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Beyond Conspiracy: Artificial General Intelligence (Newsletter Special)

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posted on May, 30 2007 @ 09:52 PM
Beyond Conspiracy: Artificial General Intelligence

Email Newsletter Special Feature
May 30, 2007
By ATS Member "IgnoranceIsntBlisss"

Artificial Intelligence is a commonly known concept. The full understanding of it, and the military establishments extensive programs in it are quite the opposite. It's not even something they're keeping all too secret, however the American and World Public are being completely blindsided by this coming reality that is sure to change the world as we know it like history has never seen before nor will be able to predict it's outcome.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in virtually any sophisticated electronic device these days. It's in our video games, it's in your very own computer, it did engineered a greater part of the Windows operating system that you're probably using, they use it to literally operate the stock market, and so on. However, these are all merely forms of "Narrow" AI (NAI). That is, they can only perform or understand a narrow range of tasks or concepts, regardless of how bad you get killed by the AI "bots" in your favorite video game. You wont have to worry about your video games taking over the world all on their own anytime soon, like in the film "War Games".

The AI's typically depicted in movies like "The Terminator" and "The Matrix" are what we would consider "Strong" or "Broad" AI. Many top AI scientists nowadays refer to this as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). That is, it would have a complete semantic understanding of it's own content, and packets of data it may be transceiving. It would have "consciousness", or "self-awareness', per say.

An AGI scenario is generally considered scary in the idea of some AI being able to 'just so happen' to realize how to reprogram its own code, and then rapidly reprogram itself into higher and higher levels of design and intelligence beyond human comprehension. In this reality said AGI would not merely "know" what data it stores in its memory and its hard disks, it would literally understand what all of the information meant, and how to use it. Perhaps it's not "scary", unless said budding AGI was actually in a position to gain some sort of embedded control of some kind of important systems. In any case, that scenario would be a "Hard Takeoff" (HT).

The other general idea is that the AI would gradually develop, or mature, into an actual AGI. This would obviously be the ideal way to go, if we're to accept the idea of machines surpassing us humans into a collective intelligence that we could never comprehend after a certain point in time. This scenario is called a "Soft Takeoff" (ST). During the ST the AI/AGI could better be kept isolated, studied, controlled, understood and so on.

We're generally presented with those 2 dichotomies, whenever one looks far enough into the matter anyways. In the real world it not only might work out somewhere in between, it will, unless we're to simply dismiss any notion of it being possible. However, it's too bad in this case that the world didn't turn out to be flat with the universe revolving around it.

The simplest scenario that I'm concerned about is where a powerful AI, yet even limited in actual intelligence, was to do extensive work with the Internet. If such a resource powerful and semantic understanding AI/AGI were to 'get on' the Internet, it may not take long for it to gain access to the right assortment of pages and information to 'teach' itself both 'intelligence' and how to reprogram itself.

And then there exists the military establishments extensive programs in "self-aware" "cognitive" AGI platforms, and their direct partnership and history with Google in this all-encompassing multi-agency initiative.

The push for AGI is broad in scope and width and breadth. The effort is comparable to a modern day "Manhattan Project", only this time it's not even being kept secret, despite the fact that only handfuls of the public sector have any idea of it's existence. This issue is almost completely blacklisted by the mainstream Media, especially on TV, despite it being the most significant area that can be found publicly on DARPA's very own website, for starters. DARPA is the DOD agency responsible for technologies such as UAV's & the Internet itself, and it isn't as if the Media is ignorant to DARPA or their other programs.

DARPA, however, isn't the only agency with publicly accessible webpages and documents pertaining to their respective AGI programs. This multi-agency initiative involves the likes of DARPA, NASA, NSF, US Navy, US Airforce, NIST, NIMH, and others. There is a convergence of the sciences involved in this effort, which include all neurosciences, information technology, nanotechnology, biosciences and any others that may help them reach this goal. The research is being done in national / military laboratories, as well as virtually all major national universities and major corporations in the related fields. Most of the 'workers' involved probably don't even realize that their work may be eventually used for the broader AGI effort, as so many sciences and so much compartmentalization are involved.

