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I want to go to school!

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 09:59 AM

Have to retype this!!!!!!!!

Okay, I tried to register at a school today and apparently they are 'full.'
So now I have to go to my old school... shouldn't be a problem, they call everyday and tell me to come.

So I go in and talk to the VP, I didn't want to talk to that *, but had to.
All I needed was my times table and everything would be mint.

:shk:, we have to get you registered to go here. Just sitting in her office talking about all that # I did to get in trouble, When none of it matters because I'm not expelled and I'm not suspended and I am definitely register at this school.

So apparently I have to go to a meeting on Monday...
I tried to go to the resource center and get my times table just because I knew it's bull# that shes not letting me go. I could be going to school right now but, she walked in the resource center and told me I had to leave.

I argued with her "I'm not suspended, am I?" "no." "Am I expelled?" "no."
Then she jsut talks about she has to make sure all my classes are 'good' classes for me... because, obviously a vice principle knows enough to make my own decisions, right? She should decide what classes I like, of course.

Do I have the right to an education? Can she just tell me I can't go to school for no reason other then to make my decisions?

Should I even bother when, I know shes just going to try and get me out again?
Is that how to deal with someone that skips school, deny access? I guess, I can't skip if I'm not aloud there... but they still will call my house and tell me that I have to be there.

My writing is NOT readable so, my mom was trying to get me a laptop from the 'board' so I could type instead of write. I got the laptop in grade 7 or 8 and it was great...

In grade nine, it took them months to give me the laptop. Then, I switched schools again second semester and it took them around 6 months for them to get it to the school....

They reformatted it, deleted everything, installed there garbage and effectively made it useless and told me I had to pick it up and drop it off to some room every morning, launch and the end of the day... I never did, I was pretty much screwed upon entry to this school.

What does someone 6th months behind on work do when they can't do there homework, on an obsolete machine to begin with?

I asked her(VP) "If I NEED software, can I install it?" She told me that she needs to talk to 'name', he need to talk to 'name' she needs to talk to 'name' they need to talk to 'the board' and they need to... I stopped her there and just said "Okay, so it doesn't happen."

I want to sue.

So, what do you guys think? giveup? work at Mc Donald's?

posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 10:35 AM
I understand being upset about the registering problem, but to be upset because of a laptop that you want them to give you because your handwriting isn't legible... thats silly...

why not just practice writing to improve and make your handwriting legible?

posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 11:02 AM

Originally posted by elevatedone
I understand being upset about the registering problem, but to be upset because of a laptop that you want them to give you because your handwriting isn't legible... thats silly...

why not just practice writing to improve and make your handwriting legible?

The laptop is already mine(or for my use), I am suppose to have it and it was up to the board, not them to decide whether I have it or not. The board already set up the laptop for me with the programs I need it, they changed it...

There is no registration problem... the only thing stopping me is her, I am registered at this school but she is not letting me go. She did not look at any papers or the database and say that I'm not registered... She just said that I have to register.

It is not legal for me to not be registered at a school, she was suppose to contact the school I was going to go to and make sure I am to go there... She didn't, she didn't get me the Co-op whatever thing she said she would get me before too.

Now she is not allowing me to go to school... She said I have to register but, she didn't say I wasn't registered and she didn't deny it.

I think, clearly she wants to make sure that I know nobody in the classes I'm in. You can not tell me it is legal for her to keep me from a school I am suppose to go to and braking the law by not going, when she has no valid reason. You can't expel someone for nothing, all she did was bring up a bunch of stuff I allegedly did(totally exaggerated) and then tell me I can't go.

If I can't go, I would have been expelled or suspended then, not now.
I know I'm not exaggerating... my mom was ready to snap too(she was there for the office part)

EDIT: I still wrote for years but, my writing doesn't improve at all, I just can't do it and there is never a point of me trying because they teachers usually send me to the office because they think I do it on purpose.

Edit2: It's not good also when after a sentence my had gets cramped up and the writing just gets worse as it goes. I have to have a break like every minute.... I literally need that laptop and I need it with the software it came with. I can type for days and be fine, writing is just so uncomfortable and useless time consuming when I'm a slow writer even though its really messy... not hard to read, Completely unreadable and I can't pass one thing like that.

I should be getting the laptop, it's not confiscated. It would have been nice if they backed up my work too, that was great. If i get any homework too... what am I to do? I can't even bring it home, I am suppose to be, thats why my parents had to sign for it so if I brake it or something, we have to replace it. I shouldn't be responsible for it when I can't even move it from that damn room.

How can I ever expected to pass when I am not able to do work and be in my class at the same time, I am royally screwed.

Classes are always 'full' that I need to take at this school... half the reason I'm so far behind. Thats what REALLY (bothers) me off when shes talking about switching my classes. I heard the classes I have now are good from a friend and I kinda wanna be the one to decide if I want to switch, thats how it seems to work for everybody else.

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 01:57 PM
I feel your frustration. Out here in California we have what are called IEP's(Individual Education Program) It's for kids with special needs. If you have documentation that the board authorized the computer for you, I'd suggest getting your parents to show this. You could also see if there are any lawyers that work on school issues and see if they can help you out on this as well.

posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 02:40 PM
What are your options other than attending this school?I live in Ontario,and have a teenage daughter.My son (recently graduated) looked into a course offered by the local college.An equivalency test.That could work for you.Or homeschooling,as I did for my kids for 5 years.Online courses are available as well through Thompson education direct.
First and foremost-go to your school board.Your needs are not being met,and your concerns should be addressed as by LAW all those under 18 MUST recieve education from a school, or other institution.Raise pure hell if you have to.Just make sure they pay attention.And NO MORE SKIPPING! If you want them to take you seriously,you must be serious about doing it.
Good luck to you.

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