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Technology creating more UFO enthusiasts?

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posted on Jun, 21 2007 @ 01:48 AM
I was reading a story at about the decline of Bigfoot sightings reported in the last few years and I started to wonder what could be the cause of this. Of all things paranormal in nature, the biggest thing these days is almost certainly UFO sightings. It seems to me that there have been even more reports of Chupacabre sightings than Bigfoot sightings. anyone have any theories or opinions on this?
Here is the article that I'm referring to
I have an opinion on why there is such a massive amount of UFO videos, which I believe could be the cause for public interest being focused on the UFO phenomena. I think that due to the ease of faking a UFO video, using either simple video editing to create the illusion of a UFO or using CGI to actually create a UFO has created a boon in the UFO culture. Im not saying that all vidoes and images of UFO's are fakes or hoaxes because I personally believe that alien craft have been and still are flying around inside and outside of Earths atmosphere.
One thing that I've learned about people is that they follow trends and trends can turn something as taboo as UFO sightings into something thats discussed at the water cooler in the office on Monday mornings, well maybe not yet but it could be pretty soon.
Thanks to fool-proof video editing software and the all to popular video hosting sights, like Youtube, people are creating and uploading very realistic but fake UFO videos. This is, in my opinion, a double edged sword because on the one hand these videos are creating more enthusiasts and believers but at the same time it is hurting the cause. When people discover that the UFO video that was responsible for turning them into a believer was a hoax, the possible disappointment they face could dissuade them from ever believing in anything like that again.
As a believer myself, this is very frustrating for me because we already face an uphill battle of trying to convince others that, in my opinion, UFO's are real and that some of them could be Black projects that we arent supposed to know about and some of them are actually alien in origin.
I dont mean to imply that I attempt to force my beliefs or opinions on anybody. I simply tell them of my personal experiences (two sightings and one picture ) and also show them things, videos and images, that they may have never seen before and then allow them to decide for themselves.
Most of the time people react with excitement and want to know more and sometimes I may be ridiculed (which is ok, im used to it
Anyway, what do you guys think about my opinion? Is technology creating more believers or is it creating more skeptics or does it really even matter.
For the record this isnt something that keeps me up at night wondering, its just something that Ive thought about occasionally and figured I would get some input from the ATS crowd.
By the way, the comparisons I was trying to make about Bigfoot Vs UFO evidence is because a UFO image/video is much prevalent on the web than a Bigfoot video is. One reason for this could be because the place where UFO's are discovered (the sky) is so much more open than the place where one might find a Bigfoot (the forest.)
The other reason could be that it is much easier to fake a UFO with a few lights and a shaky camera than it is to create a fake 10 foot hairy monster that walks on two legs

posted on Jun, 21 2007 @ 06:08 PM
Well, i thought there would be at least a few opinions on this subject. One thing that caused me to think that interest in UFO's was rising was a poll that i seen just a couple of months ago that cited an increase. So it made me think why this was the case and the best i could come up with was the placement of videos on youtube and google. prior to that, the only places you would see these vids was on some of the numerous UFO sites on the web, which most people would not go out of their way to visit..

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