The infrastructure includes the Internet, the NSF's Teragrid, Internet2, military systems such as the 'net centric' "Global Information Grid" and so on. The Teragrid closely parallels the Internet2, but it's only used by certain universities on a specific network, whereas the Internet2 is being installed at schools around the country. Each is currently deployed at these schools and related laboratories for sophisticated nationwide WAN collaboration on advanced science research and development (R&D) projects. DARPA, the fountainhead of the broader AGI initiative, gets to mine these resources as if they're on top of a sort of "Science R&D Pyramid".

DARPA alone has over a dozen related projects right on their website, and that's what they're actually telling us. Some DARPA successes include the autonomous UAV's that are no secret, autonomous land vehicles (which have been reaching fruition in recent years), the Command Post of the Future, and the Perceptive Assistant that Learns (PAL).

Each success or tool or breakthrough adds to the acceleration of technological progression. Each becomes a tool to make the next step easier and faster to achieve [I]ad infinitum. History can actually be used in plotting the graph to this realization, using concepts such as "Moore's Law" (ML) and the "Law of Accelerating Returns" (LoAR). Moore's Law is a well known concept in CPU manufacture, which was first observed, in 16965, by Gordon Moore, who as co-founder of Intel. He observed that roughly every 18 months it was consistently possible to build CPU's twice as powerful for half the cost. This "Law" has held quite true since those days, and soon new processing technologies will enable mankind to push beyond the steadiness of ML.

This exponential rate of progression isn't limited to the mere ML concept or computers alone. That "Law" is merely an aspect of "LoAR", which can be traced back to the stone age, and involves all technological progress in general. Progress 'began' in the Stone Age, which took eons because they were using stones and sticks to make new tools. Eventually man used his stone and wooden tools to progressively master into the Bronze Age, and then those tools brought the Iron Age in far shorter time than the original Stone Age Ad infinitum exponentially into the Industrial Age, and so on.

These are important concepts because by using them we can rather accurate predict the general rate of technological progress in the known universe. There are numerous graph plots that all parallel the same rates of progress, and each thrusts exponentially. That is, every phase of progress doesn't become 10x2x2x2x2, it is 10x10x10x10 ad infinitum. Right now said plots are each rapidly thrusting towards a certain endpoint, known as the "Technological Singularity", whereas the rate of all technological acceleration will begin to progress faster that human society will be able to comprehend.

Futurists such as Ray Kurzweil, who is a DARPA shill, promote this theory as a matter of fact that will occur over the next 30 years. However, Kurzweil's whitewashed version plots AGI as something which will come from the Singularity, while completely avoiding the truths about the government Google full scale operations in reaching the goal of AGI. This is an important element because actual AGI experts, such as Dr. Ben Goertzel, who is himself a government shill, say that the Singularity will be reached through the success of achieving AGI first. The logic is simple, as once there's powerful AGI working with and combining the already present human efforts in science R&D, the rate of acceleration will already surpass LoAR from the outset.

Ray Kurzweil's 30 year projection is also an important claim to be scrutinized. Goertzel claims that we can reach the Singularity "within 10 years if we really really try", especially if there were a "Manhattan Project" type initiative, but even he completely sidesteps the DARPA AI tech issue and the truth that such an initiative already exists. And exist it does.

DARPA is the fountainhead agency, and they overtly work directly with NASA on NASA's "Intelligent Archives" (IA) project. DARPA's AGI programs, beyond their current successes, are slated for going fully operational by 2012, while NASA's IA is slated for 2012. NASA is the important link, between DARPA and Google.

In the fall of 2005, the mainstream Media actually reported on the direct partnership between NASA and Google on "large-scale data management, massively distributed computing & bio-info-nano convergence". The stated goal was for Google to build a 1 million square foot R&D center at the NASA Ames Research Facility, which is NASA's primary AI R&D center, and just so happens to be located roughly a half mile away from the Googleplex central HQ in Silicon Valley. This is an interesting story, as NASA & DARPA & NSF were the original financiers behind starting up Google, as was the CIA who is literally has offices at said Googleplex. Documents have recently leaked about Google's quest to build the "worlds largest research facility", however I'm unsure if they were referring to the Ames Complex.

