned and others are evil, even they do good, people think they are evil.

Anyone who is different here earth, is hated by other humans. They want crush that what we love, and they want take up that thing what we hate. I hate violence, sadness, poorness, i can't help anyone here with these hands yet. Earth is in chaos allready, other thread i said about chaos will start that one day, but its more more bad chaos than now this chaos. It can be death or all or maybe someone at surviving, families, friends, even countries has been destroyed half that day if it comes. I don't know what happen that day if it comes but i try figure out from this day things those things out what people would do that day.

I try put that other thread link, i don't know exactly how this link thing works but i try my best.

I test that link after this writing, will it work, i edit text if it don't work. Down there is 3 writings of mine about little random text, but if you have good eyes, you will see fast what i mean. I try write best as i can text. I started this thread because this have more room to my things what i could say. Here i write maybe much, sometimes more little writings maybe about these things. I write these because i feel its important to people and leaders know what we going to face if we just sit chair and wait happenings.

Now continuing...

I like write these things because these are interesting things to think. But but, now other things. War with evil aliens, big fleet crush good aliens fleets who try protecting us who don't want become allies with those good aliens. What we could do then. Our earth have big area where we could insert big cannons and everything about defense. We could ask recources from aliens to build that cannon, cannon with big plasma or something else. We wont destroy nature, but we can insert those cannons in some amazon forest, what is very big, under the ground. And those protecting against evil aliens who collecting planets or collecting recources illegal way. I forgot tell who controls those cannons, aliens build, aliens control because they have much of experience from those cannons. But they maybe have builded space cannon bases too in space, those are more powerfull and bigger. But if they build one to close at our planet, someone of our countries will shoot nuclear missile to there to keep silence from these alien things. What an foolness.

Why people haven't learned yet about foolness. I tell about that now, foolness is stupidy, lies from very big and important things are foolness too. Alone working is foolness too, if we want survive more than those years what will end this earth life, then we need help from aliens. We not whining help from aliens, we do little conversation about thing from our earth what things are bad situation on here earth now. If we wait and wait and fear them, we will be destroyed by ourselves, they wont destroy us, we will destroy ourselves. This thing i found out when i looked people, leaders, what they do when comes timeup (End of time).

posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 06:23 PM
End of time, what it is? End of time is that kind thing when time is so little to work. Like, "there's not much time". I tell soon what is serious problem at this our earth. We don't look future much, that's our very big problem. We don't think what will happen in future if we stay just like this. Why it have something to do with aliens? Let's start what is this world where this our little galaxy and planet is in. Yes, its so little in this world. World, where all life is, every part of planet and stars is. Why we think, others are no here in this big world. We think that because other humans have teached most of us that. You know what that teaching is. Creatonism. Theory of creatonism is this "Human is allways above everything and god has created everything even this world", other named human is homosapiens. That teaching blind us little, someone of us fall completely for that. Soon after that we forget other things here in this world and start thinking and focusing, concentrating only earth things. We forget what is there stars, many lightyears away.

Far far away, from milkyway galaxy.

We follow blindly others, sometimes these things are inside our allready body when borned. In one document was about this thing more. I don't remember document name so don't ask, just try look if you want search about this thing something. We put fear to children, and next thing they start fear mostly everything. This has happened me when teachers started teach us our class about god, satan, hell and heaven. Before this i was more peacefull and more open mind to everything, but after they told me these, i was in labyrinth. Im now out from that labyrinth and im more interested now about aliens and their spacecrafts, and my fear is mostly gone because i don't think anymore hell or heaven, i have searched now much of information of world with thinkings and questions, so i feel now like im free, after i searched about aliens and about world, my world changed. I wasn't interested much about aliens and ufos or space when i was believing in hell and heaven, i was like "nothing have matter, i go place heaven or hell, so i don't care about other information because there is only us". After those days i pushed myself up and said, "wake up, you can't sit at chair and wait happenings".

After that i really started find out about aliens, what are aliens, what is world where everything is, first searching place about these was maybe internet and books, after that i goed out and started look stars and i thinked about world. Soon i found much out and i was happy because i was picklocking my real life out from cage, soon real life was out from cage and i throwed next fake life in cage and locked cage. I grow up fastly with my mind (my mind grow up and more things came in my mind about much of everything) and i came very peacefull because i said myself only those one words "Wake up, you can't sit at chair and wait happenings". Just like when i started this thread, i said those words to myself, because i was just thinking before i started write here, will i write here or not.

Someone can think at we are crazy who talking about these things, someone says its normal talk about these things, because figuring out things will show more questions of same thing.

