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Provoking Civil War in Iraq

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posted on Jun, 20 2007 @ 05:43 AM
For anyone who believes that the US is in the middle of a civil war they had no involvement in creating, and the Sunni and Shiites are bombing each others mosques and killing each other because they are crazy lunatics, I got some news for you.

The plan was to go in there, divide the country into 3 or 4 sectors, and foment endless sectarian violence. The pentagons own documents show this, people from high up in government, in journalism, in military, both American and British, are coming out now saying this.

People will dismiss this, saying that the two groups have been fighting for ages.

The fact is, before this war started, the divide between the Shiites and the Sunnis was no more stronger that of the catholics and protestants in our christian society. They intermarried, interbred, they generally lived in peace with each other, albeit they all lived in fear of Saddam, and his biological weapons which Donald Rumsfeld and the Bush-Reagan administration sold to him.

And with the new bombings of Sunni and Shiite mosques in the past weeks, it seems like the plan is up and running strong. The people in Iraq say that the US (specifically black ops squads) are responsible for the bombings. However, the puppet president of Iraq, as well as puppet president Bush, are both saying in unison "no, its Al-Queda who done it." What liars.

This falls right in line with the agenda, one of the Illuminatis main mottos is Divide and Conquer, its classic, they do it all the time everywhere, even in America with the chicken plucking political arena, and they are doing it in Iraq.

Why would muslims bomb their own mosques?? So they have an excuse to fight each other? That makes no sense at all.

What makes more sense, and word on the street as well as fact seem to prove it, that these attacks are carried out by dark black operations carried about by military special forces.

Most of these IEDs and other bombs used to destroy vehicles and buildings, are high grade military explosives. The media will tell you they are improvised devices, made in basements or whatever. No, look at some of the footage, these bombs made by amateurs in basements could rip apart a armoured humvee, designed to withstand a blast like that, it is crystal clear high grade military explosives are being used in all these attacks, explosives only possessed by our military.

Its hard to accept I know, the military-industrial-political complex is lying to you with its propaganda news networks, they are killing innocent Iraqi people by the thousands, they are creating conflict in the region in any way they can, by bombing Shiite and Sunni mosques and blaming it on each other, causing secterian violence via deathsquads controlled by the Iraqi police, that the US military controls.

Could it be? That they are lying to you? I will tell you right now, yes they are, constantly, and they do it because you believe it.

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