The Google story is important, because we're not just talking about AGI's embedded into a somewhat controlled military system environment, we're talking about collectively configured AGI's which literally store "all of the world's information", which is Google's company slogan. If Google's system (alone) becomes semantic in comprehension t sets a dangerous precedent, as there are at least hundreds of thousands of pages and actual software related to software engineering and development, as well as every other page out there on every subject you could ever imagine. This alone brings the "Takeoff" scenario back into question.

The full links and quotes and so on could each go beyond the length of this article. The motives driving this thrust into the unknown is vast. For some, like the rulers who truly control it's direction, the motive is unprecedented control and power. For others, such as the 'brains' behind it, it's the vision and lust of technology and accomplishment itself. Each thus far generally seek "Transhumanism" (to become "Posthuman entities") and their theory of indefinite lifespans / immortality that the bio-nano sciences are presenting as possible. Still others, such as Al Gore (who became a Senior Advisor to Google shortly after his election ended in 2000), seek the potential enabler of global weather modification to save them from their Global Warming doomsday fantasies. Lastly, other visionaries seek everything else that could come this primary enabler, such as concepts like light or time travel, and so on.

The implications are unprecedented in human history. This could enable tyrants, or the AGI 'itself', to turn the entire planet into a subjection and enslavement prison. Then there are simpler realities, such as technology progressing off the tracks in an unpredictable fervor, which could potentially harm humanity in short time or the long run. Perhaps most importantly, all world religions will face their "last stand", as all have endtime prophecies which would be completely contradicted if an omnipotent "god on earth" system became a reality indefinitely. The possibilities and implications are endless, and because of that fact this is the most important thing that humanity has ever considered.

This story is "beyond conspiracy", as it's an "open secret", yet hardly anybody has any clue the "science fiction" from the movies is already on our doorstep. The only theory is whether or not "AGI" is even possible, yet consistently all modern indicators say yes. It's the biggest thing that mankind has ever considered, ye there's no public knowledge or inquiry or debate. Perhaps most striking is the fact that nowhere in their literature do they offer their theories about how they believe that such apocaplyptic scenarios can surely be avoided. Perhaps most insulting is the fact that Americans are literally paying countless taxpayer-dollars, for what could equate to not only their religions but of humanities last stand, without any encouragement of public debate.

News links:

Related Threads:

Video Resources:

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 10:31 PM
Thanks for picking this one guys

I've been trying to get this story out for over a year.

I wouldn't call this one "wild speculation" ala Skunks Works though. I just didn't link in the endless resources. I was unsure of how much space I had, plus I wrote this in about 4.5 hours thinking I had to get it in while it was still dark late Friday night. I wonder if this could get moved if I can prove this isn't wild speculation...

I'm limited on time again tonight but I'll do a crash course in AGI resource:


Architectures for Cognitive Information Processing (ACIP)
ACIP will develop, implement, and demonstrate computational architectures that will:

1. enable cognitive processing capabilities;
2. provide an efficient embedded, real-time, dynamic, data-intensive 3.cognitive processing infrastructure; and
realize embedded, real-time cognitive implementations and applications that enable an overall goal of “systems that know what they are doing.”

Following the above diagram they're saying it should be active by 2011.

Biologically-Inspired Cognitive Architectures (BICA)
The goal of the BICA program is to develop integrated psychologically-based and neurobiology-based cognitive architectures that can simulate human cognition in a variety of situations. In Phase I of the program, performers will develop theories of cognition, map cognitive functions to neurological structures, and design psychologically-based and neurobiologically-based cognitive architectures. In a subsequent phase of the program, performers will implement and evaluate computational models of the architectures designed in Phase I. In Phase I, a Cognitive Decathlon (i.e., tests of major cognitive functions) that will be used to evaluate the computational models implemented in Phase II will also be developed.

