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American Patriots

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posted on May, 26 2007 @ 02:51 PM
What are they! are they all lobotomised at birth? are they some kind of pre programmed android, their certainly not human, no intelligent human with their own brain could but that stupid, ignorant, narrow minded, uncaring, selfish, murderous, depraved, racist, bigots and bubble minded inhabitants could they.

I thought being Patriotic meant standing up for a proud nation, a nation that helps others, a nation that looks after its own, not some gun totin war machine with its members stating lets go nuke some people, a group of prozac zombies who kill and eat their own babies.

Tell me I'm wrong, tell me its all a bad dream, tell me the US is not going to initiate the next world war.

posted on May, 26 2007 @ 03:15 PM
Hmm.. I'm not sure what you mean by American Patriots. The war was started by the Government, not the Nation. I think that your nation, i.e. the people, do not support the Governments actions. The war has already started, it's an informational war, and we have to fight it by denying ignorance.

Anyway, a few days ago, we had a discussion about American Patriotism at the University. For some reason, the people here [Russia], find American patiotism marasmatic. They don't believe that American patriots are really patriots. Personally, I have sung the Maltese hymn for 9 years each day at school and at the lyceum, so in no way do I find American patriotism marasmatic. On the other hand, I believe that skinheads and fascists in the US are S-holes. "True patriots fight hate." - (10 Ways To Fight Hate).


posted on May, 28 2007 @ 11:36 AM
Mushroom! I'm back.

It seems every time I respond to a thread you make a new one. :shk:

What are they! are they all lobotomised at birth?


are they some kind of pre programmed android


their certainly not human


no intelligent human with their own brain could but that stupid


Ignorant like this thread?

narrow minded

....Like this thread?


We give more money to charity then every nation in the world combined.


This is honestly getting pathetic.






I think I just vomited a little..

bigots and bubble minded inhabitants could they.

Ah if only we could all be like you.

I thought being Patriotic meant standing up for a proud nation

And American's don't do this?

a nation that helps others

I won't respond to such blatant pathetic ignorance. Any one can see the generosity of America when countries are in need, like after the tsunami.

a nation that looks after its own,

Because America does not do this.......

not some gun totin war machine

Ooo here comes the bigotry again.

with its members stating lets go nuke some people

*yawn* interesting

a group of prozac zombies who kill and eat their own babies.

Was this a bad joke, or are you honestly so damn stupid you think we eat our own babies. Because I wouldn't put it past someone like you to actually think that.

Tell me I'm wrong, tell me its all a bad dream, tell me the US is not going to initiate the next world war.

I will tell you that your an ignorant coward who makes pathetic threads like this about an entire people you hate with such vile energy it makes me wonder... it makes me wonder how you could hate a people you have never met (You have never visited America) and how or where such vile hatred can originate.

Those who hate with such a passion be it through ignorance or simply malice, typically do so in the fit of rage caused by jealousy, if not complete pure hate, one which consumes you, and maybe by looking at your threads.. perhaps you really are just a nasty little bigot who hates just for the sake of hating.

Me on the other hand will prefer to be hated for what I and my people are, instead of loved by all for conforming to other peoples expectations.

By the way, I have absolutely no respect for someone like you, this thread here is the icing on the cake, a sad little gesture from a sad little man. You truly, honestly, and sincerely.. make me sick.

posted on May, 28 2007 @ 03:35 PM
Rock your back I thought you were going to fold on me, oh good I like a good scrap.

Rock, Rock my good friend I would really like to say something good about the US but the trouble is I'm not a bull crapper.

You see after your Goverment was lead into ww1, well a bit at the end and then ww2, it was realised by those that run the show that the BE was on its uppers and a fresh victim was sought, enter the US.

After the phoney cold war which basically drained the Ruskie economy to match NATO and so to prevent Russia from becoming a true superpower the US was sent on its pre programmed path.

Pissed off at the Ruskies beating you into space your Goverment came up with a good bit of one up manship, the hoaxed moon landing, well not strictly true I'm sure there maybe some mumified remains of US astronoughts on the moon but nobody got to see their pictures.

This was the communist bogey man, Vietnam, Korea and all that and all that commie bull and scares at home. Then it was off into the terrorists zone, putting in puppet Goverments, supporting despots and all that. Plus the drugs of course under the guise of figthing the drug barons the CIA in fact were creaming off the money to fund their various schemes.

Anyway off to the ME, after supporting both sides in the Iran Iraq war Sadam Insane gets to big for his boots, he threatens the oil feed and more importantly ditching the dollar over the Euro, coincideces are strange arent they.

Now Iran is doing the same thing so lets think of a scam to take them out. Oh I forgot that event on 9/11 were your Goverment allowed thousands of your fellow countrymen to die just to get another war started.

Well you know the rest dont you.

Oh and by the way your nation does not give more than anybody else, your nation is responsible for the deaths of millions in pointless wars propagated through its own self made fears, you have PNAC which states that its goal is world domination.

Not content with murdering others your Goverment murders your own people, whilst you sit back and watch, How many Americans killed at the hand of felow Americans every year, poor education, the lowest in the western world, healthcare for those who can only afford it, yes your country is a model of democracy is it not.

But are you aware this is happening, do you think none of these historical events took place, how many millions killed in Vietnam and for what, reds under the bed, as I said a scared people, scared that everyone is out to get you when the only people that are are yourselves.

The worlds policeman, dont make me laugh you cannot even police your own country can you, its a pity youve fired your best shot in trying to shout me down but thats not worked, you see that might work on weak American minds but not on mine.

Your not racist are you, (not you personally) oh so you did not have segregation between backs and whites in the sixties, American blacks are as rich as white Americans, yes, oh and how about the good old Muslim punchbag, not trying to kill them off are you.

Your country is quickly turning into a dictatorship, but dont worry when you and all the others are in the camps I will send you some food parcels, us brits are generous folks.

And I'm not jealous mate we have had it all, we have been there and worn the tee shirt.

Anyway its late so hugs and kisses, dont you make yourself a stranger now, I will be waiting in aaaannnttticciippation

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