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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 03:16 PM
Many have been subjected to alien examination without even knowing it. Sometimes the tell tale signs are there for you to see usually marks to the body etc; but this is nothing new it has been widely known of for many years now.
My first sighting of a ufo was in 1960, i was just 7 years of age in those days there was not much spoken of alien crafts etc, the ground breaking radio broadcast of War of the worlds was heard of then later of course the roswell incident.
I believe i was abducted around this time but can't be sure it may of been earlier but this was my first real memory of such things, my sister had been abducted much earlier so i guess they had been coming for our family very early on.
She is 8 years older than i and was only young when the praying mantis species took her.
In the early 1950's my family lived in an area called Belvedere in kent England. It was a tiny village so anything to do with ufo's would have been a big thing!
A craft hovered over a street called King Harold way in Belvedere where there were many witnesses to this phenomenon.
My sister and her friends were playing in the area at the time and watched this strange craft almost land in the street, there were around 40 or 50 people watching the mettallic craft hover just a few feet off the ground.
It was reported at the time that another craft had been spotted symiltaneously not far away in a place called bexleyheath. The famous ufo investigator Margaret Fry saw that one with her small son and doctor, i have a theory about her which i will speak of at a later date.
The whole episode was widely advertised in the few weeks ahead but leading up to those days the area suffered many govermental bodies investigating the whole incident and the army was called in to interview the locals.
My sister and her friends were never questioned they hid away while all this was going on so there was certain evidence not given by these few, but even today the story is retold in the local paper and still they ask for those kids to come forward to give their story on the incident.
My sister and i are convinced that the alien ship or scout ship she called it because it was not big enough to carry alien life she felt, we feel that the whole thing was a conspiracy put about by the government. Why? we are not sure perhaps it was a practice, re-run of something which was to take place in the future, perhaps they were testing us for our responses.
I feel the government know about aliens there is no question about it and i would go as far as to say that most in the government are either alien or mind controlled humans.

posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 03:27 PM
umm cool story, not much to add except,

wasn't the War of The Worlds broadcast done in the 30's ?

posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 03:32 PM

It was reported at the time that another craft had been spotted symiltaneously not far away in a place called bexleyheath. The famous ufo investigator Margaret Fry saw that one with her small son and doctor
reply to post by unicorn 123

Do you have any newspaper articles or pictures maybe to back up your story? Also when your sister was abducted did she give details of the encounter? What happened when you were abducted? This is a great read, but like most of us here on ATS we like to have type of evidence to back up the story.

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 09:02 AM
reply to post by elevatedone

Yes i agree the war of the worlds was much earlier but i wanted to make a point that with all the hype of today via tv, internet there was nothing for us to relate to.
Stories of such things were always hidden, you were either called a nut or you must be having some kind of breakdown.
This incident is widely known and i will have to find the site again which has all the information on it.
The local paper very regulary runs this story so i will get info.

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 09:15 AM
Here's a quick few links for more info on what the OP is referring to Margaret Fry and 1955 Bexleyheath Sighting

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 09:18 AM
reply to post by magycpapyri

My sister has played a low profile for many years suspecting foal play from the government i guess i can't blame her for that.
My sister has accounts of her abductions, unlike myself who seem to have a complete mind wipe, taking a few days when little things would suddenly come back!
Once my husband and myself were taking in a dream state, i had this awful dream when my husband was being subjected to torture was the only way to explain it. I suddenly opened my eyes and found myself back in my bed.
John was lying beside me and was shaking uncontollably, i tried to wake him because i just knew something had happened to us.
When he woke he said he had an awful dream, i stopped him right there and told him mine, he was shocked at first to think i knew everything he had dreamed.
He told me he was wanted for what he knew in the future!
They have come back many times for him and once he went taken against his will.
This sounds so farrrr fetched but believe me this stuff has happened to my family over and over.
But as you say without real evidence how can you prove this all happening.
All i can say is that if it could have happened to someone else then i wished it had it has made our life hell. This is why i fear to talk of such things.

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 09:22 AM
reply to post by CthulhuRising

Thanks for finding site for me.

posted on Sep, 10 2007 @ 09:53 AM
reply to post by unicorn 123

Your welcome :-)
Very interesting story and thank you for sharing. I know this can be hard to talk about but anything you feel need to share please do. Some here can get quite vigorous with their questioning but please understand it is just our desire to find out everything we can about what is going on around us.

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 08:36 AM
Another strange episode which happened involving ufo's was the year 1953 the year i was born.
I was just six months old my mother had been diagnosed with TB and sent to Kettlewell hospital Borough Green in Kent.
All the family were screened also, i had the innoculation and was ok but my sister and two brothers were found to have contracted it.
Whilst my younger brother who was three at the time was diagnosed with it on the bowel, my elder brother and sister were sent along also for further tests.
They were sent to Royal Victoria and Albert home for the infirm and orphaned children in Margate on the south east coastline.
My sister is convinced this place was some kind of laboratory testing place and the kids were being used for other reasons other than testing for TB.
She recalled it was a strange place indeed. Today i doubt it even stands but it was a rather imposing mansion type building but had the facilities of treating the sick at this time to treat the children who were suffering from TB.
My youngest brother was taken straight away to an area were the youngest childrens cots were placed whilst she and my elder brother were put on higher levels, this was a large home as i had said and had many floors.
Obvious test were done, blood taken etc then nothing!
My sister said she felt fine and was sure she didn't need to be there.
The babies were left on the balconies outside this was something they did in those days in fact there were many levels where beds for the older children slept also.
Those on the ground floor had to put up with the daily scavengers of rats running around under the beds. You were given one blanket! and had to survive the bitter cold days. This sounds something like one of charles dickens books! but believe me this did happen.
After many days stuck in this god awful place with nothing much to eat and a matron who vaguely resembled Miss Trunchbowl out of the film Matilda my sister finally had enough, with no connection to the outside world these kids were left to the hands of Nurse Damien oh yes this was her real name by the way and the other nurses who supposedly cared for all.
My sister decided she would try and escape where she would go she had no idea, miles from home and no one to help and at the tender age of just 7 she was scared as hell.
One day as her plan was nearly ready the kids who were well enough were told they may play outside in the grounds they took this as a sign that things may be getting better, my sister was still convinced she had to make a run for it.
The afternoon moved on and they made their way back to the home hoping for a hot meal to eat they were rare, you were lucky if they remembered to feed you at all.
Aproaching the large open area at the rear of the building a sudden humming noise could be heard. The kids looked up when a large disc shape craft was hovering just above the roof of the hospital.
The kids began to scream and run towards the building, my sister always the curious one stood and watched this strange phenomenon.
One of the nurses was calling to her but she wouldn't move she was struck in awe with the strange sight. At last the nurse grabbed her and pulled her inside, all the children were sent to the matrons office no one went out to look at the odd thing which was hovering in the air above the home my sister thought this was odd to say the least.
The matron came down on them hard saying they would be refused any further outings in to the grounds for misbehaving!
They had done nothing wrong!!
Each kid was taking individually and interrogated by Nurse Damien, when it was my sisters turn she denied seeing anything she thought it was better play dumb.
When my sister met up with her little friends again she asked what they made of the strange craft they were completely unaware what she was talking about saying they never saw anything!
My sister was convinced from that moment on that something was strange was happening to them there.

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