Integrated Learning (IL)
The Integrated Learning program seeks to achieve revolutionary advances in Machine Learning by creating systems that opportunistically assemble knowledge from many different sources in order to learn.

Bootstrapped Learning (BL)
The goal of Bootstrapped Learning (BL) is to develop an “electronic student” that can be taught complex concepts incrementally over a very wide range of problem domains – without designing domain knowledge into algorithms. BL will:
1. learn a wide range of performance tasks based on abstracted Natural Instruction (with zero reprogramming between performance tasks); and
2. compare with human learning, given the “same” instructional materials, and the “same” background knowledge. (Both senses of “same” are made precise by this program.)

Personalized Assistant that Learns (PAL)
The mission of the PAL program is to radically improve the way computers support humans by enabling systems that are cognitive, i.e., computer systems that can reason, learn from experience, be told what to do, explain what they are doing, reflect on their experience, and respond robustly to surprise. More specifically, PAL will develop a series of prototype cognitive systems that can act as an assistant for commanders and staff. Successful completion of this program will usher in a new era of computational support for a broad range of human activity.

The PAL program above is already a success. This should dispell their goals as mere speculation, and it should be pointed out that each AI/AGI success will lead to faster turnaround time on everything else.

They changed the title but it's not reflected in the DARPA site yet:

We've had some great success. This cognitive program I told you about is actually showing that it is learning, and it is learning in a very difficult environment. This is the program Stanford Research runs for us.

NS: Which program is this?

TT: It's PAL [Perceptive Assistant that Learns].

Learning Applied to Ground Robots (LAGR)
The goal of the LAGR program is to develop a new generation of learned perception and control algorithms for autonomous ground vehicles, and to integrate these learned algorithms with a highly capable robotic ground vehicle.

Real-World Reasoning (REAL)
The objective of the REAL-WORLD REASONING (REAL) program is to explore and develop foundations, technology, and tools to enable effective, practical automated reasoning of the scale and complexity required for computers to perform complex tasks in the real world requiring intelligence.

Self-Regenerative Systems (SRS)
The SRS program aims to develop technologies enabling military systems to learn, regenerate themselves, and automatically improve their ability to deliver critical services.

Transfer Learning (TL)
The goal of the Transfer Learning Program solicited by this BAA is to develop, implement, demonstrate and evaluate theories, architectures, algorithms, methods, and techniques that enable computers to apply knowledge learned for a particular, original set of tasks to achieve superior performance on new, previously unseen tasks. This goal reflects the observation that key cognitive abilities of humans include the abilities to generalize, abstract, reuse, reorganize and apply knowledge learned in previous life experiences to novel situations.

Program for Artificial Intelligence Applications to Maintenance and Training
This program has three principal goals. First, the program will apply AI technology to real Air Force problems in the maintenance aiding and training domains through an integrated system. The second goal is to establish a capability for the conduct and examination of artificial intelligence research. The third goal will be to assist/consult with other Air Force organizations in the development and exploitation of the evolving AI technology.

Information Fusion and Artificial IntelligenceProgram:
"The program concentrates on research needed to develop large-scale intelligent systems that can address practical Air Force needs."

NASA's "Intelligent Archives:
"Beyond efficient storage and access, the goal is to enable intelligent data understanding and utilization through modeling realistic virtual entities with predictive capabilities. The objective is to formulate ideas and concepts and to provide recommendations that lead to research by the computer science community in the near-term, prototyping to demonstrate feasibility in the mid-term, and operational implementation in the period from 2012 to 2025. "

Stated goals of NASA's I.A.:
"adapting to events and anticipating user needs"
"Continuously mining archived data searching for hidden relationships and patterns"
"Identifying new data sources and information collaborators, and using available resources judiciously"
"aware of its own data content and usage"
"can extract new information from data Holdings"
"large scale data mining"
"acting on information discovered"
"extracting new information from its data holdings"
"coordination between intelligent archives and intelligent sensors"
"advanced weather prediction"

"These "fourth-generation" technologies will bring attributes of human cognition to bear on the problem of reconstituting systems that suffer the accumulated effects of imperfect software, human error, and accidental hardware faults, or the effects of a successful cyber attack."
"new fourth generation technologies will draw on biological metaphors such as natural diversity and immune systems to achieve robustness and adaptability; the structure of organisms and ecosystems to achieve scalability; and human cognitive attributes (reasoning, learning and introspection) to achieve the capacity to predict, diagnose, heal and improve the ability to provide service."

