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I'm a Worried Man, Got a Worried Mind

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 11:12 PM
This OP is without any specific subject. Thoughts about being an ATS'er and why we spend our (so much) time here.

Like some might have noticed, I've been away for awhile, spend the summer in my native Denmark.

Now I'm trying to get active in the discussions again. Takes a little effort, but I'm getting there.

It's not only because I don't have any permanent net hook-up in my Danish residence that I've been away from the board.

I wanted to take a cold turkey from ATS, just to see what it was like. Not harder than kicking any other habit, I found out. Like transforming to another state of mind, kind of a burden -as it often is with habits- lifted off your shoulders. All the eminent threats of sudden destruction and coming wars and break-downs put aside for awhile. Further reassured by experts in Danish media ensuring that the present world situation wouldn't lead to war.

Precisely what the Danes like to hear, because the country is doing extremely well in its economy, personal incomes never been higher, unimployment seldom lower, the majority never had so much money to spend on consumer goods ever before. To make it even more secure and rosy, we withdraw from Iraq this summer. Permanently.

That said, there is the ever growing minority of refuges, disabled, social misfits and otherwise unfit, who don't get part in the rise of welfare.

Despite myself being among those, my only worries have been how my dogs and spouse were doing while I was away. And yes, everything being about 10x more expensive in Denmark than here, so of course I had to worry about money.

With ease, yes I would say, peace of my mind I come back to my wife, my dogs and my computer and I log unto ATS, ready to be a part of the community again.

I hit "recent posts" and first topic that gets my attention is one about crop circles. It turns out that since July there has been an exceptional surge in the fields so to speak. And somehow it turns out that they point to a prediction of something on a catastrophic scale is coming up on the 17th/18th of August. Don't ask me how, tho I'm not rejecting those things, I don't research them as such. But I was stunned because I had done a 12 hour air ride excactly over those dates. And I was still safe and alive. If I had known I might have cancelled.

I'm not superstitious, but I do have respect for unrecognized dimensions. Another example was when I held my 50th birthday. I was still in business then, so I threw a grand party. And it sure was a great, great one, a success all over.

Afterwards I found out that the planetary constellations on that particular day of my party had been the worst possible for such an event. There should had been bickering, fighting, accidents, possible fatal ones, if the stars should have had their way. So I'm not that sure about astrology anylonger. Let me add I still believe in it ...a positive energy can be strong enough to overcome the worst negative of the kind. But crop circles?

Well, it's basically my rant. I'm glad to be back -just seeing the new skin
- only the carelessness of a Dane I have to put away and be a worried man again. Nah... don't know, I'm just a concerned human being ...and old enough to handle my worries.

...and experienced enough to handle whatever mongers you encounter here.

Let me just finish saying, doing ATS keeps my mind occupied. Even when you have a good house (yah, just moved to one), a beautiful wife and nice dogs, you still need intellectual challenges. Because, let me put it blunt, the other farangs (westerners) here isn't exactly my cup of tea.

Thankyou for ATS.

Deny boredom.

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posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 08:32 PM
An anniversary is coming up. One that can make even the coolest of guys worried.

Everybody is expecting something ...and it's not Santa Claus coming.

For myself I must admit this uneasy feeling in my guts. It's not pleasant, though I tell myself there's nothing I can do, what comes must be.

Five times before nothing came, despite the fears and anticipations of the worst. So why this time?

Because we live in times if fear, and fear needs a face in order to deal with it. Now we got it, we got the tape.

I think UM Gazz thread on it, with 12.000+ hits in 24 hours must be a record on ATS. Congratulations Gazz!

According to my nature I'm worried too, despite I tell myself like the other years, nothing wil happen. I try to be calm.

If I really wanted to be so, I would log-off from ATS the next 3-4 days. But I don't. Because it is the excitement of watching from first row, that keeps us coming here.

The excitement of horrendous acts has a spell on most of us.

"I'm longing for ship's disasters and sudden death" is one of the most famous quotations from Danish literature (Tom Kristensen: Havoc [1930]), and isn't that excactly what we all are. More or less secretly of course. But I have seen at least one thread here in the recent days expressing that feeling.

I don't like that it, but last night when I searched Arab/Islamic media (which I often do) the loading times were so incredibly slow that I couldn't help to think something's coming. I know it could be the same anticipation like mine from millions of others that caused it. After all this world is what you anticipate it to be.

Now I just can help but fear and wish Wednesday was here so I could breath a bit more freely again.

Anybody else have fears od this upcoming anniversary?

Come forward and share them here.


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