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Notable "Terrorist Insurgents" in American Popular Culture

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posted on May, 26 2007 @ 07:01 PM
It's a fact that one mans "Terrorist" is another mans "Freedom Fighter". In these days this concept has virtually vanished, which is important to maintain systematic dehumanization of other societies and cultural groups (i.e. "The War on Terror").

In the reality of the "War on Terror", the duality concept of "terrorist" has been replaced with the terrorists not being any form of freedom fighter, but rather nothing more than dehumanized Terrorists who merely want to attack ones way of life instead of attack for what they percieve as political justice. It's important (in a militarized society driven by an establishment bent on global domination) to prevent the society doing the global oppression (to 'preserve "their" interests') from beng able to see things in the other sides view so that said people will continue to follow along with the establishments propaganda and drive for war.

To relight this "duality" concept of "Terrorist", let us see what examples of "terrorist insurgents" we can find in our very own popular culture:

Star Wars

In this plot, the "Rebel Alliance" are the freedom fighters (terrorists). They even qualify as Insurgents, as they're trying to overthrow the (Evil) "Galactic Empire" who rules virtually the entire Galaxy (their entire planet if you will).

Most notable terrorist insurgents from this saga:

Luke Skywalker (not to be confused with Luke Skyywalker)

His 21st Century Earth parallel would have to be Mohammed Atta, although Han Solo might not agree.

Han Solo:

Princess "Your Worship" Leia:

Leia falls somewhere between being either one of Osama's wives, or being one of the famed 72 virgins (can one actually be a "virgin" in the afterlife?) that suicide attackers are reportidly awarded with.

Obi Wan:

Obi Wan would probably best equate with the original leader of the Afghanistan Mujahideen, Abdullah Azzam.

The Matrix

In this saga the hacker groups / humans are openly referred to as "Terrorists" in the simulated reality, and they're in fact "Insurgents" as they're trying to take the entire system of slavery down.

Most notable terrorist insurgents from this saga:


Neo aka "The One" is rather difficult to place, but maybe a blast from the past would equate him with the infamous "Che".


Morpheus would perhaps best parallel Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, as the organizer the flights and believer in the cause.


Trinity would be up for Leia's titles, but in the "real" world Leia would put the smack down.

The People of Zion:

This is a rag tag group of terrorist sympathizers, terrorist supporters, and actual terrorists.


This 1988 film depicted the actual Afghanistan Mujahideen "freedom fighters". The Mujahideen ended up becoming one hit wonders, as it didn't take american pop culture too long the turn their backs on them and literally bash them. This has led some pop culturists to wonder if there's any connection with teh Mujahideen and Vannila Ice's "heavy metal" remix of Ice Ice baby.

The A-Team:

Must see TV: "The CI-A Team"

The A Team are clearly terrorists, but these freedom fighters don't qualify as insurgents as they're only trying to secure theirs and others freedom, without actually trying to overthrow the government.

Most notable terrorists from this show:

Hannibal Smith:

Clearly gunning for the "Osama" Bin Laden title, but are there any challengers?


While there wasn't a clear cut example for the Face, Mohammed Atef did take his parallel as he's one the the few Al Qaeda lieutenants who can be found smiling in his images, rather then actually trying to look ugly and menacing.

Howling Mad Murdoch:

Murdoch steals the Aman Al-Zawahiri title hands down.

B.A. Baracus:

B.A. enters the ring with fists swinging and his jaw a jabbin to take the title of "K.S.M." from Morpheus. This fight, in both the "real" and "simulated" worlds would surely trump the Neo vs. Smith final battle scene.

They Live

Easily one of the most brilliant movies of all time, our heros in this film equate to being "insurgent" "terrorists" ar they're trying to take down the oppressive system of enslavement to consumerism / materialism / hate / delusionism being perpetrated by the 'external occupiers'.

John Nada:


John and Frank aren't quite gunning for title shots like the other contestants, as they're more like everyday "terrorists" who just so happened to find out about the insurgency plot, and then did the right thing under the circumstances. They Live actually portrays those on the other side of the would-be evil empire, and their fight scene is the best metaphor for trying to get people to see the truth:

But are there any other contestants for the other titles??

[edit on 26-5-2007 by IgnoranceIsntBlisss]

posted on May, 26 2007 @ 07:14 PM
Bliss, good post.
A load of fun, with a good mixture of fact. And it is truthful in the way that people on both sides of any conflict see themselves as the 'good guys', no matter what.

Maybe this will make a few people think just a tad different.

You earned these stars.

posted on May, 26 2007 @ 07:37 PM
Thanks. I had a lot of fun doing this one. Don't do enough satire pieces anymore. That CI-A Team video was too much fun making. That clip actually has a higher purpose.

ATS took away the WATS, and made it flags. Then they started the stars system to make everyone -who was debating that we couldn't WATS people who posted IN threads- happy, but the stars don't actually affect your WATS rating. Just today I would have WATS some posters in one of my other threads, as they deserved it, but nada. Soon enough the debate will get raging again on the issue... probably at the end of the month...

posted on May, 26 2007 @ 09:23 PM
I'm a proud owner of "They Live" on dvd.

Can I nominate an imaginary character?
What about Tyler Durden? And the Narrator of Fight Club?
Besides StarWars, FC was the first thing to come to mind
for "Freedom Fighters".

They recruit men under their philosophy,
they perform acts of domestic terrorism,
and they even blow up some financial buildings.

Pretty much an instant classic.
And I just realized I bought both of these movies
without seeing them, and they're both two
of my favorites.

HA!, reread and I just got that Vanilla Ice mujahadeen joke.

[edit on 5/26/2007 by aecreate]

posted on May, 27 2007 @ 03:23 AM

Originally posted by aecreate
Can I nominate an imaginary character?

Of course! All characters are imaginary

What about Tyler Durden? And the Narrator of Fight Club?

That's tricky. It's a matter of Tyler being more of what the modern political definition would descibe a terrorist as, whereas the narrator would fall more into the actual sociological / psychological assessments would be.

One of my favorites regardless. Just so happened to see They Live for the first time since I was a kid, the night before last. Couldn't even comprehend what a brilliant moive it was in those times.

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