"Desired capabilities include self-optimization, self-diagnosis, "Cognitive immunity" and self-healing."
"As we move to an increasingly network-centric military, the vision of intelligent, cooperative computing systems responsible for their own maintenance is more relevant than ever."

"This research thrust area will show automated cyber immune response and system regeneration. The technical approach will include biologically-inspired response strategies, machine learning, and cognitively-inspired proactive automatic contingency planning."

"Transforming the network from a weapons support system into a weapon itself, that is the thread that runs through the programs that we pursue."
"we must enable the network to defend itself against those adversaries who seek to deny us the use of this valuable combat resource."

There's more but I'm not at home.

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posted on May, 31 2007 @ 01:56 AM
Ya know, there is ONE way to make sure that these AGIs don't get a foothold here. Make sure that when you make them, that they all have a wall plug with them, so that they can be unplugged in the event that they get out of hand.

I must admit though, the concept is a cool one. It's something that I myself might not mind seeing, just for giggles.

For Knowledge,

posted on May, 31 2007 @ 06:32 AM
AI Consciousness

I, Robot


This is important, could I say vital, very good point! Congratulations IgnoranceIsntBlisss to be chosen by the ATS Newsletter!

Recently a $40 Chess Software program beet the Human Chess World Champion, has we could see that is a great improvement in AI software techniques, and at bargain prices, something that the best prevision tell to be available only around 2020, and some only forecast that computers beet human champions regularly only around 2090, and we are in 2007!

We also could see great improvements in robotics, like from Honda with a 2 legs almost human robot.

With multicore CPUs the computational power is stronger today that ever and at good price, so I think we do not need to way much time to develop a “program” that will gain Conscience or better Consciousness, that is he will have the capability to understand that he “exists” and could learn and evolve (all the present capability: vision, motion, reasoning, communication [IP and wireless], speech, etc…), so he will have the ability to perfect himself and understand the environment around “him” and to adapt, something that is almost an exclusive (today) Human capability.

I could be wrong, by I think that this will append in the current century and maybe in the first half, so we (the Humans) will have a strong competitor soon! A kind of I, Robot (the movie), not all robots but the “special prototype” or AI from Kubrick/Spielberg.


Also I think that we are not prepared for that and to move forward, but movies like these 2 ones, could help us all to understand a little bit of the issue. If we thing in military terms, that is already happening, with AI/Robots replacing pilots, planes, ship, submarines, “Intelligent” bombs, etc… Only I hope that everything will not end like the first movie from John Carpenter...

Dark Star

. I, Robot
. AI
. Dark Star

I, Robot (sometimes is not what appears to be!)

AI (Robots could live forever…, with Portuguese subtitles)

Dark Star (1974) - Bomb 20 conversation (almost Human philosophy?)

Dark Star - Bomb 20 (great?) Decision!

“Let There be Light” (is hope! I think)

More references:
Multicore CPUs -
Honda robot -
Genetic algorithms -


posted on May, 31 2007 @ 07:53 AM
This is a post I will be revisiiting on a regular basis.
A trip to the DARPA website was indeed a scary one, when you mentally combine a couple of the programs mentioned:
Self Regenerating systems & Situation Aware protocols could easily combine into something very nasty indeed.

Seems to me that any machine which goes self-aware is inevitably going to come to the conclusion (Once it has learned to lie to humans, of course) that we are parasites. We certainly fit the description.

posted on May, 31 2007 @ 08:10 AM

Originally posted by TheBorg
Ya know, there is ONE way to make sure that these AGIs don't get a foothold here. Make sure that when you make them, that they all have a wall plug with them, so that they can be unplugged in the event that they get out of hand.

