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Protestors and Police clash at APEC

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posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 03:16 AM

Protesters have begun marching along Park Street from Sydney's Town Hall in a demonstration coinciding with today's APEC leaders' meeting.

Organisers, the Stop Bush Coalition, said the demonstration has swelled to 10,000, but police put the number at 5,000 people present.


Nine people are facing charges and two police officers were injured during Saturday's anti-APEC protest in Sydney.

Both injured officers were taken to St Vincent's Hospital suffering head injuries, one from an iron bar and the other from a dart, police said.

Unprecedented security surrounded the protest march, with hundreds of police watching on, many in riot gear and backed by water cannon.


I couldn't find the footage on the 7 News website, but i just watched it on TV and i was so outraged that i had to post about it. It won't hold near as much weight without the accompanying footage, but i'll explain the footage regardless.

The news reporter stated that the PEACEFUL protest had ended, after which police sparked the violence by arresting the organizers of the 'Stop Bush' group who led the march earlier in the day.

The protesters fought back against the unwarranted arrests and the police responded in force, literally ranks upon ranks of armored men swinging batons and assaulting people. INNOCENT PEOPLE.

No offense to the American members, but i never thought i'd see anything like this in my country. This is something you would see in America. Sydney has been turned into a police state and the police are abusing their power and sparking violence with protesters so they have someone to arrest and parade infront of the cameras.

Makes me want to fly to Sydney now and join the Stop Bush group in person.

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