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UK: Govenment considering bringing back the Stop n Search law. (the old sus law) uh-oh!!

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posted on May, 27 2007 @ 01:23 PM
New anti-terror police powers considered

British police may be given tougher powers under a proposal for new anti-terror laws, Home Office officials have said.
Officers would have the right to stop and question anyone in the UK - a measure that has only been used in Northern Ireland.
Anyone who refuses to co-operate could be charged with obstructing the police and fined up to £5,000, according to the Sunday Times.


I was just watching this on the ITV News London UK, I couldn't believe my ears. I didn't think they were going to implement this stage for AT LEAST another two years.

I'm not un-movable on my views about the Big Brother society, my views grow and evolve with my knowledge on the subject, so i can certainly see the 'benefits' of this move...IF....IF!!!!....we are actually in that much danger.

BUT... they better be REALLY careful with this.

They have "fast tracked" ALOT of police officers through training, to get more "Bobbys on the beat". Unfortunately they're not "vetting" (back ground checks etc.) them like they use to, and the new "Community Police Officers" only get 3 months training instead of the usual 6 months for standard officers.

So standards are BOUND to have slipped... They abolished the 'Sus.' law i think in the 70's, Wiki Stop n Search law ...when it was found that officers were harassing and/or arresting "ethinic minorities" rather alot, and was found to actually be taking up a lot of police time, distracting officers from REAL crimes being commited.

Based on the standards today, this move is not a very "reasurring one" IMO

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