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Mind Control Victum Father and Daughter

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posted on Sep, 6 2007 @ 11:53 PM
Hey All,

For the past 11 years my daughter (only some of those years) and I have been victums of mind control abuse. At first I thought I was just in a bad marriage, but after putting together all the pieces I believe I am a target for some reason. Most likely to dig dirt on me in order to control me as a future leader of some kind. I believe this is very similar to what is done to others before me.

I believe my wife with wells/clarke lineage (england) is being used as an agent to build a hit file on me. She uses a number of mind control techniques to push you beyond your limits. I don't care to get into the details on the internet. She will deny to the death that she is part of anything but continues to let's say groom me for a future role. She reveals that she is doing this all the time through what I'll call ciphers but yet then denies any such thing has then happened.

I am putting this forward so others know how these people work. They select people for roles. Then they send someone to befriend them, date them, marry them, etc. Then the abuse starts. For one they build a blackmail file on them and two they train them through mind control for their future role. This involves basic classical conditioning and the de-humanizing of the person. For example they will sabatoge your life in every way, stage fights they deliberately elevate to wwiii. Through trauma they work to create robots that will serve as leaders with zero empathy for others. I won't say what I feel I am being groomed for but I can tell you i want no part of it. But yet my wife and the people behind the scenes continue to push me and try and groom me for the role.

Through my searching I have found the ugly truth of reality. As above below is a reality, there are people in power who are corrupt trying to create on earth what happens up in space. In a nutshell there are wars in space and what happens up there is then re-created on earth. Just imagine the same crap happening all around us now is happening above. This may sound crazy but it's all very true. There are people right now being groomed to play the roles of people (their double) above. If the role is a bad one, that person will be tortured with mind control techniques designed to shape that person into that role. Free will is in a sense thrown out the door. It is pretty sick and sad, but this is the reality we live in.

I am looking for advice and if anyone has had similar experiences. I have no desire to be any future leader, my only desire is to live a normal life which I feel now is impossible.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fight what is happening to me please let me know. Exposing my wife and who she is will get pretty ugly and a path I'd rather not take. My life has been destroyed by these people and I'm looking for any advice.

Let me finish by saying the people that truly control this world and beyond are people and names you've never heard of. They are everyday people with everyday lives and jobs. They are not the big names you always here, although those names are certainly powerful families. There is a VERY big connection with Nephilum and fallen angels. But these people very cleverly blend in behind the scenes and remain unknown throughout history.

Ok all for now, will be back posting more soon...

posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 12:12 AM
Please explain more about these "ciphers" as you call them. What is leading you to believe that your wife is grooming you for some sort of future leadership role? Not being critical, I only wish to understand more in regards to your story.

posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 10:59 AM
If this is true, why would you not seek a divorce and move on with your life? That seems like the sensible thing to do.

posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 04:10 AM
space wars? I believe it. Call me a sucker i guess.
My parents got divorced years ago. My old man thought he was being set up or suckered, not a stupid man being in intelligence for his early years.

A woman, who was familialy attached to someone who had their life ended alledgedly by our own cripled intelligence agence came into the picture. She acted wierd to me but I didnt think anything of it. My parents had a rocky relationship, so maybe this was an easy mark for her, my mom being not so aware of these things. Today my mom insists she is happy and played my dad, to give him reasons to leave her. Now she gets 2/3 of his retirement.

I have little respect for either of my parents due to there quibling, though i still love them. But I cant help but feel that the woman my mom rented from after the divorce, and the years of notes my dad kept. Makes me suspicious that something odd is being perpetrated. whether is concious or subconcious. He said she complained that they were too strong at one point.

I smell a dr who episode.

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posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 08:37 AM
Is there a chance you might just be married to a super-bitch and you're getting a tad paranoid about it all? Perhaps she spotted your weaknesses years ago and she's used them against you making you feel more inferior and scared. Not a good environmant for a child whatever the case may be. Get out or get help. Black-mailing is against the law and no matter what your crime she's got no right to hold it against you. Get some power back and let her know you wont be bullied. The rest sounds like your imagination working over-time. I don't mean to offend but you sound as if you're a brow-beaten hubby with a ball-breaker for a wife. If you really think there's some other stuff going on you wont get any good advice from others on here unless you tell all.

posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 09:07 PM
Hi All,

Thanks for the replies. Believe me I am in deep here.

Ciphers are like prophecies but embedded in the movies, comics, etc. They are a form of branding to condition us to accept stuff that may seem a bit shocking to us without such branding. These ciphers are everywhere and you can find out everything that is going to happen in the future if you know where to look. Atlas Shrugged is the Bible to the elite and full of ciphers. The plan is to start WWIII and destroy the world except for the original 13 US colonies (New Atlantis). Turn to page 905 if you have it and you'll see a bit about 2 towers vanishing. I will add that 9/11 truth is also controlled, the whole dichotomy is controlled. It's sad when you think you're fighting the evil and you're just part of one of their dichotomies.

