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Failed my fudging Driving Test

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posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 04:03 PM
i failed my driving test and now i feel like fudgesicals
its sucks and i really want to break something
got a freaking headache aswell

[edit on 25-6-2007 by bodrul]

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 04:21 PM
Sighes- Bodrul get your act together take you something for your headache and study the drivers book. Or practice your driving in a vacant parking lot.

You sound just like my younger brother LOL.

Be glad you don't live in Eygpt hehe. The driving there wow. Horns blasting every two seconds. Its crazy. :shk:

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posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 05:54 PM
Bodrul, don't feel too bad. I saw how hard that test in England was when I lived there. You have your work cut out for you. It's not like here, where it's relatively easy to pass.

Good luck for next time, you'll get it eventually.

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 06:17 PM
go drive some go-karts or something to practice mayne

ohhh yeah england...

you guys drive on the wrong side of the road anyways :p

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 06:28 PM
Bah dude. I failed my first time too. Did you get a copy of what you have to work on?

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 07:44 PM

Originally posted by intrepid
Bah dude. I failed my first time too. Did you get a copy of what you have to work on?

my istructers listed them aswell so i can practice on them

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 08:21 PM

Originally posted by bodrul
my istructers listed them aswell so i can practice on them

Well, there you go!

practice practice practice....

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 08:39 PM
this thread got me thinking of an email video a friend sent me.

Google Video Link

if you do it again the thing you have to remeber most is relax. appear to be in control and dont act excited about getting it.

a freind of mine was so excited to get his liscence that he failed it 4 times. i didnt care i got it or not and passed it first time.

[edit on 25-6-2007 by tom goose]

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 08:44 PM
hey did you offer the instructor a little something to pass you? haha just kidding, i didnt do that. i passed my first try actually but it took me THREE times just to get my damn permit. funny how that works out huh? i fail the written part of getting my lisense 3 times and the actual driving part was a breeze

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 09:57 PM
Just goes to show you, that girls really are better drivers!

Okay...I'm sorry you didn't make it. Do you have to wait a certain amount of time before you get to try again? Relax, and try not to be probably just had a jerk of an instructor. Better luck next time

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 10:39 PM
Yeah I failed first time too, nearly hit a bus, did hit the kerb and tried to kill a cyclist.

But passed second time! Anyway most people I know who passed first time drive like tossers. (Passed in the UK before written tests)

LYS - We drive on the left because it's the correct and proper side to get on to your horse from apparently!

One girl I know passed first time and then her first time on the motorway put the car from 4th into reverse. The engine really didn't like it!

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 03:43 AM
Hey Bodrul chill and start again.

My first test I nearly rear ended someone. Pooh Bah. So I failed.... So what ?

I have now been driving since 1976 and loving it. One bad start doesn't mean a thing.

Plenty of drivers out there with licenses can't drive either. Longer you drive the more you realise that.

It's just about self confidence... Aye Jen ?

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 04:57 AM
No worries Bodrul, I'm sure you'll do it right next time!

Seems like your tests are a lot harder than what goes on here in the States!

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 05:18 AM
Don't worry too much ..... passing secnd time WILL make you a better driver.

Nothing worse than being cocky from "sailing" through. Many of us don't pass first time.

Find yourself some "dodgems" or something to take it out on.

Good luck next time, you can do it!

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 05:44 AM
it took me three attempts to pass my test. I totally messed up my reverse parking the first time, the second time I tried several times to do my hill start in 3rd gear and couldn't figure out why the car just wouldn't move and smelled really badly of burning. By the time I passed on my third attempt, I was a much better more confident driver, and realised that had I actually managed to pass first time, I would probably have been a danger to myself and others.
Don't worry , get back in that driving seat , and your time will come.

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 11:53 AM

Originally posted by pantha
it took me three attempts to pass my test.

Now this is the second or third time I recall hearing this. Has anyone ever needed a fourth try?? or even more???

Since this is a conspiracy related board, it got me thinking....

What if the ones that took up to three tries, were automatically passed by default??

Makes one wonder...

I got mine on my first try, but here in Chicago, it was ridiculously easy. But then again, the Illinos Secretary of States dep't. that handles drivers licenses has been corrupt for a very long time...

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 01:29 PM
Bods how come you failed, the DT is much easier today than years ago, is this your first failure?

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 05:54 PM
What parts did you fail?I have been driving for years and I seriously doubt that I could parallel park, even now!!

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 09:23 PM
Ah Bodrul I'm sorry. Just practice what you need to and when you retake it relax. It's disappointing but not the end of the world I promise. I bet you pass with flying colors the next time.

posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 05:43 AM
Don't be to hard on yourself I failed my restricted license test first time round but I came back the second time and passed. I was helped the second time around by the fact that I wasn't tested on the likes of three point turns .

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