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incident at Salt Lake - Part III

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 10:47 AM
Well, I finally broke through the last reed - RIGHT BACK to where I had started! NO, NO, NO. What happened? Did I make a 'wrong turn' around those tree trunks? I just about lost it right there. It is a feeling of despair which is indescribable.

And you know what? ET said DO IT AGAIN. That's right. Again. No I said. No. No. I have done enough. I have proved myself, I am not doing it again. ET wouldn't budge. So I decided to go home, and you know what? I discovered I was IN THE MIDDLE of the marsh, NOT at the end as I had thought. So EITHER WAY, I had to go through it again.

“No!,” I thought again. ET should just land right here, and we can have a meeting. So I yelled out, “LAND HERE. I AM NOT DOING THIS AGAIN! I AM TOO TIRED, GIVE ME A BREAK!” But ET wouldn't budge. And I wouldn't budge. So finally I just laid down in the small clearing and waited for ET to come get me.

Minutes passed. Nothing. I was so tired. So thirsty. I can't do it, I thought to myself. It's so hard to break through that stuff, so hard to find a place to cross the gooey mud. So hard. So hard.

ET still wouldn't budge. “OK!” I yelled out to the cursed orange light. OK!! We'll do it your way!

So...taking big breaks, praying for strength, and using sheer will power, I finally, finally DID IT FOR THE FOURTH TIME.

Done. I am done. I am going home. I don't care anymore, this is just goofy. Suddenly I saw the craft land just where I had been. "So now what?" I thought to myself. ":All I need to do is cross just ONE MORE TIME and they will meet me? Just one? Hmmm."

Well don't worry. Not this time, anyway. You have to know that I didn't do it. It would have killed me, for sure. I didn't fall for it this time. I just turned around and made it to the bike path. But...

ET had other plans. This time, a different craft, a sleek saucer, popped in and hovered gently above the ground just a few yards from me. I can't properly explain how cool it is to see something like that gently bobbing and swaying back and forth above the ground. It truly is something to see. So I made my way to the ship--and it backed up. Just a little way. I continued to chase it. It kept backing up. It finally right next to some houses that framed the pasture and marsh I was on. Right next to them. In some cases, directly above the house, almost 'capping' the roof. And it was basically the same size as the house.

Suddenly I saw 3 discs. These were different. They were still round, still black, and about the same size, but they had a pointed top come down to the wide edge of the saucer. Kind of like a stinger on top of a checker, but with the point sloping down on all sides to the wide edge of the disc.

Maybe, I thought, maybe these guys will meet with me. So I started toward them.

Obviously, I had still not given up hope that perhaps ET would relent and give me a chance to meet with them personally. But it seemed that they were...a bit afraid of me? I don't know, that didn't make sense, given the extremely advanced stage of their technology. Why, then, would they not meet me in person? I was determined to do something - almost anything- to show them I could be trusted. What a laugh. They could trust me, but these guys can NEVER be trusted. Ever. me on this one.

But at that point, under extreme fatigue, my ego bruised but still alive, a little crazed with thirst and my feet blistered, I was in no condition for rational thought. It was as though it wasn't me doing this. When I look back, a mere 24 hours ago, it seems already a lifetime has passed. It could not have been real, yet I know absolutely for certain it was. What are these guys doing here? All these thoughts, yet none of them conscious, were boucing around in my head..

Then I saw what I call the Bobber up ahead. It was about 100 feet in diameter, with a dark gold bottom and top, and a wide red band in the middle. It was perhaps 100 feet in the air. There was something 'attached' I think to it. This was dark gold all around and had an acorn-shape to it. I call it the Lure. It was doing something. It seemed like it was moving, going higher or twisting in a radical way, very fast. It didn't go very far, and it was hard to see in the dark and at a distance of about 500 feet.

Whatever. I turned my attention to the Black Checker to see if it was still there. It was.

So - now don't judge me here, I couldn't think - I went ahead and started for it. I went up to the trailheads, one was 'walkers' and the other 'riders' (I guess horses were allowed there), and I chose the 'horses', thinking that perhaps it would be more scenic and therefore more attractive to ET. Why, I don't know. These parasites do not care about anything scenic. I know that now. I didn't then.

Anyway, I got further and further into the trail, and I kept watching the Black Checker. I noticed it had moved into the marsh. But finally, I knew there was no way I was going in that hell-hole. I knew it, and it kind of relaxed me yet angered me at the same time. If I wasn't going into the marsh, then I knew in the back of my mind I would never meet ET. But if that was the case, then why was I still pursuing the Black Checker?

You can see the state of my mind at that time. No rational thought, yet still capable of making decisions. It was a crazy time, and one that thankfully is over. But is it? Well, you can make that decision later. Right now, ET is still within reach. I thought.

I continued to see the Stingers and the Sleek. Always within reach, always unreachable. And of course, the Light Escort which was always present. Always beckoning me into the marsh. I turned to go back to the main street. I just wanted to get something to drink. Looking for a gas station, an all night store, anything to get something to drink.

I got back to the little park area and noticed a drinking fountain! YESSSS! You can't imagine how excited I was to find a little drinking fountain. The water wasn't even cold, but it was the best tasting ever. If I went back there today, it probably wouldn't taste as good, but at that point, it was ambrosia. Isn't it funny how that happens?

Anyway, I got back onto the main boulevard. All the constant traffic somehow gave me comfort, but ET wasn't done with me yet. He still had plans to make me suffer. At least that's what I think he was doing. He didn't want me dead, I don't think. Clue number 6.

The Light Escort was up there, insistent in its presence. I yelled to it "Get me home, I am lost!" It seemed to understand, I thought at that time, so I followed it. Remember, I am fatigued, bruised-both physically and in my ego- and in no condition for rational thought. So I followed the small comfort I remembered early in my relationship with the Light Escort.

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