I've been praying daily as to what to do. It's not just a bad marriage that's all I can say.

As to space the wars fought in space are mirrored here on earth. We are all assigned roles and mind control is used to fit some of us for those roles (my situation). As above below is a sad reality. It's pretty sick but happening as we speak. Have you ever wondered how the sci-fi writers could predict future technology so accurately?

All for now...

posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 10:11 PM
Atlas shrugged is going to be a movie by 2008.

Could you give more insite to this book since i don't have it available. I'm going to make a trip to the used book store tomorrow to see if they have it there.

posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 01:41 AM

Originally posted by truthseekerhere
She uses a number of mind control techniques to push you beyond your limits.

Could you please Elaborate on some of these techniques, I am in the study of MK mind control, and some other forms of Trauma Based mind control.

Originally posted by truthseekerhere
If anyone has any ideas on how to fight what is happening to me please let me know.

Don't fall victim to abuse of any kind if there is abuse in the environment then you should leave that environment and seek some sort of counseling, and if you cannot leave due to some sort of hit list file she has on you rat yourself out to whoever the dirt desires just get away from her that is an easy thing to do.

And if all else fails just start cooking breakfast lunch dinner with a lil powder glass in each serving lol Just Jokes!

posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 01:47 AM
I hate to do a one liner but...

Divorce for the win.

I don't want to come off as overtly critical either, but aren't you being a little too paranoid? She could just be psychotic. Most of us are once we get married (lol), heck, my bf's ex wife was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic (if I remember right)...we're just lunatics
. I think its the marriage bit.

posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 07:51 AM

I suggest everyone do research on the Atlas Shrugged thing and get as much info on the web about it as possible.

Mind Control

We always think of this on the extreme side, but the most common forms are very subtle things you would think nothing about. It has to do with simple communication done in such a way that breaks you down and steals your energy. There are people who thrive on breaking others down and negative energy. Every attitude we have gives off a frequency to those around us. You can always tell when you walk in a room for example when someone is in a bad mood. But there are many other frequecies we can give off, some of which can make others crazy. One way to combat this is by modeling the same attitude back as it cancels out the attack. Yes people do these things all the time unknowingly, but those doing mind control know all these subtle techniques to break you down. One thing they do and this is very simple is what I call keying in on you. They will all the sudden get quite and start reading you, you will feel this if you pay attention. Then as soon as you go to talk they suddenly burst out with something to say and cut you down. This again happens all the time by aggressive people, but when used as a technique to break you down, over and over again, everyday, to torment you, it's something far more evil then someone who interrupts people often.

Another technique is what I'll call riding you. They will ask you a question and as soon as you go to answer they'll hit you with something else. Then when you go to respond to that comment, before you get the words out something else. This is just bullying tactics as used to interrogate someone. One thing done often is to accuse you of something you haven't done and then when you go to reply they cut you off. Then when you get mad they say "I knew it", you're getting all defensive and keep going on about it. Remember these techniques are done to make you go mad and cause as much chaos in your life. Again these are things people do to each other all the time. But when they are deliberately done by someone who understands how to use these and many other techniques, the victum is a lamb to the slaughter.

I myself have learned many of these, I have learned to mimick back the same techniques for survival and learned this black art. You can break someone down by simply sending energy from your finger at them. Some of this would be classified as simple witchcraft. It's all about breaking someone's energy field down and keeping them broken, full of shame, weak, angry, etc. We all do these things to each other as we learn them from our parents friends, etc. But those dishing out the mind control understand us in ways you would never imagine. They know how to do little things, subtle things, to torment us so it would appear to everyone else that nothing was going on. Then in the end you look like your crazy screaming you're a victum of mind control. You will notice on the web that those complaining about mind control are hit hard.

Remember mind control is mostly done trough slick subtle techniques that will remain invisible to those around you. Yes there is Daarpa, Harp, etc. but the most common forms of mind control are simple psychological mind games. When you are a lab rat and powers that be are doing what they can to make you go crazy, it's not a fun place to be. I believe they have some higher good in their minds they are trying to attain, but creating leaders who have lost touch of their humanity and empathy is not good for anyone. I can tell you from my research that most current leaders for example are victums of this. I see most world leaders today as victums of this training. They tear you to pieces, collect as much dirt on you through the torment as possible to use as blackmail, and then set these leaders up to do their bidding. The true people controlling everything might be the lady working part time at wawa!!

posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 08:03 AM
Hmmm....interesting read. It's all very well saying that one will never be a victim to "mind control" but then what is "mind control?
Thanks for breaking it down into actual techniques that are used.
It helps us to not become a victim of it if we know what angles people use to try and control us.

