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Ufos, beliefs and my views from a scotsman :) and sypnosis

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 07:46 PM
well as of late there has been some healthy sightings.

The caret drone, the Jersey sighting, the belgian triangle, the surrey sighting in which i got the main source to post on ATS ( if you spot a news source , please take the initiative and contact them and ask them to contribute to ATS, worst that will happen is a no, best that will happen is they will agree and we can start discussing, ive contacted two news sources on ufos on the past month and had 1 good discussion that agreed to post on ATS ( surrey ) and 1 no reply, news source on the latest english sighting as i can only explain as flying wheelie bin
), the Jersey crash and medical washups but to name a few...

My main beliefs that i will argue until i die with non believers is: Are we the only planet in the galaxy with living entities... i think not.. seach deep inside yourself and you will see what i mean... How many planets, stars, galaxies are out there, all with no life??? theres got to be life out there.. this has turned round 99% of my sceptics on arguement... the other 1% has recieved a punch in the eye
( us scots eh ).

What got me interested??? The dechmont law UFO landing, thats what!!! :
"'s/dechmont.html "

It was 1979, i was 5 years old and my mum was in hospital having complications whilst pregnant with my brother.. ( my mum lost the baby, no remorse guys, these things happen and we move on )...

anyway, the day after the above abduction / landing / attack i headed to Bangour hospital on my dads shoulders as it was at least a good 5 mile treck.. for a 5 year old thats some walking...

we walked right into the dechmont law landing site exactly 6 hrs after the landing / abduction.. Full respect to my dad, hes a typical scots hardman, and nothing scares him.. he'd heard about the landing on the news the night before but didnt think twice about taking me up en route to bangour hospital.. ( bangour was roughly 800 metres forward from the landing site)... My dad as to this day believes in ufos but is sceptical.. he always reads the books i give him on ufos and has the biggest library on books on any subject ive seen.. probable at least 9000+ book and all subjects from astrology to nuclear physics.. he just likes taking in knowledge on any subject and is great after a night out on the brew when you come back and start talking about some serious subject.. ( 9/11 is probably the only thing i excell in studying ahead of him )

As for the Dechmont sighting when i was 5 I remember staring in awe at the indentations in the ground.. massive holes in the ground for each landing leg of the craft which later got confirmed at at least 40 tones of pressure.. which could not be caused by any human craft as the landing site was ringed by trees.. absolutely no way to get a crane or any heavy vehicle to this spot.

This is what started me off on my ufology quest ( since 5 years old! )...

Ive read countless books on the subject, been closely affiliated with the british ufology society in the eatly 90s ( until theyr offices got broken into in the early hours of the morning and all data got stolen , yea right...MI5, NSA?? )... I actually worked with the head of this society and he was stunned at my ufo knowledge... we both worked high up in telecoms, i.e, signals etc and started discussing ufos one day on a tea break... Once i told him what i knew on the subject ( which was more / less than him as he had access to stuff id never heard of before ) he was amazed that someone else shared his passion....

We worked together for a close on a year sharing ufo info until his office got turned over one night ( raided ) and he lost all his data..

Myself, Ive seen one UFO semi close , white and blue lights rotating round a disc which i can only explain as being close on british police car lights... Problem was this thing was 40ft above my head and proceeded to fly over a block of flats , to which i chased but then it dissapeared. Only thing was i wish i had chase this earlier but i was on foot..

Second sighting, though i know was not a ufo, was a fireball / meateor flying over my head at about 40/50ft... As ive said before in prev posts, it sounded like an f15 flying through my ears and dissapeard over the flats ( 10+ storey apartment building for you yanks not familiar with the scottish words flats lol ) where i saw my first ufo sighting... Thing is, beyond these flats is a massive hill dipping into a river... The height of this meateor and the size, id say at about 15ft wide, ball of flames and travelling at some speed, i would have expected an impact... Never heard a thing, it must have burned out as it should have hit close to where i seen it and the trajectroy it was travelling.... On the radio next day i heard at least 60+ calls came in tracking this from glasgow, over falkirk and into livingston as a ufo... The astro society confirmed it was a meteor and it was tracked in scottish airspace for over 100 miles before they lost contact.

My third sighting was a ball of light which i tracked just before i started my #f at work ( search my ID, i posted this and the strange contrail after it )

I have to say this was the weirdest.. Looked like a minature sun tracking along the bottom of the pentland hills ( local mountain range ), very fast, it avoided a plane , then dissapeared into storm clouds.. I photographed the contrails once i got to the top floor of my building..

