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Incident at Salt Lake - Part II

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 10:46 AM
So I managed to climb the fence and avoid the 'attack horses', the cow pies and road apples and got to yet another fence. This one was just a 'paddock type' fence, so I easily slid under the wooden slats and almost raced to ET just a little way away. Wow, what a beautiful disc! About 35 or so feet across, and perhaps 20 feet high. It had four rows of windows, and various lights of red and blue and white. Stunning!

Well, no sooner had I picked up speed than the craft slowly and carefully made its way down the field, just outside my reach. Ok, I thought, obviously this is too close to the house and it wants some privacy. No problem.

So I continued my journey and found an almost insurmountable obstacle: a fence too high to climb and no way to get around. I almost panicked, trying to think of a way to overcome this new roadblock. While walking around and testing the fence periodically, almost the way a cat challenges its space, I suddenly heard a voice say quite clearly, and in English "over here". So I looked around and saw blue and orange 'flashlight lights' moving along the ground. I went to the where I heard the voice and said hello in a stage whisper. No answer. I couldn't see anybody, I could just hear voices, in English, and no accent. (This particular incident may prove to be very useful in the later analysis. It MAY have been an illusion of some kind.)

I can't tell you how relieved I was to hear English. Well, finally I saw 2 or three people, looking just as you or I would. They went around the corner of the barn, I thought perhaps to try to find a way to help me over. After waiting for what seemed a long time, and not seeing them again, I started to form a plan to find a strong limb or piece of wood to put up against the fence and climb over. Suddenly I heard a female voice saying "I don't think he wants this bad enough. He couldn't even find the bike path".

I instantly felt panicky. “No, no, I can do this“, I thought to myself. Suddenly, inspiration. I took off my boots and used my toes to climb the fence. It had barb and razor wire, and I ripped my socks and shirt, but hey. It's worth it right? I am going to meet ET! And this is clue number 5.

Well, I put my boots back on, grabbed my binoculars and started down the bike path, thinking to myself "umm, you guys might have let me know there was a perfectly legal, safe and easier way of getting here" when suddenly I saw a male and female behind me, with a funny little blue light on the ground in front of them and they seemed to be on bikes. Although, I can't tell you that for sure. Isn't that funny? I can describe the craft in detail, but I can't tell you a thing about what they were riding, although they had to be bikes, right? Right?

So I quickly yelled out "Hi!" and the guy responded, somewhat reluctantly, "hi" but in a weak voice, and they both continued on the path. That's funny I thought, but oh well, let's get going. Clue number 6.

Well, I quickly saw lights in the distance, the disc. So I headed in that direction until I came to an area dense with foliage. The craft was sitting in the middle of that, and there was the 'guiding light' above me, basically directing me to go through the brush to get to the craft.

Very reluctantly, I complied. I don't know what the name of this stuff is, but it's almost like bamboo, grassy yet strong, and many 'stalks' per square foot. Very hard to get through. Extremely. Plus, it grows very, very tall, perhaps 20 feet. It's so thick that it blocks the light. Luckily, I had my little mag-light, which made it a little easier, but not very much. So I struggled through that, and came to a short little concrete wall. With a little difficulty, I climbed it and headed toward the craft. It backed away, beckoning me further still through this brushy nightmare.


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