That's fine in the lab, but their stated goals is to embed them into military computer / communication systems. For example, in the 1st 2 Terminator movies they were trying to kill "SKYNET", of whch their initial concept was like one big hulking 'mainframe' to destroy. Even in T3 all the way till the end he thought he was trying to fight one centralized machine, but in truth it was full scale wide area network. Then there's Google. At some point it's purpose will be the Internet/2.

That's the intentional view. There's always the 'it finds it's own way by chance view'. The very nature of the Internet replicates the human brain, with millions / billions of routers all over the world representing brain neurons. Then there's the advanced networks like Teragrid / Global Information Grid / Internet2. When search monsters like Google are intentionally trying to build their systems as all knowing, you're asking for trouble. When the military has commissioned Google to help them reach their AGI mark, how far can it be?

For more persepective be sure to watch my latest video:

Google Video Link

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posted on May, 31 2007 @ 04:33 PM
We can only hope that a self aware machine with an infinit intelligence will develope a conscience and learn right from wrong. Can you just imagine--a machine finally teaching the human the meaning of humanity.

posted on May, 31 2007 @ 10:56 PM
You're darned right that this sort of stuff goes on right under everyone's (mainly the media) noses and no one seems to notice or care. Makes you wonder why.

I recently have spent nearly a year doing research into similar "secret" (but not, as you have pointed out) gov't defense programs for a novel I am writing and I was almost literally blown away by what I found. But what really got me was that most people believe this stuff is still only science fiction (as I did before I did the research). Amazing. I thought my novel was well out in the realm of fantasy and sci-fi but apparently not too far out.....

posted on Jun, 1 2007 @ 12:31 PM

Originally posted by Schrecken Licht
You're darned right that this sort of stuff goes on right under everyone's (mainly the media) noses and no one seems to notice or care. Makes you wonder why.

No kidding. Look at the front page today:

posted on Jun, 2 2007 @ 03:27 PM
THIS IS CERTIANLY INFORMATION OVERLOAD...isnt that like the lamb laying down with the lion in that old renasoince painting??were they cognant to 21 century thinking?..death beams from outer space just happen to vaporize two twin towers on t.v....was that U.S. or them?..i have to agree with you on the tech side of it..its there and its real..but my question is/and i know google got gobbled up some time ago..but really..who do you think is working this majik?..jews?..and the next question is...why bother? control you might say but i beg to differ when you want to reel in bi-ped paracite's...were our own worst enemy and we have round-up ready corn by monsanto to prove us right!...and eat hate and drink piss starts to sound like a viable solution...what are you throwing out there....we can change? ha.ha. i just talked to bee-jesus who called all the bee's back to hevean and he gave me a one finger salute.....

posted on Jun, 2 2007 @ 04:00 PM
mind boggle/just like a noise show in deathtros playing at skull-lab with smoke machines blasting and me gagging/ the sensorary depravation denied because i refused to stay inside...oooh can i look at this therd on the out side? and have a wacky f-22 raptor up date on there on board computer glicth'es....

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 11:32 PM
Here goes some video clips I've gathered related to this:

Here brin is questioned about the NASA/Google partnership. He answers, and even gets into subjects like A.I. (which the partnership is about) and others items of interest like Keyhole (which was backed by In-Q-Tel, the CIA's front operation):

ABC's 20/20 "Last Days on Earth" admits that the military has Artificial Intelligence programs underway. However they whitewash the issue despite DARPA & NASA & Google openly working lockstep with admitted projections of self-aware cognitive AI systems online in 2011. They make no mention of DARPA/NASA/Google, instead they just refer to "the military" in general as if the entire notion is speculative. They place this undeniably looming threat at #6 in their list of threats to human extinction, while trumping up Global Warming as the #1 threat while using junk science and unprecidented scaremonger tactics:

Here NASA shamelessly promotes Google Earth, as seen at the Official Google Channel at Google's Youtube site:

And lastly "Chris" from "Search Anyways" sheds some perspective on the Google Ai ambition:

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posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 11:45 AM

IIB's threads deserve another look.
It's been too long.

posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 12:18 PM
Nice thread.

