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China trying to kill us through consumer products!

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posted on Jun, 14 2007 @ 08:05 PM
Is it just me or has the inferiority of chinese made products become increasingly clear. They do not have the environmental and public health inspection infrastructure that is needed to adequately police their industrial sector. Or perhaps they don't care and are simply trying to kill us.

posted on Jun, 14 2007 @ 10:14 PM
Hmmm. There are plenty of non Chinese companies that have been less than conscientious when it comes to worker conditions (Nike), public health (Nestlé) and environmental crimes (Monsanto), so I wouldn’t go singling out the Chinese. After all, here is a country that is just getting into the corporate greed game – and who are their role models?

posted on Jun, 14 2007 @ 10:46 PM
maybe thats just it, they planted the seed to their evil scheme after the previous wars which they felt very unpleased about so although they forgave they just wanted to get into our pants so to speak. By that I mean they wanted us to trust them with our everyday needs when the real intent was to catch us with and pants around our ankles.

posted on Jun, 14 2007 @ 10:54 PM
As well, you get what you pay for, in many instances.

Chinese goods, currently, are less expensive, most often. Most people like to save money. Maybe we've been overlooking the obvious, such as: Maybe if they cost less, they're not as good ? '

Or maybe we've believed that the products themselves are up to par, but are less expensive because of cheaper labour costs in China?

Whatever the case, we're learning that not all that glitters is necessarily real gold.

I've read on forums that Chinese produced toothpaste, for example, costs mere pennies in the US. More recently, it's been claimed that Chinese toothpaste contains hazardous ingredients: in one thread I read that Chinese toothpaste causes cysts in the brain. If true, it's a perfect example of false economy, isn't it?

We buy a New Zealand produced toothpaste. The company in question produces several variations, none of which contain flouride or other toxins. Currently, we're trying their Propolis toothpaste: highly recommended ! The New Zealand toothpaste, brand-name 'Natural', costs over six dollars in US currency. With a family of four adults, all of whom brush several times daily, it's not a cheap proposition. Colgate, for example, made in Australia, is less than half the price of the New Zealand brand. But we're happily sticking to the NZ product, because it's superior, can be trusted and as such, is value for money, regardless of cost.

Similarly with other consumables. Australian and New Zealand produced items are much more expensive, no doubt about it. Seafood for example. In contrast, Asian produced seafood is a fraction of the price. But we choose not to consume seafood extracted from foul waters, drains, etc. in Asia and processed in a way, quite possibly, that would not meet first-world regulations and standards.

Living as we do in a first-world nation, we have no immunity to parasites etc. that may be contained within inexpensive Asian foods -- unlike (possibly) the natives of those nations. If we're not able or prepared to pay the much higher prices for Australian and New Zealand foodstuffs, then we do without, rather than compromise and eat the cheap, imported products. Our choice of course and we're not complaining.

Other items we have purchased that were produced in Asia (such as two toasters bought on the run) and other inexpensive electrical items, have failed to operate properly or have fallen to bits within very short time. Often, we discovered they were dangerous. Recently I puchased some small washing-bags, made in China. Looked great and very cheap. Again, fell to bits after two uses. So, false economy: waste of money; money down the drain.

Unfortunately, thanks to the proliferation of cheap, Asian made products, many of our own manufacturers have been forced out of business. It's virtually impossible these days to find locally made products and consumers are reluctantly forced to buy Asian-made in many instances..

We hear so much about out-sourcing, that I was under the impression (until the recent revelations of poisonous Chinese-produced pet food, for example) that manufacturers from the West had merely moved their factories to China in order to capitalise on the cheaper labour costs. I was under the impression that apart from that, everything else (ingredients, health and safefy issues, etc.) remained exactly the same.

Now, in light of information revealed by the Western media, it appears this is not the case at all. I still don't understand what is going on, but it appears that Chinese manufacturers are producing the product which is then sold-on to Westerners -- with no-one taking responsibility for what may or may not be contained in those products.

Most of us are accustomed to accountability re: the products we buy. We're accustomed to our Western authorities' ensuring for the most part that goods are safe and contain only the ingredients displayed on the pack.

So it's a steep learning curve for many of us and seems as if it will get even steeper, with the only guideline being 'Buyer beware'.

posted on Jul, 7 2007 @ 12:14 PM
Made in China: tainted food, fake drugs and dodgy paint

"These are not isolated cases," Han Yi, director of the administration's quality control and inspection department, told the state media. Underlining his concerns, officials said hundreds of bottles of fake human blood protein were found in hospitals and excessive amounts of additives and preservatives were detected in children's snacks.

Worrying, a lot of products don't tell you where they are made, and any way do you really look at everything you buy?

posted on Jul, 7 2007 @ 01:05 PM
I was thinking along the same lines. I even thought of starting a thread like this one. I come to two conclusions. One is probably the truth...

Either there is a concerted effort by Chinese Industrialists working on behalf of the Chinese Government to send products tainted with various small biological weapons to the US, or the demand for Profit Margin has become so insatiable for Retailers here in the US that they don't care what is in the products they sell as long as they are selling more than anymone else....

