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Incident at Salt Lake - Part IV

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 10:51 AM
Well, I finally broke through the last reed - RIGHT BACK to where I had started! NO, NO, NO. What happened? Did I make a 'wrong turn' around those tree trunks? I just about lost it right there. It is a feeling of despair which is indescribable.

And you know what? ET said DO IT AGAIN. That's right. Again. No I said. No. No. I have done enough. I have proved myself, I am not doing it again. ET wouldn't budge. So I decided to go home, and you know what? I discovered I was IN THE MIDDLE of the marsh, NOT at the end as I had thought. So EITHER WAY, I had to go through it again.

“No!,” I thought again. ET should just land right here, and we can have a meeting. So I yelled out, “LAND HERE. I AM NOT DOING THIS AGAIN! I AM TOO TIRED, GIVE ME A BREAK!” But ET wouldn't budge. And I wouldn't budge. So finally I just laid down in the small clearing and waited for ET to come get me.

Minutes passed. Nothing. I was so tired. So thirsty. I can't do it, I thought to myself. It's so hard to break through that stuff, so hard to find a place to cross the gooey mud. So hard. So hard.

ET still wouldn't budge. “OK!” I yelled out to the cursed orange light. OK!! We'll do it your way!

So...taking big breaks, praying for strength, and using sheer will power, I finally, finally DID IT FOR THE FOURTH TIME.

Done. I am done. I am going home. I don't care anymore, this is just goofy. Suddenly I saw the craft land just where I had been. "So now what?" I thought to myself. ":All I need to do is cross just ONE MORE TIME and they will meet me? Just one? Hmmm."

Well don't worry. Not this time, anyway. You have to know that I didn't do it. It would have killed me, for sure. I didn't fall for it this time. I just turned around and made it to the bike path. But...

ET had other plans. This time, a different craft, a sleek saucer, popped in and hovered gently above the ground just a few yards from me. I can't properly explain how cool it is to see something like that gently bobbing and swaying back and forth above the ground. It truly is something to see. So I made my way to the ship--and it backed up. Just a little way. I continued to chase it. It kept backing up. It finally right next to some houses that framed the pasture and marsh I was on. Right next to them. In some cases, directly above the house, almost 'capping' the roof. And it was basically the same size as the house.

Suddenly I saw 3 discs. These were different. They were still round, still black, and about the same size, but they had a pointed top come down to the wide edge of the saucer. Kind of like a stinger on top of a checker, but with the point sloping down on all sides to the wide edge of the disc.

Maybe, I thought, maybe these guys will meet with me. So I started toward them.

Obviously, I had still not given up hope that perhaps ET would relent and give me a chance to meet with them personally. But it seemed that they were...a bit afraid of me? I don't know, that didn't make sense, given the extremely advanced stage of their technology. Why, then, would they not meet me in person? I was determined to do something - almost anything- to show them I could be trusted. What a laugh. They could trust me, but these guys can NEVER be trusted. Ever. me on this one.

But at that point, under extreme fatigue, my ego bruised but still alive, a little crazed with thirst and my feet blistered, I was in no condition for rational thought. It was as though it wasn't me doing this. When I look back, a mere 24 hours ago, it seems already a lifetime has passed. It could not have been real, yet I know absolutely for certain it was. What are these guys doing here? All these thoughts, yet none of them conscious, were boucing around in my head..


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