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From Anonymous Posts: Voice of the Cosmic messenger – Ashtar on TV London.

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posted on Jun, 4 2007 @ 06:49 PM

Original Anonymous Post By: anon_115857
221. Voice of the Cosmic messenger – Ashtar on TV London. Sunday 26th.11.1977.


Worked out by: Pedro Romaniuk (Argentina). TV: Southern Television - audio record

Pedro Romaniuk – lecturer, invited to the 12th. UFO conress Wiesbaden/Mainz.

The Institut aimed at the cosmos finally obtained from one of the most important ”Electronic phenomenon TV” the whole text and that after several trying.

We refer to interference on TV England – Southern Television which occured on Sunday 26th.11.1977 at 17:05. When miliions of inhabitants received through TV the special message. The present sound was not hearable and screen was disturbed.

”The most modern scientific technology” was switched off, false systems were being checked and under surveillance by authorities of the goverment. These authorities are in charge of controling the system. Millions of houses from Hampshire to Reading and from Berkshire, Whitney to Oxfordshire, London and Southampton and many other towns which heard a voice. The very strong voice which nobody could stop even if the television was switched off. It seemed impossible not to hear it. And it said clearly (in English):

”This is the voice of the commander Ashtar.

I am not from this world. I am sending you message from a cosmic spaceship which is flying around the Earth. I am the right one to stand-in the Galactic mission whose spaceships as you call them ”flying saucers” you have seen many times before in the sky.

This is the right time to tell you that we talk wise and peacfully. We come to tell you that the danger in which all people and the whole world is near. We give the message of warning and you are to tell it to other nations. And this refers to a catasrophy that might happen and might also endanger other planets of this Sun system.

This is the only way to wake up and to join the becoming age of Aquarius. This time may be the era of the right peace and evolution of human beings. But this can only happen if the masters of atom weapons will be aware of the responsibility they have got and the danger that could happen. Calm down and listen because there may be no next opportunity to receive another announcement. Many years your scientists ignorred to take into account our warnings and they kept on experimetating with the power of godless atom energy.

Nuclear weapons are able to destroy the whole planet Earth its inhabitants and beings of other close planets in one second. The waste made by atom systems will destroy the enviroment for a next few milleniums.

We are the ones who tried the effective way of evolution and that is why we are now on the quite high level. And because of it you should listen to me. The nuclear energy will always be dangerous for living. That is why the scientific research should be stopped. Otherwise there will always be danger of complete destroying of the whole planet. You have to get rid of all weapons, both nuclear and shooting. The time of conflicts is past now ! The race, you are a part of, had better try to achieve better living conditions and evolution in many ways which will be worth doing. Because there is not enough time for it. You have to learn people how to live in peace and harmony. Otherwise they will be fully responsible for their actions.

There is not many who really try to live in peace and harmony. And they should be held up as an example for those who want to learn. And that is the beginig of the age of Acquarius.

You are free to choose to take or leave it. Only those ones who try to learn how to live in peace only those ones can enter the Kingdom empire of the highest spiritual level of evolution of the Universe.

Listen please to the voice of Ashtar. Here on the Earh there is a plenty of false prophets and leaders who make you think in a negative way and try to take from you all the energy which of course belongs to you. They want to use it for bad and godless aims and instead of it they want to give you useless trash

They suffer from the lack of awareness. They have to first learn to be sensitive and listen to their inner voice that is able to tell them what is a lie and what is the truth, chaos, confusion and evil.

Learn to listen to your inner voice, the voice of the truth which is inside all of you.This is the way to positive evolution which is the most important and ending part of life.

This is our message for our friends. We have already watched you many years. The same it used to be with former generations who observed the lights in the sky that were us. You already know that we are here over your planet and that there is a lot of creatures which were denied by scientists.

We feel very worried about you, about the way of your development but we are prepared to do everything that is possible to help you. It mainly depends on you, you have to choose your way of living and learn it. Then you have to, by yourselves, choose the way to universal life. Do not be afraid, we just want you to live in harmony with nature of your planet.

