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Love: U&I-verse; uni-verse

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posted on May, 30 2007 @ 05:18 PM
We are mortal beings with a conscious beginning and ending living of a greater beingness that has a conscious and a conscience of no beginning and no end. That is how the eternal universe and the human perception of time corrolate. When that is your consciousness and the way you look at existence then you'll find every thing you need to know. You must have a relationship with this immortal consciousness while in this 'current' state of divine, but deluded mortality and you do, it is inescapable. Once there you will become pure and doubtless. The best way to do this is to show sincere appreciation for all things and nothing. What you respect will respect you when it comes to consciousness and asking questions of the universe, because you are it.

It is not about worshipping one man, nor one God. It is about loving each other with honesty, sincerity, and as you desire love your self. Through loving others you are loving thy self and you are loving the eternal beingness (that which you call God), and this beingness is not separate from you, you are it.

You and I are connected and in essence we are each other. To measure and know nothing is to understand our eternal connectedness to every thing. We are immeasurable. The separateness you see around you is a naked eye optical delusion.

Nothing is a space or area that does not exist and/or is immeasurable. Between us there is not a space of nothingness to separate us. We are each other and we should love each other and treat one an other to the up most satisfaction.

All that we do is because of love. Either because we have love, because we need love, we feel that we lack love, or because we are unaware of what love is (lack of love experience)

Now is the future looking back on the present moment of the past knowing that there really is no past, present, and future. What we refer to as time is not a straight line, it is omnidirectional. There really is only eternity

So act now as you would want it to be when looking back from the future

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