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Bush gives himself dictactorial powers

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posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 02:52 PM

This is insane, and how is the world allowing this to happen?

we just sit idly by???????????

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 03:12 PM
Well, to be honest, with all of the things that have happened during his presidency, it is really no surprise.

!. 9/11
2. Katrina and other natural disasters
3. The fact that Bush is already, at least to an extent, a dictator. He has a very "It's my way or no way at all" mentality.

If you look at the way Bush is trying to push such issues as the Amnesty bill down American's throat, it's quite apparent that he is either going to get his way, or nothing at all is going to be done.

The video talks about how there is an attempt to merge the U.S with the EU. Think about it. It's all about globalism!! This is exactly why I am so against the globalist ideology; it leaves the door wide open for such people as Bush to become world dictator.

It will happen because people are naive and they have bought into the globalist ideology hook, line and sinker. The liberals here in this country want a no border policy and basically cause a conglomeration of United Nations instead of remaining the United States. It stinks, but it's going to happen because of ignorance.

America is the only nation that can stop it, and I'll kiss your ass if we're not going right along with it. Shame on the U.S government, and shame on the U.S citizens for going along with it.

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