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P.S., Love Harlen Kwaan

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posted on Apr, 30 2007 @ 03:38 PM
Harlen rested his chin on his fingertips as he squinted at the liquid crystal display in his tiny cluttered living pod and moved the cursor back and forth across the virtual screen through a series of files using his thought patterns to guide it. “Open document twelve dash b” he commanded in a monotone voice. “Twelve dash b now open” a woman’s voice responded in a Neptunian accent.

The year was 5021 and Harlen Kwaan had been fired from his low level position at the galactic federation control headquarters. Harlen had been working on a black-op federation project dealing with reverse time population influence. Although time travel had never been achieved, they found that through the strange world of quantum mechanics, human thought patterns in the past could be effectively influenced through nano-waves and the events in time guided along accordingly.

The process worked by first locating a specific time co-ordinance, then locating a receptive mind target, preferably someone of influence. His first project was on a mind target named William Henry "Billy" Gates. The young man’s love of taxidermy and tinkering with small sewing machine motors had given him the idea to start the first line of fully animated stuffed pets. His first creation was a beaver that danced and sang the banana boat song. That was until Harlen stepped in and simply copied and pasted his aspirations with a vision of personal computers. The rest as they say, “was history.”

Harlen had been fired for using the federations secret system on his laptop to doodle spyrographs on his coffee breaks, resulting in widespread crop circles throughout England in the twentieth century. Harlen was disgruntled to say the least and planned to unleash a thought virus he had written into the earth's past in retaliation for his dismissal. “Computer” Harlen spoke in a monotone voice...

"release thought virus eighties hair.”

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