Have to say, out of all of the above, im happy to have seen two possible sightings, and im now investing in some healthy camera equipment / Infra red cameras..

Ufology is what you make it... This site is THE best site ive came accross, im active on a few uk sites, but ATS is THE site i check every day without fail because of you guys..

You guys make this site what it is...The sceptics / paintshop / video manupulation experts are here to investigate and find flaws or confirm any sightings that come our way..

Keep delving and we will find the truth..

On a side note im still tracking this jersey sighting with eager intrest.. 70+ posts so far is hard for me to track as im a corporate executive for a worldwide multinational, but i keep reading and updating my logs every night from this site.

Goes to show we come from all walks of life.. Ive got 4000+ staff below me, but ufology is a big belief of mines...

The troy mans two cents worth on ATS and UFOs..

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 08:02 PM
Apologies... Im still tracking the " New Jersey " sighting with intrest as there is deffinetely something going on.

As for the UK Jersey sighting with the two so called mother ships ( which i posted a while back under my id ).. It was myself that contacted the British MOD pushing for and investigation and got the reply back that stated that it happened in French airspace therefor the UK will not be investigating..

Goes to show that if you believe, follow it up... I wont think twice about contacting a news source or the MOD regarding any ufo sighting. worst that can happen is that the MOD disregard it... Though fair on the MOD, they do reply to your request and let you know theyr standpoint.

If anything happens in the uk, you can guarantee zeetroyman will find out about, contact the media for more info, or contact the MOD direct for information..

Your friend from the other side of the pond

Having probs posting the dechmont law sighting link... PS, im into this soo much as dechmont law is 100ft from my house.'s/dechmont.html

Search on google (including speech marks ) " dechmont law " ufo

Ending my sypnosis, i do believe we are not alone, and i believe that those of us in our 30+s that we will know the truth in our lifetime.

It may take another 10/20 years, but this planet is that far gone with oil, war, terrorists, us dollar value, economy etc that we need to take the next step forward.

I watched the sts117 mission live when they broadcast the ufo sighting and it blew me away ( posted this on ATS as well) , pulled the folks in to watch live on my NASA link and this swayed the old man.. sheeesh he thought i was doing a McKinnon and hacking NASA for the feed lol... When i told him it was live on the web he couldnt believe what he was hearing.

I firmly believe that we will know the truth about ufos within the next 20 years.

I dont believe in the mayan calander, 2012 etc, but i do believe we are here for a reason and we will find that out soon..

If anyone has searched my profile and read all my posts you may have come accross the post i posted a few years back.. I am one of the few who look at a digital clock exactly on 11.11... day or night, i will see 11.11.. Ive read up on, uri gellar states that when you see this, you pray for what you want i.e world peace etc, and you are one of the chosen few..

I never knew until i investigated, but quite i few special people see 11.11.. Ive no idea what it means, where it will take me etc.. All i know is, i see 11.11 every single day, at least for the past 15 years since i became concious to it.

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 08:47 PM
cheers for the flags lads, but post your comments..

posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 11:24 PM
Hey there Zeetroyman !!!!

It is good to see another contender well on the path to realization.
The 11.11 thing is synchronicity. It is a confirmation that you are experiencing a growing psychic awareness.
Everyone will slowly begin to see similar things in themselves over the next few years as the clouds are removed and all secrets / agendas are revealed that have been hidden from us.
Bathe in the Light.

posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 04:55 AM

Originally posted by zeetroyman
It was myself that contacted the British MOD pushing for and investigation and got the reply back that stated that it happened in French airspace therefor the UK will not be investigating..

Good work with that; interesting quote, I'm surprised they didn't tag "as it is of no defence significance" on the end just for good measure! Because massive unidentified objects within visual range of comercial airliners flying from the United Kingdom is obviously not of any defence significance right? I wonder if you contacted the MODs French equivalent if they would tell you they were not investigating as the incident took place in UK airspace?...

Originally posted by zeetroyman
Im still tracking the " New Jersey " sighting with intrest as there is deffinetely something going on.

Please keep us updated if any new information comes to light!

posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 05:00 AM
In case you're interested, and as you're a fellow Scot, there have been a couple of FT sightings near and around Dunfermline the last couple of nights. I'll post here if I hear any more.I don't know about other UFO fanatics but I know when I hear of a new spate of sightings I get quite keyed up and raring to do something about it. So do my UFO mates. Maybe it's a fight or flight response?