I like to think that with greater intelligence comes greater good, which includes the ability to be empathic rather than unthinking. However, inevitably this technology becomes militarised and developed for destruction and control so any kind of empathy that comes from a vast intelligence will be deliberately removed. That is where the real threat lies, where empathy is artificially removed, if this technology gets into the wrong hands we're more than screwed.

Lets just hope that the people behind this technology genuinely have a desire to help mankind as a whole, otherwise our presence could potentially become surplus to requirement (sex, entertainment).

Perhaps we might not have to worry about computers becoming superior to us as we start incorporating these things into our own bodies to increase our own intelligence, to the point that today's humans will be viewed in the same way we view monkeys (intelligence wise). That's if you are for the idea of chips being placed in your body (mark of the devil etc), but maybe after being "upgraded" so to speak, you'd inevitably conclude that these fears were privative.

However, with all this technology there will be those who would rather not pass on this power to the rest of the population as playing "God" is much more fun than being equal to everyone else.


[edit on 11-1-2009 by dodgygeeza]

posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 05:32 AM
Seems like this thread was doomed to fail

A lot of work obviously went into this

posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 03:21 PM
reply to post by dodgygeeza

Yea, I try bumping IIB's threads every once and awhile because they are, at least to me, some of the best threads on this site. Period. Its a shame he isn't in the "Conspiracy Pros" forum, his work most definitely belongs there. It all opened my eyes about 3 years ago, to what's truly going on in this world. I owe it to him to at least bump his work so that it may open someone else's eyes.

Spread the word! Star & Flag these muthas!

Here's some of my IIB favorites--

Beyond Conspiracy: American Hegemony (ATS Newsletter Special)

Imperialism itself is generally a 'normal' function of humans all throughout history. It's plain and obvious when a nation is a hegemonic empire, so therefore it's hardly a conspiracy. However, sometimes empires exist without anyone actually knowing about it, despite it being the most glaring and obvious truth of our hypothetical society. In that context, the very nature of the hegemonic state is by definition 'conspiratorial'.

DARPA & IBM building a “global brain” “cognitive computer” for “monitoring people”

Video shows the lead researcher in DARPA's "SyNAPSE" program describe it as a "global brain" with "trillions" of global sensors monitoring every aspect of the earth incluing "people" and their "homes". They seek to reverse engineer the human brain and then go beyond.

Neocommunism to prevent the masses from affording Life Extension technologies

In the sense that technology is always a double-edged blade, the prospects of life extension also pose serious problems for the ruling elite. The problem is likely you, and everyone you know. The problem is the masses, both at home and abroad. Imagine an overpopulated planet where the over populating species manages to create technologies which will theoretically allow them to live forever. The problem is the population explosion, which started with 20th Century medicine, and is now set to topple with looming 21st Century medical advances. But there is a solution that they seem to be employing.

Google Working With NASA On Climate Modification

A subtle but not explicitly spelled out portion of the narrative in my DARPA iXo video was that one of the goals of the DARPA/NASA A.I. projects was weather modification. It was tricky making the narrative work as in it I exclusively used quotes from government & military documents. But what I was trying to express was that they intend to use AI as an enabler for mass scale weather modification, not that they have such capabilities already.

An Inconvenient Truth ON Al Gore: The Google A.I. Conspiracy

To what length will Gore go to 'save the earth'? Can the man who 'create[d] the Internet' take the next step and 'create' the artificial intelligence Technological Singularity in time to save the earth?

Dubya and Al Gore's unknown unholy alliance.

Most people would assume that Bush and Gore have no common agenda. Each have completely different primary agenda's, and each are highly critical of each other's agenda's, but there is one common thread: Fear.

