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Elevated's Big Chance At Vegas... come and see whats up

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posted on Apr, 30 2007 @ 02:40 PM
I'm a member of a local bar's Poker League. No Limit Texas Hold'em.

This Sunday, is our year end grand prize tournament. The top 2 finishers will win a Trip to Vegas to play in the $1000k buy in tournament, of which the winner of that also gets a $10k seat in the main event.

I've qualified for this Sunday's tournament with 10 wins and 9th in points.
There have been over 250 people play in the nightly games over the past several months. I feel like I've really done well.

The value of the prizes for the 10 wins is around $700.

The poker is free, just have to buy your food and drinks. So actually it has cost me about $20-30 each night I play ( usually 2-3 times per week).

So, this Sunday at 10am I'll take my seat and my chips and let the cards fall where they will, wish me luck and I'll come back and update you on my success.


posted on Apr, 30 2007 @ 03:45 PM
Woo nice one that trip to Vegas to get a seat in a main event sounds amazing!!!!!! I want to go and play there hopefully one day too that's such a cool prize to offer I would be exicited to have just been able to get into the event you have nevermind Vegas!!! You sound like you have skill so i would wish you luck but we both know that's it all about keeping a level head, steady nerves and doing the math

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