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Multiple UFO Sightings above India

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posted on May, 30 2007 @ 05:47 AM
2 Ufo's caught on radar close to the Indian Prime Ministers house.

Link to Story

May 30 2007 - Ufo spotted and photographed in Banglore Airspace.

Seems to be a lot of activity going on in India at the moment, what is happening?
Are these UFO's or the next generation Aircraft as a result of Extraterrestrial reverse engineering?

Three things the engineers need to reverse engineer for these LCAs. The stealth, the navigation and the silent propagation.

Stealth can be conventional terrestrial type. It can be also upgraded to the level of using electromagnetic flux around the craft. The use of electromagnetic flux will make it invisible in true sense. Engineers are looking into making the possible generation of electromagnetic flux in a meaningful way so that the range and capabilities of LCAs are not diminished. According to a recent model, some UFOs at a very low speed are able to avoid the glow of light around the UFO that signifies electromagnetic flux.

Propagation is a combination of anti-gravity and using electromagnetic momentum as radiation pressure. The real trick comes in navigation. It is very difficult to use conventional terrestrial navigational processes in controlling aircrafts proceeding with anti-gravity mechanisms. But engineers can model extremely sophisticated computational algorithms to overcome the same. The LCAs do not need to have onboard computers. Satellites can be used for that purpose. It reduces the cost and increases the operational efficiencies of the LCAs.


Surely it is undeniable that reverse engineering has taken place?
With these sort of " new technologies" and increasing proof of existence of such craft through sightings, photographs and video evidence, how can we dispute:
A- The existence of Extraterrestrials
B- New Technologies born from the reverse engineering of captured or crashed Alien craft, or from aid from E.T.s themselves

Surely the "If" is not in question anymore, The hows, whys and whens are more important.
Surely we only have to look at who is using these technologies and follow the papertrail back to the Industrial Military Complex of the Empire.

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 06:08 AM
Have the Engineers and Astrophysycists in Bangalore finally made a breakthrough?
Or is it just an interesting coincidence these latest sightings are also in Bangalore?
I doubt it, here is an interesting link from Feb 2005

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 08:30 AM
The 2 UFO's by the PM's house is a bit old I think. Not sure what the outcome of that actually was.

But the India Daily link you posted.. Well, take a look at some other things on that site. I don't know who runs it, but they seem to have a very vivid imagination, and talk about things they percieve as if they are actually real. That's not to say they aren't reporting facts, but to find them among the chaff is pretty hard, and I personally wouldn't read much into what they report on. I'm sure a fair amount of members here would feel the same too.

With regards to reverse engineering taking place - I think this has already happened more than once, from other sources than India Daily (more reputable ones).

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 08:53 AM
Thankyou for your comments.
The Ufo's that were seen on radar close to the Prime Ministers house were March 07 2007, and was posted primarily to coordinate with the May 30 sighting that the threads main topic is about.
The picture i believe shows a military reversed engineered craft.
I believe IndiaDaily is reputable though courts contoversy through reporting of certain things that would be taboo in the mainstream. I see a lot of attention to detail and scientific understanding in their reports, and is much more reputable than any site run by the UFO comunity.

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