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How Much Control Does The Media Have In The UK?

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posted on Jun, 24 2007 @ 05:30 AM
Just how controlled are we by the media (UK)

For those of you fortunate enough to live outside of this land called blighty where it always rains and we pay to much tax on everything, we have a national game that we take very seriously. Football Soccer whatever you want to call it, we call it FOOTBALL.
Now we generally when the world cup or euro cup comes around we generally always get to the quarter/semi finals before getting knocked out and sent home.
Now were bad losers in the UK ad every time the national squad loses we feel the need to replace the manger.

Or rather the national press makes such an issue out the fact we lost that they begin a mass media campaign to discredit the manger, humiliate him across the entire media ,
Seriously ask any English football fan about the amount of managers that the england squad has had in the past 15 years, have any of them just retired, no they have all been outed by mass media campaigns to stir up the nation and to convince them it is the mangers fault.
This is how it happens. And if thats not a great example of a media controlled nation then I don't know what is.

So why in a country that has spent the past 5/6 years begging to see the back of Mr Blair (Soon) have we not seen a mass media campaign to discredit him and have him thrown out of office??????
Surly if we can get a nation of chip loving slobs to all sit up and to shout sack the Footie Manger (even the folk who hate football have 2P to say about it) can we not get a mass media campaign going to stop the war in Iraq, cut income tax, or call for a general election.

Currently the UK is in the middle of a very pro Camila Parker Bowles campaign, even though 10 years ago we were told as a nation that we would never let her marry Charles or have any claim to the throne.
Now we are being told to embrace her, that she and Charles were meant to be as theirs is true childhood love. She is even been heralded as the person who could save the monarchy. And in a nutshell she probably will be queen. and were all going to like it. This is quite a change from 10 years ago when she was the dragon misstress who could destroy it.
Again Media control

Who in the press decides on there next target?
And wehter as a nation we should be pro/anti

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 03:29 PM
The media get their scoops from the the goverment and you dont bite the hand that feeds you!
The amount of dodgy doings this labour goverment has done and got away with is amazing.Conservatives have been smeared as nasty racists by Cambell for a long time and as the sayng goes mud sticks

Liberal party members are belittled,discussions are squashed and us the people are lied too daily.Spinning is the new lie

Now every morning on the today show on radio 4 a presenter will say what the goverment will say later in the day!So before they brief parliment they brief the media to see what reaction they get from the focus groups, pen in hands awating with bated breath the publics reactions to whatever they want to run buy us before they oficialy say it

The media and power are now entwined and i dont think we can seperate them.

Blair should be hounded out of office on war charges,cambell should also be charged with his dispicable WMD lies he fed us.Gordon brown went along with it too.
Blair is on record saying that Saddam could stay in power if he handed in his WMD.Now that liar says that we went in to remove Saddam!

History is being rewritten,illegal wars are swept under the carpet and our media who should hold these people to acount are in their pockets.

What can we do?Not a lot to be honest i think a majority of the public dont know or care about the world and as long as thats the way the media and their masters will screw us down.

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