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posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 07:23 AM
You have had some interesting sitings..It is funny you mention meteor..I have seen spectacular ones on 3 different occasions..I also have seen UFOs several times. I think I see more of this than the average person because I look up...

posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 11:07 AM
Outstanding review zeetroyman, I thoroughly enjoy reading the "unique" personal experiences of our Members from all over the world. It's truly why we work so bloody hard at keeping running and constantly improving.

Now if only I could see something!
I thought I was going to get my chance at the Bay Area UFO Expo but alas, the fellow with the next gen night vision goggles had to leave Sunday afternoon well before sunset.

Turns out that Saturday night there was a group that included an astrophysicist up on the roof of the Double Tree who were observing some VERY unique craft in the night sky through this guy's goggles.

Maybe next time...


posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 12:35 PM
Excellent zeetroyman, I would love to hear more about your life's experiences. Scotland has always been a place when where I look at pictures I feel my heart.

posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 01:06 PM
IMO it is time that we all be aware of World News.

With everything going on with Iran, Israel, Russia, Britian, USA etc. and more ufo activity Worldwide I would say these ufo's might be observing and positioning themselves
At night locate the stars and watch to see if one just happens to be there that isn't supposed to be there.

These beings monitor everything on Earth. The more sightings the more I think there might be a possibility they are positioning themselves to observe and do what they need to do.

posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 06:47 PM
zeetroyman, I know they are there,I have seen and communicated.

Observe, those thoughts of yours are mine also.

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posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 05:00 AM
Great read zeetroyman
There have been many really good reports out of Scotland, above and around a Power Station in particular.
One of which two individuals took an amazing bottom shot of a round craft as it zoomed over their heads (1998?) after watching it sit close above a main feed power line (sorry I cannot remember the Power Station Name or location).

THen there's that family who had one sitting above their front yard, went inside called his dad to come and see it, and sure enough it was still hovering in the front yard as one by one the family came to take alook.

Seems to me if I remember correctly, they even built a observance tower after that encounter and have since reported many more CE3 experiences.


posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 07:40 AM
Thanks for the replies guys.

I gues im pretty lucky living in such a unique area of scotland.

Im close to mountain ranges, cities, power stations, bonnybridge ( scotland ufo triangle hotspot ) and im slap bang in the middle of edinburgh and glasgow airport flightpaths.

The main thing i do is look up and scan the horizon as much as possible.. Be it travelling as a passenger in a car, on a plane, anywhere... If ive got nothing else to do, im scanning the skies.

As i said in my post above, if there is any chance of me getting info out of the FAA or MOD or any government body, ill send them a letter or an email to get a response. Only takes a few minutes and adds a lot more to the community.

I couldnt care less about a man in black chapping on my door, ive nothing to hide and ill keep searching for evidence on ufo existence... ( im even starting to train the wee man up on ufology... only 9 yrs old and already asking me to go out up the hills at night for some sky watching ).. Ace!

Ps, thanks for the reply Springer, good to see THE top man at ATS adding his comments in, im trully blessed.

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posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 11:13 PM
Excellent information! I am anxious to follow up on any postings from Scotland. (Let's just say on account of auld family connections). I only recently saw a televised program concerning the Bonny Bridge event & the Falkirk Triangle. I saw honestly amazed to learn that Scotland's ratio of UFO sightings are more than any other European country.

I have been a Fellow member of Scotland's Society of Atiquaries for over 12 years. I attend Scottish cultural activities here in the USA each year, & am a member of a certain clanship. I visited Scotland in 1977, & remains one of the most beautiful counties of the 29 that I have seen.

The question of the familuarity of UFOs in relation to Scotland's more ancient history has been on my mind for some time now. The reason that I bring this subject up is simple. Scotland has some rather interesting stone glyphs scattered about. I have never been able to put the pieces of the Big Puzzle together, but I do believe there are some areas that could be connected, if indeed there are ancient UFO sightings on record. It's difficult enough to sort out Class 1 stones and their histories. But I really have some theories, especially as to the Class 1 stones, & certain types of carving & images found on them. I dare say there is not one academic chap about that would not want to roast a theorist as myself, until they have a finely vitrified wall as a result of my ashes. LOL! Btw, that's another area of the unknown in so much as I'm concerned, stone vitrification throughout Scotland.

At any rate however, it's still always great to hear UFO news from Scotland! I too have beheld great things & I am a believer. That's the nice thing about ATS, you don't have to run for office or be elected to say that you Believe. Mainly because it dosen't matter to anyone but yourself. You don't have to prove it to your ggg grandmother or your ggg grandnephew. And I sure as heck do not intend to make any appology to anyone as to why I believe.

Please keep the data flowing on any relavant sightings.

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