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My "Paranormal" Experiences

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posted on Jun, 11 2007 @ 07:48 PM
Hello everyone. I am new here and have come to share my "paranormal" experiences.
Take a seat and read because this will probably be one of the longer posts you've ever read (I type fast).
The reason I write "paranormal" in quotations is because I'm pretty skeptical nowadays and don't believe in too many things.

To start off, I am 24 years old and male. I was born into a family that had a good number of 'strange' things I suppose. Nothing too out of the ordinary I would think, meaning I think most families have a few ghost sightings here or there but I could be wrong.
I was born into an artistic family I should say, that is a piece of info I enter here because perhaps it can explain some of these things in the sense that maybe a strong imagination runs in the family and thus all of these things are imagined.
To start off, as a kid my mother claimed to have not only seen a "poltergeist" (call it what you want, ghost, entity etc) but had a relationship of sorts with it. She claims that every night at exactly the same time (I forget now but somewhere around midnight or 2 AM) when she would knit every night, she would hear his footsteps start walking around which she took as a sign for her to go to sleep.
She claims she talked to it on several occasions and felt close to it.
This was in our native country, once we moved to the united states, she told us that she said goodbye to "it" and a few nights before we were scheduled to leave, she claims that "it" came to say goodbye to hear. How it did that was by coming to her bedside and waking her up with a lound breathing sound and then for the first time showing itself to her and leaning in towards the bed. I could be wrong in remembering this, but I always remembered her describing him as being sort of covered in hair or something i.e. looking like a Bigfoot which would seem strange I suppose.
Anyhow, my own experience in that house was my sister and I saw the same ghost on two consecutive nights. We always called her the "orange lady" because one night as I slept, I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and saw a lady shaded in orange standing at my doorway peering in at me. I was scared crapless and was gasping for air trying to call my parents but no sound came from my throat.
The very next night my sister says she woke up because her window was strangely open in the middle of the night when she remembered closing it. She saw the exact same orange lady. (keep in mind the night prior to that she laughed at me and mocked me for thinking I saw that - she didn't believe in ghosts etc).
With that out of the way, we moved to the u.s. and I had a pretty normal though abusive childhood. During my teenage years I began to get obsessed with the topic of UFO's/Aliens and became for various reasons convinced that I was either an alien or a hybrid or part of some program etc. I was always super sensitive and at times psychic and I simply felt I could "hear" or "feel" "them" at night when I tune my mind into the universe. I never felt alone and I always sort of thought of them as god and felt they were watching over me in some way.
A few strange experiences occurred during my teenage years.
For example, one night I remember waking up to a vortex of rainbow colored lights swirling right in front of me at the foot of my bed. The very distant memory I have of it now makes me think it never happened and is just a childish imagination. However, I recall not being afraid of it in the least when I did see this alleged swirling light.
Furthermore, I started to get nightmares during my teen years that were the most terrifying things you could imagine. They always began with a deep throbbing in my inner ear that felt like a pulse wave that began to descend lower and lower like some sort of ultrasonic frequence resonating in my mind and descending me into some unknown depths. (continued in next post - running out of characters to type)

posted on Jun, 11 2007 @ 07:59 PM
My heart would beat rapidly to the point that I was in a state of shock when I awoke from these night terrors. They felt like my mind was just going into some sort of warp hole into another dimension and the more I "challenged" this "descent" (hard to explain) the lower it would go and I was convinced at the bottom was death from shock and each time I would get these night terrors I would try to take it further "down" but would give up and wake up in the most terrified states of shock. One time they called the hospital because when I woke up my aunt took my pules and it was at dangerous levels.
Furthermore, throughout my teenage years I would often have dreams of night skies filled with darting lights i.e. UFO's. I didn't want to use the term UFO because I never exactly saw a giant metallic ship but rather recurring dreams of night skies and lights moving around in the sky and always a feeling of either dread or the feeling that "something big is coming" to this world, some kind of big change etc, these sort of hard to explain feelings always pervaded those types of dreams.
I also began to dabble in psychic studies and was convinced I had at least some psychic powers. I spoke to psychics and one in particular I spoke to on the internet claimed that she could tell I was "one of them" and that "they" know that I could "hear" them and that's why they are tuning into me and sending me messages. She claimed that they could not figure out why some of us could "hear them" and not the rest of the world and that is why they were interested in me. To this day that conversation sort of haunts me but I don't buy into it much anymore, it's just something I sort of keep on the back burner I suppose.
I spent my teenage years sleeping through every single night in terror and dread, often feeling presences in the night/dark and having lurid dreams.
The most disturbing experience of my lifetime, that actually happened in my home country occurred when I was small before we left, I saved it til now to tell this story because it fits better with the talk of et's than it does of ghosts I think.
Anyway, the story goes (and this has been a great mystery to me since my childhood), I was one day (around age 4-6) in a department store near our house with my mother (or so I recall). I was separated from her briefly and was walking towards the employer's only section that I recall having a distinct sign that says do not enter. I remember it being a dark hallway and I remember being curious and entering it.
Upon entering it, the very next thing I recall is standing next to an old couple (man and woman) in the middle of what seemed like the sky. The couple each grabbed me by opposing hands and suddenly we were flying through the sky and the clouds. I recall that they for some reason repeatedly tickled me as we flew through the clouds and possibly giggled or laughed and I remember the tickling to be somewhat uncomfortable or painful.
The VERY next thing I remember is standing in a different far away aisle on the opposite end of that department store as if I just appeared there. I found my mom and we left.
To this day that experience has haunted me and the greatest question I have always wanted the answer to now that memory is disappearing into the depths of time is, did that really happen or is it some sort of distant memory of a dream or fantasy that I had like many children have who claim they levitated and flew around as kids.
Now to get back to the future.
Like I said throughout my teens I was convinced I was something "special" and different from everyone else. A few other interesting experiences occurred. For example in my mid teens before I got braces I had to get about 4 teeth pulled simultaneously.
After getting them pulled I returned home and was home alone for the rest of the afternoon as I took the day off from school. My mouth was bleeding profusely and I remember the pain being pretty excruciating. (continued in next post)