We from the ASHTAR’S GALACTICA command would like to say thank you that you have been listening and thank you for your attention. And now we are leaving. We are giving you our blessing of True love and the Truth coming together with a pure spirit.”

This “mysterious” voice from the cosmos was possible to hear for five minutes. And no one was able to disturb it. It was audible from millions of TV screens all over England. All TV technicians were confused and in panic, because nobody could disturb this interference.

Also the Ministry of information and leaders of indepedent TVs in England had to confess that it was impossible to stop it as they did it with pirate transmitters This shows that it must have been much better technology than our was.

That unusual phenomenon of world electronic technology should not have been kept as a secret anymore. It should have been spreaded all over the world to show all peole that there do exist civilizations in the Universe .But as it sometimes happens with all these things that are refering to civilizations in the Universe, also this information was twisted, denied and hidden in the interest of big powers of the world and their organizations established on this purpose.

This is a fine example and you can see the media’s relationship to the Powers of light. You can see that they are controlled by Evil power.

People wake up !!!

222. Report. (Received by Marie M.) 21.1.1998. 4:00 am.

This announcement was received about a month and half later after sending it by Ashtar. On this example you can see quite well how the situation on the planet Earth changes because of “Dialogues.” The results of spreading announcements took the Grand council into account and in a way changed their plans with the Earth. That is why this announcement is not very relevant as at the time Ashtar sent it.

Ivo Benda.

“A day which was chosen by Father of the Universe as the day when peolpe return back and this planet will get to a higher dimension ! By this hour I, Ashtar the commander of the Cosmic squadron, would like to give you this information.

I would like to express our thanks to the peole from the Czech Republic who are in touch with us and that helped us to spread the truth among other people and this way increased vibrations.

There are many people who will be rescued before the catastrophy starts. The final moment is coming. Our machines say the worst number of negative vibrations of cosmos air, in the highest levels of the atmoshere. This planet is covered with a dark cloud which was created by negative vibrations. We are ready to welcome rescued people from the Earth. I myself believe in the succes of the whole action. I believe that we will also rescue those people who will find the way to Father in the last moment.

I wish everyone who is being chosen, either in a telepathic way or in a different way, went out and followed the inner voice. Who will hesitate will have a bad luck because there will be not much time. The warning will be sent to everyone who deserves going to a higher dimension. There will be places where a lot of people will be gathered and it will be possible they will not know the reason. So please, you who are aware of this fact tell others about it and comfort them and believe in love. Do not be afraid because God is merciful and you all belong to him. I myself will also ask him for mercy and help.

Are you asking what will happen to the Earth? You know that it was written: ”… the fire will come from heaven” and that will happen now. The spontaneous combustion will occur in the high atmosfere. That is the black cloud of your negative thoughts which was caused by you. The poles of the Earth will be turned and when a strong earhtquake comes the continents will be moved. The fire will burn all negative thoughts so that the planet will get rid of them and so it can get to the era of higher dimension.

Rescued people will live for a short period of time on a different planet where they will be taught. Then they will return to the New Earth. The spirit of Christ will lead them to the New age of Aquarius.

I am greeting you all

Ashtar Sheran.”

posted on Jun, 4 2007 @ 07:11 PM
It's an old story.

The Ashtar Galactic Command

The most famous of television broadcasts occurred in England on 26th November, 1977, on Southern ITV (which covered London, the South, and South East). The time was 5.12pm and the message (audio only) interrupted the evening news. Lasting 5½ minutes, it was superimposed over the voice of the newsreader, Ivor Mills. No less than five transmitters were hijacked simultaneously, spread over great distances, and the Independent Broadcasting Authority were not even aware that the message was overriding their signal; as the transmitters would have been switched off immediately. Possibly, this was because the source of the overriding signal was not terrestrial in nature.

The newsreader appeared completely oblivious to the situation and continued as usual, while the voice spoke slowly and calmly, as if echoing through water. The transcript is below.


The above transcript however, does not seem to be correct. You can find the transcript of the message, as well as the audio at the source posted above.

It also seems to be the source of some weirdness. I have posted on an older thread about it. You can find it here.

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