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posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 08:08 AM
thats a tought think u got urself into.
i can say a girl at school is also doing this to me
(it would be so hot if she was really doing that)
but onto being serius u have to explain atleast 1 or 2 things she does to u that u find mindcontrolive?its interesting^^im looking forward to read

but my advice to you(ill be killed by other members)if u can find what kinda organization shes working for if it suits u why not go for it

get all evil and stuff....
i really didnt mean that as a joke tell us more

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posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 08:26 PM
It's not mind control, it's women. No offence to the women on this forum, but everything you have said is every woman I have dated. Just leave her, move on. She's mental, like most of them. :-)

posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 09:37 PM

Originally posted by Chiiru
I hate to do a one liner but...

Divorce for the win.

I don't want to come off as overtly critical either, but aren't you being a little too paranoid? She could just be psychotic. Most of us are once we get married (lol), heck, my bf's ex wife was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic (if I remember right)...we're just lunatics
. I think its the marriage bit.

i agree lol heres how you know if shes mind controlling you. see if you can rearrange the prenup (which is what im assuming you are referring to when u say 2/3 of retirement) in most cases its legal. if you cant do that, i would recommend meeting with someone financially inclined (insurance agents usually are) and finding another form of lasting funds. Also, if she gets very clingy and appologetic when u bring it up, you know somethings fishy.

Best Regards and Good Luck

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 11:33 PM
You said you are praying so I am going to interject my thoughts. The issue could be spiritual. This is the mechanism I am talking about.

When a person reads with the holy spirit with them they can get insight from a passage, that same passage may have a different meaning at a different time. This is the effect of the interpreture that takes outside information and highlights the parts to convey meaning.

Darkness uses this same mechanism, if you are seeing the same messages in movies and songs it may be that your interpretation is being guided by some dark thing trying to break your mind down. If you believe in that great battle of light and dark, you may have been moved to the front lines where darkness is trying to set up some role for you.

Know that darkness has no power except that which you give it, usually fear, know that you are victorious through your prayers and the protection of our Lord.

I believe what you are saying, I understand the concept of same message from many different people, it fits the Agent Smith Matrix model. Know they have no power, fighting back with sorcery is dangerous, use the spiritual powers of love and kindness we were taught, which includes the silencing of demonics, but not with anger. If you remove the effect on you it goes away, they need fear or anxiety to exist.

God Bless.

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posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 12:27 AM
Amen Redge777. That is spot on.

truthseekerhere, please listen carefully to what Redge has said. I concur completely and exactly with what Redge has said. "A matter is resolved with the testamony of two or more witnesses."

If you place your trust in the Name above all names, the King of kings and Lord of lords, nothing below Him will have power over you. His power is Love. the forces of darkness and evil (including techological mind control) cannot affect you if you live and think and act in Love. if you live in fear or suspicion, dark forces will gain a foothold on your mind very quickly.

continue praying.

posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 12:30 AM
Dear sir, hate to be frank, but you sound like you may be suffering from paranoid delusions of gradeur.

posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 04:46 AM

Originally posted by 420prajna
Dear sir, hate to be frank, but you sound like you may be suffering from paranoid delusions of gradeur.

If you believe in the possiblity of dark spiritual attacks on the mind it also fits that. In my belief many scientifically diagnosed issues can be spiritual, I am not saying all, but many have gone through spiritual attacks that fit this model.

Here is a song from a Christian singer from YouTube. He specifically speaks of the attacks on his mind that he was saved from by Christ.

And just one of my favorites

This is a belief issue, I understand many do not see things as I do, but livining in the Love taught by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ also follows the scientific hypocratic oath of 'do no harm' so can always be a point to consider when addressing these issues.

Casting off the hatred, fear, anger, and anxiety that I see as tools of darkness has enriched my life beyond my ability to explain, it has brought be closer to my Lord, and through his love closer to the people in my life.

(edit) I started listening to music and had to add this one too

God Bless and have a great night everyone

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posted on Oct, 18 2007 @ 06:26 PM
Interesting thread from a month ago -- what's happening w/ yr life lately OP? Any news on space wars imminent Earth relation?

posted on Oct, 21 2007 @ 07:41 PM
truthseeker I too feel that I am in the same boat.

It must be hard being at that stage of things but if you are beign 'groomed for leadership' maybe your luckier than I think. I

I think I've been de-humanized:- violence, poverty, constant arguments, people telling me I can do soo much, people practically telling me who I should spend my life with.

It might seem funny to some people but why wouldn't it be possible to use ordinary people as mind slaves?

One of the people in question who has been through this with me has worked in 'top-secret' areas.

It's not encouraging.

Our only difference is I know I would embrace & accept leadership and know that I was scum

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