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Chinise Markets Air For Proffit

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posted on Jun, 22 2007 @ 07:01 PM
What do you think you could get away with marketing? A group of enterprising Chinese have come up with the idea of marketing air.

A Chinese company that once tried to sell land on the Moon has lost an appeal against a court ruling that stopped it from selling bags of "World Cup air," state media reported Wednesday.

Xinhua News Agency said that Beijing Lunar Village Aeronautics Science and Technology Co. lost a suit against the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce, which refused its application to sell "special air from a special place."

Last December, the Chaoyang District People's Court ruled against the company's proposal to sell green plastic bags full of air from stadiums that hosted matches in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the AP reports.

I have heard many strange things to sell before, but this one is a first. So do you know any one who would want to buy air from a special place?


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