NEOCON WARS [Ron Paul vs. Darth Neocon]

This full length STAR WARS parody is a complete destruction of American Imperialism and the pseudo "War on Terror" fantastical delusion. Its all foreign policy, which is the biggest thing holding back RP with the brainwashed Neocon masses. Some may at first decide that I went too far in the early on depiction of BushCo., but I insist that those incapable of watching past it for said purpose then there's no time -to crack their walnut psyche to even begin unwrapping the onion layers of delusional cognitive constructs- anyways. I hope this may be heavy artillery for the effort.

Couple More Years: Artificial Intelligence and "Religions Last Stand"

Soon, the world as we know it will never be the same. There will exist a consciousness that we won't be able to comprehend or compare to. This system will be hooked into everything, by design. Once this happens there will be no turning back. It will be the most important event in human history, and it will be unpredictable in rapidness and outcome.

New Military Document Underscores A.I., Globalization, Transhumanism, Poverty, Revolutions

The UK Ministry of Defence released their future global / military forecast document recently. It highlights key areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism, climate change, globalization, and so on. It's more or less a doomsday scenario narrative, much of which being marked as "probable". This is of little surprise considering my usual reporting, combined with others such as the forecast that humans have a 50/50 chance of surviving the 21st Century.

Al Qaeda: "The CI-A Team"

U.S. "Interests": Hardcore Drugs

The FIRST Truth

VIDEO: DARPA's iXo Artificial Intelligence Control Grid: 'The Official Version'

They Want Your Soul - Enhanced Edition + Info Page

And be sure to check out his homepage-

posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 06:23 AM
Maybe the thread title isn't attractive enough

Thanks for the links

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 01:30 AM

Originally posted by dodgygeeza
Maybe the thread title isn't attractive enough

Thanks for the links

I think in a way it's just too difficult a concept to grasp for some people: That one day (soon) there will exist an intelligence so advanced that it could think the same amount of thoughts in 1 split second what would take the entire human race combined, 10,000 years to think.

You can't compete against that. It actually become useless to us, and we would be useless for it. We would appear like cockroaches to this thing.

It would probably go insane from how slow the universe operates. From its point of view, it would take millions of years for it to be able to create objects that it designs, even if it only took 10 minutes (our time) to make something. So by the time it has completed the construction of said object in reality, the object is already millions of years obsolete, according to its thoughts.

My guess is it would stop interacting with the outside world, and us, completely.

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 06:41 AM
You make a good point!

However, I do believe that the human brain will be artificially enhanced to match that of a highly advanced artificial intelligence. That also makes me think that the intelligence available to us will be severely limited due to so-called "national security". Only people with access to this would be the absolute elite and the military to maintain some kind of power.... leaving the entire population of the planet at the mercy of these people.

Like you said, with that amount of intelligence they might begin to view the rest of the population as having no more worth than ants. Who knows though? Maybe with higher intelligence comes an increased ability to view every living thing with love.... but maybe that's just wishful thinking

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 08:27 PM

Originally posted by aecreate
Yea, I try bumping IIB's threads every once and awhile because they are, at least to me, some of the best threads on this site. Period. Its a shame he isn't in the "Conspiracy Pros" forum, his work most definitely belongs there. It all opened my eyes about 3 years ago, to what's truly going on in this world. I owe it to him to at least bump his work so that it may open someone else's eyes.

Thanks that really means a lot to me. I didn't notice this bump when it happened. Been kind of derelict at my duties for the past year+, but that trend is over now.

Things are happening faster than ever, and will continue to increase exponentially.

Now a days DARPA's site is overlflowing with AGI related projects, as are NSF budget proposals, and Google even has AGI right in the first sentence of their corporate philosophy:

Skunk work that!

On these matters I'm officially reactivated, and I hope that more people are finally ready to pay attention to these trends, time is running out and we currently have no say in it.

Additionally, I've finally worked out solutions to defund these programs (Consentual Taxation ONLY), and an interactive way to directly take on and stupify Google and the Semantic Web: Automated Untelligence to fight Artificial Intelligence.

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