Look up, truth is out there. Why people just think world is so small and life can't be born more wise than humans. We are one proof at life can be really born this world. If we say there is no others than us, then we say "no" to us too, at we aren't really here, we are just illusions. Other thing what proofs aliens are real is this thing at there is so much ufo reports, different kind. And yes, some of people start believe aliens after they have seen alien spaceship with their own eyes, someone of them just even that time don't start believe aliens, they just say themselves "It was somekind satellite or plane, just normal earth thingye".

I continue from here this thing next time. Bye.

[edit on 8-9-2007 by Silenteye]

posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 03:36 PM
Everything is black and white on paper. When people think these alien spaceships, they think those spaceships are impossible and not real. They think its impossible to move place to place. They never think, "it can be possible even if it look impossible". Someone of they can say because of that these kind things when they see alien spaceship their own eyes, "It was somekind satellite or plane, just normal earth thingye". When someone think its impossible be alien spaceship what flying up there, they put to these things our earth things, because they just want forget this amazing thing, because they fear its crazy if think thing like this at it was alien spaceship what flyed there.

Like i talked up there something about fake lifes. You lie to yourself even if you keep truth at your hands. You want believe it was alien spaceship, but you don't want say at it was alien spaceship, because you feel at it wasn't alien spaceship, because you say yourself it wasn't alien spaceship because you think it was some earth things, because you think there is no other life space, because someone have teached you at there is no other life space or they can't come here because even if they are high level alien beings, they can't come here because its impossible at they come here. Wtf. So, if its impossible, why then over 50% of our planet people have seen these strange flying objects many years. I don't know how many years humans have been living, but in cave paintings have proof from these aliens too. So this alien thing haven't came just in. When we talk about old ages, we maybe call then that year aliens "Ancient aliens", Ancient aliens are those aliens who have lived long long ago on this earth. So maybe cave paintings are those Ancient Aliens pictures.

If you put google this name, you will find some strange cave paintings. "cave paintings alien"

Someone have said somewhere at pyramids walls have some alien pictures too. I go someday check pyramids from outside and look closely, i don't know now what is there those pyramid walls, or let's say pyramid rocks.

They want believe same thing even if there is many proof from aliens in some caves or walls, or somewhere. Looking up will show something too someday. They want believe this even if proofs are showed from these alien beings, or they have seen themselves with their own eyes, they just repeating these words, "There is no alien beings, if there is alien beings, its impossible to they coming here". Heaven and hell thinking will changing much every person, they just drop down things and walking on them, they even look what's down there, they just walking upper and upper, upper from everything, soon they fly an empty sky, flying, flying, and flying, flying somewhere, but they don't know where they flying. Everything is so small down there they say, could i go look down there what really is there. I wont go, its too far away so if i crash something up here, i will take it as truth. And what i meaned all this is this, "Everything is fine, i have nothing to worry about, i just sit here at chair and wait happenings".

What, just sitting at chair and waiting happenings. What this all is, what this all meaning about. Do people really hate their own life this much. They just want half life and they don't want full life, where they fully control their ownself really fully. Half life is half control of ownself, half control ownself from other, like example other controlling yourself half of you and you controlling half of you so its half and half what controlling. So people hate be themselves so people be half of similar half of ownself. Similar is like the other people, example like you follow half what other doings and you choose half of your life what you doing, so you concentrating, focusing to earth things fully because you are half similar, half ownself. Or could we say 99% of your things are based to earth things.

But now again, bye, i continuing this some other time. Bye.

posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 05:44 PM
hello. good writing, i see your points.

we are so #ing mind controlled, dont you get it people???








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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 02:39 PM
Let's think you are an apple at apple tree. Everyday you grow bigger and bigger, but you see only same things everyday. After days and days ago, you will come older, but you haven't seen much from world yet, you waiting at someone coming take you from tree, but noone come because you are too old apple. What you can learn from this story? You can learn many things, but what is important to you know is this, "Don't think at waiting happenings is better way than do something to about it". And what i mean with this is this, "If you wait happenings and not do something about it, you will just wait then, and not doing something about it, you talk from it, but you wait at it will happen, you wait and wait and wait so long as you think at waiting happenings is more better than figure out what is important to know or see, or maybe what is important to people let hear about, something big, its not god or satan, its something more bigger what people these days can't understand, what it can be, what can be so big and people can't understand it yet"?

If you were religious, or skeptic or some other, someone of you not yet understand questions of the world. Most of people just waiting, waiting happenings of these kind questions. Why people fear take that information out what is in the world. Its important to know about world if you want survive in this world. Leaders, people of every country, you fool yourself if you don't want search information of this mystery world, you create yourself fake life, where up i talked about this fake life, its not good thing what happening to you. Im not world end speaker, or any other kind of this kind person.

