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Incident at Salt Lake - Part VIII

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 11:13 AM
It was so painful walking. Just lifting up a foot required enormous effort. I could barely lift my feet up enough to avoid shuffling them. I looked around, saw a Costco, and made my way in that direction. Why I don't know. Maybe because it was familiar. I got to Costco, and saw Wal-mart across the street, but still could not cross. I had to find another way.

So I walked perpendicular to the freeway, until I could find a road that would be parallel, so I could get to another overpass. I have never, ever, been as exhausted as I was that night. But I finally made it to another overpass, and this time, it was the right one. I can't tell you how happy I was to finally know I was truly headed in the right direction.

Yet all the time, the Huge Triangles were above me. As well as the Light Escorts. Why I needed two now I don't know. Anyway, I made my way across the overpass, and back toward Wal-mart. And the Light Escort was not giving up. Now it knew that I knew my way home, I guess. It kept beckoning me in the opposite direction.

And here is where I made, I believe, one of my greatest discoveries: When asked a DIRECT question about its orientation, all it can do is not answer, but IT CANNOT LIE. There is a big difference here and I want to make it clear: It CAN lie, but not about its Orientation. And by that I mean, either something in an advanced state of evolution is oriented toward Service to Others, or it is oriented to Service to Self.

The STS are the 'bad' ones.

As a test, (it seems I am thinking now and I think I know the reason which I will tell you later), I told the Light Escort that it seems that was the wrong direction. I asked it, "I want to go home, is that really the right direction?" to which it 'nodded' vigorously.

I then asked it " Are you SERVICE TO OTHERS? And it WOULD NOT reply. I asked it again. Nothing.

At that point, I was actually elated. This is a HUGE discovery. I don't know why, but at that level of evolution I guess, the 'rules' change and when confronted, an STS entity simply cannot say it is Service to Others. All it can do is let you ASSUME it is.

So now, I had the advantage. I knew how to get home, but I was so fatigued it was like I was drunk. Punch drunk. I had taken a beating, but I was still standing. Barely. I finally made it back to Wal-mart, and went inside hoping they could call me a cab. I was only a couple of miles away, but it may as well have been twenty. Or a hundred.

I asked the greeter if she could call me a cab. She said no, but there was a phone book in the lobby. I went over to the payphone and grabbed the phonebook.

At this point, I was absolutely consumed with fatigue. I nearly fainted. Right at the point of collapse, I woke up and regained my footing. Again and again this happened. I couldn't really focus enough to make a call. And for some reason, I couldn't see the area code for the taxi. So I took a chance and used my cellular phone to make the call, using the 801 SLC area code.

A male voice answered. So I apologized, hung up, and decided to make the walk home. And as usual, the Light Escort was present. Always present. I ignored it, but continued to watch it. What I mean is, I didn't follow its directions, but I was always aware of where it was.

When I got to the intersection where I was supposed to turn, it blinked furiously, wanting me to go the opposite direction. So again I asked if that was the way home, and again it responded in the affirmative. And again I asked if it was Positively Oriented Service To Others , and again it remained silent.

So I told it to leave me alone. I was making progress. But I still had to get my car. And then I remembered where I parked it: down the ravine, not far from where I was!

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