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Dream with Sirius

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posted on May, 27 2007 @ 06:18 PM
i think i cant get some help from you guys. I never rode anything about Sirius and about alien races.

But some stranges things happened to me since 10 years.

Ok i ll try to sum up what happened to me. I have a dream when i was standing in my backyard watching the sky. i could remember exactly the plan of the sky with all the stars. This, star approachs me like in hyperspace. Ok ? then, i just went back to my backyard. But a man was standing in the hall. I just said hello. I knew him in my dream. he was wearing an hat and i could nt see his face. The hall was in the nite with only the light of the moon. but even in my dream, i was wondering, but the man i just said hello doesn't look like a human being, because his shape wasn't normal. he had a cape (I m french i dont know the name in english) like superman have (sorry for cultural reference). i woke up in the nite just after this dream and wrote down the time. 22h55. The day after i found an astronomy website. So i inputed all the data to get the sky picture from the nite before. Ok i found it. And found the constellation on the picture. It was canis major. And the star was Sirius. the position in my dream was exactly like in reality. But it was in my dream. The nite after i checked. So we had the same weather condition and i went out. And i don t use to look at the sky. but i understood i saw the same sky the nite before in my dream with the same moonlight. during this dream, other things happened but it is like my brain wants to not to remember these things.

Ok but it is not finished guys. I dont know why, i was attracted by israel. And i took a ticket to go there. Ok. but i m always attracted by Israel and i dont know anybody there. I got the feeling i need to see something there. last Week end, i was in Tel Aviv. I dont have any friends there, i dont have family there. I live in Spain so it should be easy to get to any cool resorts nearby.

if somebody can help...

I think other things will come up... but i got other things in my life..; like my job...

Everything is true..; I wouldn t waiste so much energy to write a post in a forum !!!

Furthermore, since i m a child. i got convictions. Strange things you know but for me it is things of children... Dreamland.. I m a bit a lot because i m very rational in my life.

But each time i write my story i got 2 sensations. the first one is accomplishment the other one is fear. I feel a real fear. But fear of what ? Words ? No no no...

Once when i was 18 years i went out with some friends to a club. After the club we were hungry. I went to the boulangerie at 5am in the morning. i parked the car. A black chrysler van was parked in front of the boulangerie. I brought my croissants. I passed by the chrysler and the door of the chrysler slided. 4 men dressed in suits were in the Chrysler Van saying "bonsoir". I just didn't understand and went back to the car.

After , i discovered what was the MIB. And the fear started.

I got several stories since 10 years.
So these 2 sensations of fear and need of accomplishment.

I got the feeling i ll need one day or another face all of that. ....

you know i dont have any incredible stories to tell. but i got a puzzle of wierd things on 30 years timeline.

posted on May, 27 2007 @ 07:05 PM
sorry mate but i didnt really understand what you trying to convey here...maybe some1 else or some moderator might be help you but as far as the MIB is concerned...all i know so far or all that i have heard about them so far is that they threaten only those who have had an experience with an extraterrestial entity in person and are making the public aware of whatever happened..

hope some1 else can understand what you trying to say here and help you in a better way..

posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 01:39 PM
reply to post by canaan1

I d like to apologize, my english is really bad, i m not english speaker.

posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 12:39 PM
The MIB job is to scare you so you don't reveal your story or make it public, or so ive heard. I had an encounter with them once. It is funny because they do not even have to make a real life appearance to get the job done. They are known to drive 2 certain types of cars but will drive other types, usually always a black car too and can disappear when they want it seems.

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