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Incident at Salt Lake - Part I

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 10:43 AM
Although the following seems like a bad science-fiction story, it's actually 100 percent true. Sorry to say. I wrote this report right after the experience, with a little sleep in between, so there is some syntax, grammar, and spelling errors. I will be fixing these as time permits.
Also, I accidentally left out some things, such as the Jetson (a type of alien craft I saw which reminds me of the cartoon craft) appearances, and maybe one or two other minor details. I would like to be as accurate as possible, given the nature of this story.
I INTENTIONALLY left out some extremely bizarre and horrifying information which I feel would serve no purpose other than to make this a horror story, or worse, which I feel is inappropriate. Perhaps someday, but I can't say when, I will reveal the more disturbing parts of this most disturbing report. It's actually horrifying enough as it is.

There were also some sightings which I now believe are connected to this report. The first one was February 8,2006. There was another one two days later on February 10, 2006. Then another one July 28, 2007, and two days later on July 30, 2007. All these sightings were reported to MUFON. I may have reported more, I can't remember. There were so many, that at some point I simply stopped filing. Here now, is my report. Remember, while everything in it is true, I left out some things which are too bizarre for me to think about right now. Perhaps later I will report them.

Incident at Salt Lake - Seeds of Understanding

Wednesday, August 15, marks the day of one of the strangest in my entire life. It may also offer hope for countless abductees.

Since beginning this 'wave of sightings' this year, and experiencing perhaps 25 - 30 individual sightings involving what I believe to be over 100,000 (yes that's right) craft, and combined with the information stored will all the other members, the NLB (nasty little b.......) may now want to pick up their toys and go home, as it will not be much fun for them anymore. Assuming of course, that people pay attention and respond to this message.

I should have seen it coming. I was warned. More than once. I had other clues too but I couldn't or wouldn't pay attention, as it was exciting simply to see the craft. And I saw PLENTY of them. Probably 10 different varieties. Close up.

After checking my messages here last night, I left shortly after 8. My 'new friends' were outside waiting. They always seemed most patient and accommodating, except for their choice of meeting location. Clue number 2. (1 is coming up)

I took their 'signal' (manipulated cloud formation of the front of my car) to correctly interpret I was to drive. So I got into my car and started following the 'star' which was an orange color. Easy to see, they made sure of that. I followed the star for about a mile, then thought I had lost it. However, I quickly picked it up again, but this time it was low on the horizon, indicating I was close to my destination. My pulse quickened. The meeting was close!

Sure enough my hosts led me down a steep hill that ended at a fence. This meant I had to get out of my car and walk. Clue number 3. (why didn't they just have me walk to begin with?- answer coming up later)

I got it, flushed with excitement at this new chapter in my new book of life. Surely this had to be most of the most eventful events in the history of Mankind. Contact, intelligent and cooperative contact, with a completely different society of people outside our own reality. What a trip.

So I got to the fence, which was locked and had a 'no trespassing' sign on it. Well, obviously this didn't apply to me, did it? Why would a little thing like locks and signs apply to someone who was about to bring a message to mankind? Clue number 4.

I quickly jumped the fence and headed in the only direction I could. I was at the end of a gully, so I turned left, the only direction I could go, and made my way through. I quickly saw a circular craft not too far! Wow, I thought to myself, see? This is WAY easier than what they had me doing last night, traipsing through dense foliage and across rivers. Finally, someone gets it.

Well, I got to another fence in short order. No problem, I just climbed over. I saw ANOTHER craft in the distance, this was a saucer ( I differentiate between disc and saucer - while both are circular, the disc is similar to the shape of a black checker, without the little bumps on the edge. It also has 4 rows of square shaped windows but with rounded corners. A saucer is black and smooth, with tapered edges. Actually very cool looking.)

Well, I continued through the pasture ( I was at the bottom of a gully which people had converted mostly to pasture for livestock) and quickly ran into what I thought was my first obstacle: Wild and hostile horses. For those of you who know horses only as either tame or fearful of humans, this may be a shock: They were coming to get me. However, my 'new friends' turned on a VERY bright white light and this scared them off. Hooray for them! Aren't they great? (By the way, this is sarcasm. You'll see.)

Well, I got to the end of that pasture, and found another fence. This was a typical cyclone fence topped with razor and barb wire. Wow. It's getting tough now. Suddenly a bright light was switched on from the direction the barn and the beam was being swept in a side to side motion. Oh no! They are going to catch me there and what am I going to say? I am following ET? Yeah right. Well, I ducked down and waited, actually frozen with fear. I didn't want this opportunity to pass me by.

Well, no worries. I think either she gave up or my ET 'friends' had somehow 'convinced' her that everything was ok. On with the show. And I mean that literally, as you will find out later.

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