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Incident at Salt Lake - Part X

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 11:18 AM
Next, when confronted directly about their orientation, they CANNOT lie. However, it's critical that this bit of information not be twisted in ANY way. Remember, when asked DIRECTLY about THEIR OWN ORIENTATION, then they cannot lie. They can lie about anything else.

People eventually choose one of two orientations. Either they choose Service to Others, which means they do things for other people at least 51% of the time, or they are Service To Self, which means they do things for themselves only, at least 95% of the time. They are 'allowed', according to these parameters, to do things for others 5% of the time or less.

The VAST majority of us fall somewhere in between those two figures (5 and 51). Which means we are still growing, still maturing, still figuring out where we are in our orientation. We're not yet 'ready for harvest'. When we finally fulfill the parameters, when we finally reach the goal of either 51 or 95 percent, depending, then we move on to 'perfect' our orientation. No other planet in the Galaxy has both STO and STS on it. This is a mixed planet, a planet of choice, and AGAIN, this is my OPINION, the ONLY planet like this in the entire Galaxy. Which is why we are so attractive to so many different people from other planets and places.

Getting back to the Creation of Drama, THIS IS WHY THEY ARE HERE. If there is no drama, there is NO REASON for them to be here, and in fact, it may REQUIRE them to leave. If you have no food in one place, you have got to find it someplace else. If your drug supply runs out, you need to go somewhere else to find it.

In other words, if WE CHOOSE to be a Planet of Peace, then THEY MUST LEAVE. Remember: no food means you either starve or find it someplace else.

Now, when I say it's the only planet of choice, that refers only to Orientation. People on other planets make daily decisions just as we do. But it's in a different capacity, based on their orientation. Here, we are constantly deciding if we're doing it for ourselves, or for others. In that respect, this is FASCINATING to people from other realities.

Remember I said that when confronted directly about their own orientation, they cannot lie? Well, how do you 'confront them directly'? I am not speaking for you, but in my case, I asked the Light Escort yes or no questions and it responded by nodding (jumping up and down) in the affirmative. For example, I asked it: Do I go this way? And it would respond either by jumping up and down for 'yes', or doing nothing for 'no'. I don't think they is a signal for 'no', simply because that due to their nature, they are always hoping you assume what they wish you to assume. They have absolutely no conscience at all.

How would you do it without a Light Escort? You may not like this answer, but I think it means you need to use your intuition. I can't think of another way, but then again, I am not the only one here.

WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER. Do you get it? We all need to put down our petty childish ways, grow up, and figure this out. Together. As one. Then THEY MUST LEAVE. Get this: They have NO choice in that matter. Isn't that great? IF we create peace, that's like taking that stuff they give you at the hospital to make you vomit. I can't remember the name right now, but you know what I am talking about. If you had a choice between taking that, or eating some delicious food, what would you do?

However, as I said earlier, it's not a matter of them 'choosing' to stay with our peaceful ways. They MUST leave. No choice.

So...what does a Planet of Peace mean? Well, AGAIN, IT'S MY OWN OPINION -always remember that- it means NOT creating your own drama. Certainly, we are allowed to defend ourselves. But that's not creating drama, technically, although we have the opportunity to 'co-create' it. We can drag it out, expand it, make it bigger. No. Let's not do that.

posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 11:41 AM
reply to post by timetraveler96

Have you read the Ra material and the law of one books?

posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 10:40 PM
Hi Timetraveler96

Probably feeling shocked at not very many responses?

Don't stop anyway. People will look and see. You just have to keep communicating and realize it takes a lot of intention to impinge on another beings awareness and bring about an understanding on the other end when you are communicating something not so real to them.


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