posted on Jun, 11 2007 @ 08:12 PM
I ended up dozing off, and remember having a "strange dream" which consisted of me being encased in some sort of blue/greenish fluid like in a Vat. Think of Luke Skywalker in one of the star wars movies where he is in a vat of fluid receiving some sort of repairs. It was something like this but probably long before I first saw any star wars. I remember possibly having some tubes connected into me. The next thing I recall was waking up and feeling absolutely zero pain, all the pain was gone and I remember attributing it to my "friends" healing me and thanked them accordingly in my mind.
Over the years, this has become a somewhat recurring (albeit more rare) dream and in fact one of the final catalysts for me signing onto this site and posting this was a similar one I once again had a few days ago.
It consisted of me sitting in a sort of chair and being connected through my back and or neck/head (think the matrix "plugs" into the head).
About a year ago I had another one like that where I felt I was laying down and a few "people/beings" were watching over me standing over me and they plugged something into me and I was transported into a dream world.
And in fact the recent one that aws a few days ago as I said, was a terrifying nightmare where I recall during a long course of the experience a very bright red light flashing in my eyes perpetually during the course of the whole "dream" then afterwards the plugging incident occurred. Also during this time I had the intense sensation that something was groping my sides and my body like touching me. I woke up with a strange cut above my upper lip but I attribute it to probably violently tossing during the night because of the nightmare and scraping it on something.
In fact I don't really believe in the traditional "ufo abduction" anal probe type scenario it just seems all ridiculous to me and my beings the ones I felt I was connected with all my life have always been more of a spiritual "ultraterrestrial" type rather than your typical little "gray" in a flying saucer that abducts you and probes you. If I ever truly was in contact with anything to me I will always believe it to be of a more extra-dimensional origin rather than from a physical flying ship from another planet.
I have seen a few possible UFO's in my life but I attribute them most likely to being meteorites because that's what they resembled to me so I mostly dismiss that.
Lastly I want to mention that I very often have a similar recurring dream of either a cataclysmic world ending event, or giant frightening futuristic city scapes with hundred mile tall crystal skyscrapers and things of that nature. But over the past 5 years or so I've had more and more cataclysmic event type dreams where I see the world burning or entire cities being destroyed. On several occasions I've seen a nuclear type blast going off in a giant metropolis and everything being incinerated and my dream "blacking out" as the shockwave from the blast reaches and hits me.
Other times I have dreams where I am flying through the universe and and have the intense desire to fly to the very end of it and see what lies beyond all human grasp and understanding. The one time I seemed to have finally taken conscious control of the dream and flew to what I believed to be the very end, I ended up seeing a giant black hole and flying into it thinking that I will finally reach the greatest truths/secrets of the universe. As I flew into it I realized in front of me was a giant face, MY face and I was flying into its gaping black mouth as the dream ended.
Like I said, I mostly don't buy into anything anymore and am now skeptical, however deep down inside a part of me to this day feels that one day either I will unmask some great truth, or that "they" will return for me after a sort of long radio silence where I have been left to become a non believer. Wondering what anyone here thinks and whether it resonates with any of your experiences. Questions/comments?

posted on Jun, 12 2007 @ 03:23 AM
Quite interesting. What is your original country of origin? These dreams are fascinating, some people believe dreams to be great portents of things to come, to bad I don't dream much anymore...

posted on Jun, 12 2007 @ 07:34 PM
Original country of origin is Moscow, Russia.

posted on Jun, 12 2007 @ 08:13 PM
hello fulcrum

i have read your story. a few of your descriptions sounded a little movie-like, but i believe your stories. because i have had similar experiences. i dont have such horrfying dreams like you, maybe. but i dreamed of the a "apocalypse" often, too. i saw ufos, too. beginning at the age of 12 / 13 or so. i had a dream of a beach and a black sea and dark purple clouds and there were ruins of a city. i knew it was the apocalypse. i had the same dream again later and it was the same scenery like before, but there was an airliner and it would fly so strange, like loopings or so, i can remember, but i knew it would be the end of the world, actually and "this is the reason" - inside the dream - why it would be the end of the world: because of the way it flies / laws of physics or so.