I don't want be profet or any kind guru, i want be only me. So be yourself, and do not be half of you and half of others. If you are half of other and half of you, you forget world behind.

Man who shouting middle in city, others walking through that man, man was talking about world, others just keep their ears closed, man who was sitting on rock what was ground middle in city, noone looked his way any eye, man was sad because noone didn't want hear him, he tought he speak very well but noone was interested about his speakings. He talked about spiritual side of world, space side of world where others lived happily and some times they got sad times but mostly they was happy. They feeled free there up there, but when they came to this planet they looked this planet like horror place, everywhere was lies, much of people was in fear. Aliens didn't know how to help, so they tried figure out how to help our people out from this horror film. What they doed was first abducting of people, telling someone of them things what noone here didn't believe, they didn't say any about gods or satans, they said about world, they told world is better place if everyone is happy, if we fight everytime, we can't rest in peace even if we are dead, we just are sad about these all, just tell people about these and some day they will listen you. That man who was shouting middle in city, was telling to people who got no ears or eyes, he told so high volume to people about these things, so they could hear what that man was said. Everyday that man came to this big rock and shouted to people very high volume, after some weeks, people told to man come down, people said to man, we don't understand what you are saying, can you explain us all about all of this what you were saying. Man was happy, man said thx to aliens before sleep at the bed, man believed what he was doing so he didn't wait happenings. He have said now what he wanted to say, and if he haven't told about these things those days, it would be that kind days, at people never get interested or questioning these world mystery things. They even ask themselves, "if we are here, what up there then".

I continuing from this sometime again, maybe soon or other day, but now its bye again.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 03:17 PM
Do you think its only us here in this world? Why it could be that if we are here. You maybe even tought question of world mystery, what if we are not only ones, because world is big. Why would world is big? Why would we be only ones in this world what is big? Is world upsidedown or what? Do we think upsidedown every question what comes from mystery? Mostly people thinking upsidedown everything what comes from mystery things. They saying, "Its not true, its an lie", why they saying if they even have searched about that thing nothing. That's because they look through at thing and try forget things. Truth sometimes is big to tell yourself, sometimes its not big, if you can take what have to take.

Allways here is lies everything, but if we look inside of that mystery, we could see what kind mystery it is. People questioning these days are here god or satan or do we going hell or heaven. People forget questioning about what happens after death, what is soul inside our body, or other things of these kinds, so they forget everything of this kind what could be important to questioning. And example of saying what people forgets, "People forget their lifes what they are living". So they forget space life too because they just questioning only these things what happening on earth, normal living life. Is it even normal living life if they only questioning earth things what happens in our life on earth, ordinary living of life.

People just fooling themselves when they telling themselves at life is so little. So, they fooling themselves that much at they believing at we are only ones here this big world. They create illusion to block real life and truths. People minds are like an virus have attacked there inside their mind and destroyed every reality of their mind, and next they came to robots, robots what have same codes as others, but new versions have some + codes but not so much at they could be interested search about mystery things of this world. So they have no codes search information of truths. They have just code what telling "Its ok, there is nothing to worry about, you will be fine, just wait happenings, there is no hurry, just focus to ordinary life of earth things, so you keep away from everything others, so you do no need then think other things than you lived now".

So, people have code what thinks at there is no need to know about things what is different from ordinary earth things. Like aliens, spiritual world, or other kind things what is mystery to someone and someone them have mystery things like clean paper (He allready know truth of some mystery things).

I again have to go, so bye and i continuing from here someday.

posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 09:52 PM
I talked about "codes of people mind" up there, so lets continue.

1+1=2 but 1+2=3 but when we have nothing its 0

That was little math, but what kind thing i going now is that kind at how much codes everyone have. Survive code is 1 (Like we try survive some way in life, its focusing and concentrating to life other name), Living code is number 2 (Like focusing and concentrating to ordinary earth things), Other things number 3 (Other things like these aliens or something other, but not ordinary earth things what everyone does normally), people usually uses only 2 codes of mind, because they survive and live, but they don't focus or concentrate other things. Only that kind things what happens ordinary life. So if we take those two first codes, its named life and death, because if you focus only living and surviving, you play game, life and death. But if you choose number 3 with number 1 and 2, its more like then game named surviving and living, its that name because you not fight against death because you can focus and concentrate other things same time.

So what games we are playing.

Life and death - code 1,2 - most of people play this game this like.
Living and surviving - code 1,2,3 - some of plays this game this like.

Life and death - Trying live so long as can. (Fight against death, more surviving than living)
living and surviving - Trying live and survive. (Half and half of both)

Life and death - This is more like strategy game.
Living and surviving - More like mmo.

