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incident at Salt Lake - Part VI

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 10:53 AM
So I continued my long journey home. Every step, heavy with marsh water, slopping inside my boots. Huge blisters on my feet. Every step filled with lead, and taking enormous effort just to put one foot in front of the other. I looked around for a cab. Not one.

I continued to follow the Light Escort. Maybe it would give me a break. Again, what a laugh as you will see. But perhaps I, that is we, will have the last laugh. Perhaps.

On the way home, ET was still - can the word be 'hopeful' with these guys? It continued to send the Black Checker my way, and one more thing. Something about twice as big, and shaped almost like an elongated version of an M&M. I'll call it the Zot, which I think is the generic version of the candy. It, too, was black, about, oh 45 feet high, and perhaps 100 feet long. It too had 3 or 4 stories of windows, square but rounded at the edges. It too has a really cool appearance, but remember, it's full of really goofed-up people. If you can call them that. And I don't know that it's full of anything (well...) but why else would it be so big and have so many lighted windows? If they were windows, which of course, it's possible they're not.

Anyway, I continued to make my way home. In SLC, they have a numbered grid system of streets that basically starts at zero from the Temple, then moves out at 1st St North, 1st St East, 1st Street South, and 1st St West. It progresses down the line, and I was at something like 80th east and 120 south. I think. Directions are something which are a bit foreign to me, and I get lost easily. Anyway, I was now over a freeway, and so I looked around to see if I could see any recognizable landmarks, which is my preferred way of navigation.

I saw something which both chilled and fascinated me. Now, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I am going to leave out of this report. There are things that, it seems to me, would not be fair to tell you about. You simply have no way of verifying them, and they are so frightening, it could be cruel and would serve no purpose other than that. I am still thinking about that, but I am still going to leave out some things of this report, and may possibly report them later.

But I will tell you this: Suspended above the freeway, in plain view, right next to the overpass, was the Zot. Right there. But that's not what horrified me. One of the things I will tell you is from my vantage point I saw NUMEROUS HUGE TRIANGLES suspended over the city. Maybe 5. Maybe more. And something else. Oh my gosh, this is so...weird it's hard to believe.

There was an extremely long, gently curving object, full of lights and lighted windows. I can't even tell you how long it was, but it seemed like a mile long. Seriously. Elegant in its design, and frightening, simply by its appearance there. It kind of reminded me of a boomerang. Why was it there, and more importantly, why did people not seem to care? This thing was in PLAIN SIGHT. As were the Triangles, the Zot, and the Black Checker. As were the Stingers, the Sleek, and the Light Escort, which had now grown to at least 2.

Here's something else. Something I had never connected until now. There is an airport here, not the Salt Lake, but another one, I don't know the name. Anyway, there have always been two 'towers' there, but there was something weird about them. Wait, let me go check something, I'll be right back.

Wow. I am in shock, but I am still going to do my report. I don't mind telling you, what I just saw has me shaking. The Boomerang is out there. In the distance, but still there. It's something I had never seen before from this location. Also, the two objects, the 'towers' are there as well. One is a Triangle, huge, and the other is a Rectangle, about the same size. When I point them out to people, they just casually say it's airport towers. That's garbage. They are absolutely plain to see.

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