so, i saw some ufos.
as a child my mother told me and today i still ask myself why, that i should always behave like someone is "watching". as a child i nearly drowned, too. i moved into that city now, where it happend and i live here.

all over my bedroom wall were highlighted symbols and i was awake and could not move. but then i wondered so much that i forced my hand onto the wall and i touched them, then i panicked, because i feeled that "something is reaching out for me" - then you awake. before that one time i tried to do meditation, i was in the same condition as mentioned before and i heard a little girl talking to me out of the dark room. she said two sentences, the first i cant remember, but the second was: they are all here. i knew that i would have been able to talk to that voice, but i got so #ing scared, that i panicked, again.

about the hairy creature you mentioned.
i still ask myself if i havent had heard footsteps too in my old house on the attic, but im very sure they were there. i also heard that breathing on two occasions. its a strang story. i was at a friends house, fixed his computer. for no reason it would start to beep and stop after 20 seconds. later the fuse box in the house would switch on switch off. later i sat in the kitchen. i feeled very warm inside, like glowing and it nearly brings me down to collapse, it was so hard to stand. after that i heard deep breathing out of the kitchen corner. later in another room right beneath my ears, too - "when i asked to hear it". when i recently visited my parents house i slept in a guest room. then i would see the room from the perspective i was lying in, like if my eyes would be open, but i was actually sleeping, dreaming, and the room was either in a blue light or it was dark, i cant tell. then a hairy creature raised up in front of me. it either looked like a raven-man / or an ape-bird-man creature, i dont know. and it stood there and then it jumped up so smoothly and fast like matrix-style without sound and anything and i woke up immediately because i was so scared. i used to talk a lot to people who appear to know something about my "experiences", they told me the same about me, what you were told.

as a child i had a precognition, too. im pretty sure, its long ago.
i also see orange, white and black dots of light and sometimes its like orbs or floating in the air like fire.

when i close my eyes, i can actually see something.
there´s a light, it looks like flashlight in the dark.
sometimes i also see white spots moving.
when i look somewhere, i can recall it in my mind, but its so hard to concentrate on it with seeing. today i saw the color of light in my inner vision, was red, later white, then blue. its like seeing with your eyes and not at the same time, you cant move them, or you will lose the picture. and you have to focus on the picture only by mind, but see with your eyes. this is the same with the dots, i see them pretty obviously, but when i look there they´re gone. they´re so fast!
sometimes i closed my eyes i saw "blue sky and clouds" but its more like if you put a dark glas on the lens of a cam and in the middle you can see better.

when i stare in a dark room, i can see lots of stuff and on white walls, too.

there´s some stuff going on, i tell you. if your story is true, im glad you came forward with it.

best regards

you can read about a lot of my experiences in the thread
"people, listen to me"

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posted on Jun, 13 2007 @ 07:34 AM
Thanks for the post Cometa, some of it sounds very similar to mine yet I wonder if it's just people like you and me are perhaps similar in disposition or similar in other ways of the mind and perhaps we are just more creative or keen to imagination and thus our mind creates more things than the average person who knows but like I said at least SOME of the weirdness runs in my family, you reminded me of two more short stories I forgot to mention.
When my grandfather died my mom has always claimed that for a few days afterwards her and her sisters could still hear him breathing in his favorite rocking chair in the house.
And also when I went back to visit my homeland after many years of being away I saw one of my cousins for the first time in years and he told me one day that he had a dream that he was inside of a UFO and he saw me in there with him which is strange becuase I never talked to him about this sort of things in my whole life and never suspected he would be into that sort of thing either.

posted on Jun, 13 2007 @ 08:41 AM
hi fulcrum

good to talk to you. your stories sound a lot more crazy than mine.
did you experience strange behaviour with electric devices (lamps, etc.), like you would interfere with them? or do you "feel" electrical interference?

you said something that "they" tickled you. i can remember a ticklish but a little hurting or disturbing feeling, but i dont know whats the relation too it. its so long ago. i always try to remember all my memories of my childhood and check if there was something significant happening. i even cant remember it when i drowned. i did not know until my parents told me. did you ever experience something very traumatic or did you have a close to death experience?

maybe we are some kind of seer.
what do you see? tell me about it.

i met a pretty religious guy, he said i would be holy and he was happy about it and repeated it often. another woman wanted to educate me, she promised i could heal people with my bare hands after it. another guy told me id be offspring of an alien race which was here 1 million years ago and that i have alien dns and everything i notice is like an instict which is going to develop more as i grow older.

what colours the planes had on 9/11?
maybe my dream was a precognition of 9/11. there was water, city in ruins and a plane - sounds a little like new york. but i had that dream maybe 10 years ago or so.

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