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We've Been HOAXED!

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posted on Jun, 5 2007 @ 08:18 PM
►Collection of ATS HOAXES that have been fairly conclusively shown to be hoaxes and evidence given that proves the claims of HOAX.

►Some of these threads ARE NOT labeled as such by ATS. Don't know why ATS wouldn't label a known (HOAX) as such, but feel that these hoaxes SHOULD be at the least LABLELED in the thread title. In addition the initial post (by the original poster) should be MODIFIED to add the pertinent evidence proving the thread a hoax.

Why label known hoaxes as such? Think "War of the Worlds" lol, not really but it would be irksome to go through of a thread thinking its real, only to get to the end to find its a hoax.

►But anyway here's my collection of threads! Feel free to add any that I have missed!

End of the world AUSSIE BLOKE HOAX
42 pages long and other boards hoaxed as well.
This has not been labeled a hoax, would not be fun to go thru some of this 42-page thread thinking its real, to find out later that its a hoax...

Pathetic UFO Attempt, by meridian-blood...
This one was debunked in ONE PAGES! hahaha. NOT labeled hoax by ATS.

FAKE UFO, by Ntropy2006
Debunked in 2 pages! NOT labeled hoax by ATS.

UFO AREA 51, by BirdEmbryo...
Debunked in 4 pages. Not labeled hoax.

Creature Hoax, by DougJohan...
Debunked in 2 pages. Not labeled.

I have photos of a secret lab! hoax
Funny one! Classic. Not labeled.

I did not see any "aliens" at this lab; however, without compromising too much in the way of security, let me say that there is ongoing research for at least several years, of non-earth life forms. Some of the research is done in a cryogenic lab.

Drug induced hoax??
This ones still a member hahah. Not labeled.

One of the more recent ones, this one is possibly not necc. a hoax, the OP may have some mental issues, so technically if thats the case, its fictional at the least...but anyways.. This one IS LABELED as hoax and annotated in the OP by ATS.

On to something huge here! UFO by Frozenthought hoax
This ones labeled (UFO HOAX) different nomenclature of labeling hoaxes...

O'Hare SECOND UFO image declared a hoax.
Jritzman analyzed image of the 2nd ohare ufo image to be a hoax.

Hello all..I am here to give you the answers!
Labeled in title as HOAX and annotated the OP with some great commentary kudos!

I'm sure I've missed many as its hard to search for a hoax if they are not labeled as such :/. Please add to the list thanks!

[edit on 5-6-2007 by greatlakes]

posted on Jun, 6 2007 @ 04:48 AM
Ok, hoaxes that I know of and have been labeled as such:

Check these photos out!! Please tell me theyre real... (Sorry, It's A Hoax)
Interesting hoax, apparently the person used two accounts as well.

And a hoax of the more sick variety:
Typing this as I die (HOAX)
This is where he admits to it:

Don't know of anymore that comes to mind immediately.

posted on Jun, 7 2007 @ 08:08 PM
Yea I think some of the hoaxes are labeled as such, some are not, it just isn't standardized, but its a work in progress...

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