I guess all the cases just could be accidents, but if thats the case, Chinese industry must be very Clumsy.


posted on Jul, 7 2007 @ 02:32 PM
In all reality, if the product and food inspections were more strict in the US, then we wouldn't be having these problems in the first place. Instead, they let mistakes that could be harmful to our health slip on by and don't bother doing a thorough check of all of the consumer goods, as they should. Its more cost effective to just ignore the mistakes and allow the public to suffer the consequences.

posted on Jul, 7 2007 @ 02:43 PM
the whole world is guilty of evil and greed, governments and consumers alike. YOur misguided identities are killing each other. I.E i think your all dumb and theres a better way of living, but your all too afraid or doubtful of it, so you continue in your suicidal mocking ways.. No keep watching footbal and getting drunk.. nothing to see here.

posted on Jul, 7 2007 @ 05:24 PM

Originally posted by mastermind77
the whole world is guilty of evil and greed, governments and consumers alike. YOur misguided identities are killing each other. I.E i think your all dumb and theres a better way of living, but your all too afraid or doubtful of it, so you continue in your suicidal mocking ways.. No keep watching footbal and getting drunk.. nothing to see here.

Have you been drinking?... I know I have.

I agree with your sentiment but I think your comments are a bit too sweeping. I'm not all that dumb, well I can switch on a computer for whats thats worth.

posted on Jul, 7 2007 @ 05:26 PM
Well, there is an arsenal of asian assassins in preparation to destroy the New World Order. This could be a kick off for them. Besides, the U.S is the heart of evil, and the great eagle is falling. No more laughs for them.


posted on Jul, 7 2007 @ 05:46 PM
Make no doubt about it WE ARE AT WAR WITH THE CHINESE. It is not a shooting war but it is war all the same. They have purchased billions of dollars in US treasury bonds and are busy buying up the world's gold. Their agents are all over the US and many more slip in quietly from Mexico daily. China pays no royalties and copies books, cd's, and movies by the millions and sells the cheap copies to people in their sphere of influence. It would be in Americas best interest to stop importing goods from China and expel all the Chinese agents here. All Chinese goods are shoddy. I can look at tools and tell you exactly which ones have been made in China.

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posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 01:58 AM
I had a thread about Chinese weapons ending up in the hands of insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it didn't seem to draw any interest. This seems to have caught some eyes. Very interesting indeed. I don't doubt that China is laughing in stitches over the fact that we have handed them our economy on a silver platter. Here's a link to the thread previously mentioned, if anyone feels they are related.

Chinese weapons ending up in insurgent hands

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 05:31 AM
if china is trying to kill us with their shoddy products, I think they are working twice as hard to kill off their own people. most of the chinese...if they can afford it, will only buy produce that have been labeled with the farm that it is grown on, and then only if they recognize the farmer as someone who can be trusted. they know their food is not safe...

I kind of think that our government has known this one all along also. It didn't bother them...(business and profits always trump such things as health concerns)...until such discoveries as the chinese arming the terrorists, or threatening to dump the dollar. then all of a sudden, the animal deaths were linked to the pet food. the animals were probably dying all along, but now that they wanted to give china a clear and concise warning. so, ya, it's the chinese imports that were doing it!! then the toothpaste, then the fish....ect. ect....

if they're gonna dump our dollar and make it worthless, then well, we're gonna trash their shoddy products and kill their import industry.

but the products were shoddy all along, grown in an environment that is polluted beyond belief, with very little regulations from the chinese government. and our grovernment, and the businesses here knew this. the lack of regulations is one of the things that keep the costs of these products down, and their profits up!!

posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 09:34 AM
Hi folks!

Ok, this thread is so typical of consumers blaming producers and governments for something they control directly! Sometimes one has to take responsiblity for their own actions and not blame everyone else! It's the blame/claim culture of today that makes me sick!

Here in the UK people are complaining that local butchers, grocers, pharmacies, hardware stores and local shops in general are disappearing and that customer care standards are dropping but that doesn't stop them shopping in sainsburys or tescos or one of the new monstrous Asda/Wal Mart hypermarkets! They are looking for convenience and low prices and seem oblivious to the implications of their lazyness!
This whole Chinese situation is the same, the outcome is in your hands, not your government's or the producers. Without a market of lazy people willing to pay the lowest price there would not be a problem!

Now I'm sure people are going to suggest that it is the producers fault and that they should ensure quality standards, well if you buy your car from Audi, your peanut butter from Fortnum and Mason, and your vegetables from your local organic farm you'll have nothing to worry about! As one poster correctly pointed out, you get what you pay for, if you can't afford it don't compromise!

Also...there is an element of Karma here! If you choose to buy something that you know has been manufactured in aweful conditions, those which you would not want to work in yourself, where the worker is paid less per month that you earn in a day, but shut your eyes to the ethics of that situation and then you get sick.... well that serves you right! I only buy local, I only buy ethically, and I only buy food products which led a happy healthy just tastes better! I would never feed my children processed food of any type even if it were manufactured in the UK, nevermind the other side of the world!

Vote with your wallet, standards and ethics will improve! If you aren't bothered about the ethics then good luck!

As for the state funded poisoning theory, well that's kinda laughable, where is the strategic advantage of that? Despite what some paranoid delusional posters might think the US is not at war with China by any stretch of the imagination, no more than the UK is at War with the US because we have agents spying on you guys and BAE systems are bidding for the same contracts as Lockheed!

Well...thats my two penneth worth



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posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 03:18 PM

ummm....some of these aren't cheap pet foods...

and, well, as far as the pork goes, I have never seen a list of farms that had the contaminated pork, and well, don't think the pork in the store is labeled as to what farm it comes from...same with the catfish...
before you can blame the consumer, you need to make sure that they have the information to make a decision well...there's not much that they can do....proper labeling would help.

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