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Is George Bush the H. P. Lovecraft of American politics?

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posted on May, 29 2007 @ 12:07 PM
I'm still thinking this through, so bear with me in case of illogical connections or factual inaccuracies. This is more of a "thinking out loud" piece than a hardened theory.

More than a few H.P. Lovecraft scholars think that the old gentleman from Providence actually believed in that which he wrote about, or at least that his writings were based on a personal vision of the insane immensity of an infinite universe. Of course, he fully understood that "Cthulhu," "the Necronomicon," "the old ones," etc. were his creation, but only in that he was giving name to those monstrous forces that he knew were just outside the doors of our perception. In other words, he had gazed into the abyss, and, finally, the abyss had gazed back. And then he went a little nuts.

For many years I've believed that George W. Bush was, at best, a gangster -- interested only in the accumulation of power and riches. (At worst, maybe, a megalomaniacal radical Christian fundamentalist; one white cat and Nehru jacket short of being a total James Bond villain.) The fly in the ointment of either view is that both types of personality also (usually,) have a highly-developed survival instinct. A compulsive sneak and liar like Bush would instinctively know when to abandon a stated principle or goal -- when adherence to that principle posed a threat to his power. George Bush is no dummy, he can foresee the condemnation of history and the curse he's brought down on his family name. Yet he continues to commit, and recommit, over and over and over, his legacy -- and our country! -- to a hysterically-conceived and moronically-executed "war on terror," wherein he can't even locate "the enemy" or define a criteria for victory.

This is a long way of getting around my central question: Is George W. Bush the H.P. Lovecraft of American politics? Did he gaze into the abyss and go little nuts? Certainly he displays all the characteristics of Manichaean paranoia. He believes that he alone comprehends the horrors waiting, with slavering jaws, just outside the gates; that he alone is the bulwark against those horrors; that his plan is the only plan that will work. Osama bin Cthulhu is only a priest to the Old Gods; capturing or destroying him is not as important as waging a perpetual war against the teeming hordes of evil, the jihaadists/ shoggoths.

War without end, amen.

Or am I just scaring myself? Personally, I'd prefer Bush the gangster over Bush the holy warrior. You can reason, or at least bargain, with gangsters, but there's no parlay with a man on a mission from God. (You're either with him or against him, part of the solution or part of the problem, etc.) Is George W. Bush... God help us... sincere?

Please tell me how I'm wrong, because I hope I am.


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