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A White House Tour-Hillary Clinton with the Presidents

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posted on Sep, 6 2007 @ 08:11 PM
I was in Washington, DC last week for a family vacation. We did a lot of walking and saw the sites; the memorials, museums, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, National Archives, The Capitol, Mt. Vernon, etc. Did I mention we did a lot of walking? Included in our site seeing was the requisite tour of The White House that you have to set up through your House representative.

First I want to say that I don't follow many of the NWO type conspiracies here. In fact I rarely read any of them, preferring more the political discussions, Iraq discussions, Social Issues, etc. That being said, I noted something on my tour of The White House that didn't really register until we were done and out on the street.

You don't get to see much of The White House in this day and age of tight security. I guess I'm not sure how much more you could ever see. The tour consists of lining up outside, then a large group is led through security. You are then allowed to walk yourself through a rather short tour where you see an entrance hall, a dining room, and a ball room.

Part of the tour includes a walk through what they call a cross hall. From the cross hall you can look into the Red, Green, and Blue rooms, two of which were closed for renovation. All in all not the most exciting tour we took, but somewhat interesting. I asked to see the kitchen because I like to cook, but was politely told that wouldn't be possible.

In this cross hall which is quite wide, there are a number of portraits of various Presidents covering a fair portion of the history of the country. Though I'm sure they were done by talented artists, most were forgettable, but after finishing the tour I realized one had caught my eye and stuck in my memory.

In this hall of President portraits was a portrait of Hillary Clinton. When I think back, I cannot for the life of me remember another portrait of a first lady or any other non-president in this hallway, but it's possible other paintings did not register in my mind. If anyone else has taken this tour and noted other non-president paintings in this wide hallway please chime in. I wish I would have thought to look more closely when I was inside, but once you're out, you're out. It's not like they stamp your hand so you can come back later in the day.

It seems weird to me that a portrait of Hilary Clinton would be hanging alongside the portraits of all these other presidents, especially with Bush living there. I don't recall a painting of Bill Clinton in this hall.

Maybe this means she was really in charge? Maybe they're getting ahead of themselves with their decorating and hung her portrait knowing she will definitely be the next President?

In the past this wouldn't have registered in my mind for one second. Maybe I have been hanging around here too much. Anyone have any thoughts about Hillary's portrait and the company it's keeping in The White House? I think it's kind of interesting.


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