Life is game, life is living, life is surviving, but game over is not coming after death like in game. Is life and death game that game what put people forgetting search information about aliens? It can be it, because some people just think they lose their life time if they focusing or concentrating to search about alien things or some other mystery thing. Maybe that's is why they saying themselves this, "There's no need to know about those things". And maybe that's why people is not interested about aliens. Somewhere inside people head is thing what put people think at focusing and conectrating ordinary earth things is more right way. And because of creatonism, they think its game over after death. So they just pushing themselves from everything away and try just focus and concentrate ordinary earth things.

They forget living and they just think their life, they think its just life and death. They forget words "Life is living". They think like this "Death come's after life". Life continuing after death, because life have no game over, it has never born, you haven't ever born, because everything is same but different energy types. We can't create energy or lose energy, but we can change energy, that's why here in this world have different energy types and we can only change that energy to different energy types. World is infinity, world is not god or satan, world is just world what don't have brains or life, or soul or any other thing. World have never born, because world is allways been even if in world have got nothing inside. Noone created world, life just popping here world different kind of forms, your life has no reason because you just popped here suddendly accidentaly just that kind form. Sometimes allready popped objects can create life, but those objects not put people born life anywhere, they just create new begin to new kind of form of life. We call it borning, new begin of one person life, and when new kind of form born, we call it evolution. But if we want know what happening, we using names born and life, but we in reality just changing energytypes around us when we coming from little thingye to baby. Sometimes in some areas objects can't pop suddendly, because everywhere energytypes can't change very well because other energytypes stopping some energytypes changing, like antidote stop disease if it can stop virus type changing its own energy type.

I continue from here next time, bye. There was maybe now more different kind of things.

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posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 06:32 PM
Let's talk about "Mind serial killer".

What kind killer is that?

It kills your mind to that stage at you will forget live your own life fully and you only will focus to earth things because it will do from yourself blind to everything other, so you can't see other things so clearly, or you don't want even see them closely because blindness makes from you weak try to see things closely. You don't say anything back, or ask questions like "why". But this have very dangerous effect what comes stage 2, mind serial killer can kill your mind fully to number zero. When this happens, you become fully blindly and you will lose yourself fully to others.

"Mind serial killer" is not physical. Mind serial killer is in ourselves what we let kill our mind or not. If we are too weak to be against mind serial killer, we then let mind serial killer kill our mind. But if we are strong enough against mind serial killer, we will not let then mind serial killer kill our minds. But allways here is mind serial killer attacks when here is people who are attacked by "mind serial killer". Someone who is attacked by mind serial killer, can make some people who are not so strong enough against mind serial killer, but strong enough against it someway, these attacked by mind serial killer people can make these ones more weaker, because that's one effects of mind serial killer, it has effect of that kind at it tryes change your mind to that stage at you will let mind serial killer kill your mind.

Examples of mind serial killer:

You say mother at you believe E.T.

Mother says: you do not need think those things because you need to live now what kind earth is.

(Mother want change your world and try get you focus more earth than world because mother is attacked by mind serial killer)

You say mother at you search information about world of everywhere at you could know more about world.

Mother says: Those things are not important and no needed to know, just focus more your life and friends.

(Wtf, not important and no needed to know. You need to know more about world if you want to know the truth, and its important for your life too to know truth, because searching information your knowledge growing and you get more knowing things around you. You can with great knowledge choose too at what kind friends you should choose to your friends, so you will not fly in ball what others kicks and important thing is knowing truth is at you can move world at your ownself fully, if you let mind serial killer catch you, you become one of those who will fly in ball what others kicks, so you not then moving world your ownself fully, you are half controlled, half of you your ownself movings. But if mind serial killer gets your mind fully, you then be fully controlled by others. Great knowledge is good knowing right and wrong. When you are attacked by mind serial killer you can't then search information because mind says, there is no need to know about those things, so great knowledge can see at there is something wrong at they can't search information. Like i have seen people to looking things but they never search information at is it truth or not or is there something right or wrong, because people takes allways easy way more because mind serial killer makes people think easy ways and leave the information of truth behind even if it is valuable information. So knowing world more, you can see more truth. Leaving everything this behind, you let mind serial killer catch your mind and kill it more and more everyday and make you blind traveller of the world, you fly in ball what others kicks because you are too weak to see yourself how things really are.

This text maybe opened someones eyes more to things at they could stand more against mind serial killer and they could search information more freely or could see right and wrong more clearly than before. It has got me one time, but not anymore, i have grow stronger against it.

I continuing from here some other time.

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