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A Prime Minister in the making?

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posted on Apr, 30 2007 @ 10:45 AM
It was supposed to be a hard fought battle for Justin Trudeau in the Papineau riding but he smoked it on the first ballot.

MONTREAL–There will be a whiff of political royalty in the next federal election after Liberals from the Montreal riding of Papineau picked Justin Trudeau to try to win back the seat from the Bloc Québécois.

Trudeau, the eldest son of former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, won a first-ballot victory over two opponents to represent the multicultural riding, which had been a traditional Liberal stronghold until the 2006 election. The nomination contest pitted Canada's most famous school teacher, 35, against Mary Deros, a popular city councillor and Basilio Giordano, the publisher of a local Italian-language newspaper.

Toronto Star

Justin has his father's charisma but does he have the political savvy to survive where he's not wanted? His name is both a blessing and a curse depending on what part of the country you poll. Pierre was loved by many, hated as much and then there were those that BOTH loved and hated him at the same time.

If he's to survive he's going to need the balls that his father showed, particularily during the FLQ Crisis.

So, are we looking at a future leader of the Liberal party and Canada?

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posted on Jun, 17 2007 @ 05:25 PM

Originally posted by intrepid
So, are we looking at a future leader of the Liberal party and Canada?

I hope not. Unless he shows me he's got the right stuff. Giving a good eulogy doesn't quite cut it.

You know what intrepid?

I haven't heard a thing about Justin since the election.

Maybe I'm just not paying attention and I don't think anyone else is either.

I remember thinking that he won based on name recognition. I mean everybody that wants him to run is hopping he'll be like his father or something. They're ready to crown him but what has this kid done? Seriously. Other than have a famouse family?

Can't we get past this "royalty" thing? Look what happened down south with "dim son".

posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 04:35 AM
Trudeau *insert shiver here*

I really don't think Justin has what it takes to be part of the thing that is Canadian politics.

He's a pretty boy living off the repuation, be it good or bad depending on your opinon, that his father created.

Of course every insitution needs new blood, a young face with power and money behind him or her. JT has that in buckets, of oil *cough NEP cough* I don't belive that he would have the political savey to truely hold down a position with in the Liberal party let along become the leader of it or House of Commons.

He's a nice kid, photogenic smile, can give one hell of eulogy but doesn't have the interest or ability to become true politica pundant in the circles of Parliment Hill.

It would be interesting to revist this post in 5 years to see what he can do and has done and I just may eat my words but I don't know think so.

Thank you all for your time,


posted on Nov, 12 2007 @ 02:55 PM
I have met and talked to the guy, he is very charismatic and insightful. Its too bad for him and a sad statement about the rest of us that we are so fixated on his last name. If he really wants to live up to his father and give Canada what it needs he will need to, like his father, make strong stands a present a clear vision of our contrary.
That being said I think that is the real issue with Canadian politics a true lack of leadership. How do you get good leaders? By choosing form the most qualified pool of applicants, how do you get a good pool? You interest your population in the governing of there country, and there in lies why Canadian politics are so mundane. The absolute apathy and disinterest expressed the nations citizens.

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