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The End of Food - Thomas Pawlick lecture & book signing

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posted on Jun, 6 2007 @ 02:15 PM
hey everyone...

just wanted to keep you all in the loop! Toronto members especially, take note... as this is in your neighborhood.

On Wednesday, June 20th at 3pm... Canadian award winning journalist and author of the book, 'The End of Food' Thomas F. Pawlick speaks at Toronto's Conspiracy Culture. This is a free event and should prove very informative.

Do you know what you're eating?

Disaster looms in our current method of food production. The nutritional content of food is in shocking decline, but the number of noxious, often toxic contaminants in food is increasing. The End of Food exposes the cause of the crisis - an industrial system of food production geared not toward producing nourishing food, but maximum profit for corporations.

Most of the hard scientific research on which the book is based was conducted outside the United States. U.S. food production lobbyists have fought hard against this kind of research. Pawlick does not simply sound the alarm bell, he advocates a rejection of the current system.

His mission is to raise consumer awareness so that individuals will no longer buy foods that are produced for the highest profit instead of nutritional content.

visit for more info

thanks everyone! hey Masqua, Parr... you guys should make it out to this one!


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