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Whats your vehicle history (aka what have you owned?)

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posted on Apr, 29 2007 @ 02:43 PM
I was going over the list the other day and was surprised at how many there actually were:

1) 1951 Mercury 4 door sedan with suicide doors. Old flathead motor. I loved that car.

2) 1985 Toyota Tercell. This was the family roustabout and both my sister and I owned it at some point. It ended up with 230000 miles on it and we got rid of it finnaly in 2004 after the camshaft snapped. It never required any repairs.

3) 1964 Pontiac GTO. 4 spd. posi traction. Tripower. I picked it up from the origional owner. It was all stock, but was in fairly bad shape. Being 17 at the time (and 2000.00 was a ton of money) I spent most of it trying to get it to go fast. My best time at Baylands Raceway was 13.18 @ 107 mph. Scary given the lack of breaks and suspension. Tried to resotre the car, but it proved too expensive and eventually traded it to my closes friend in the world (Who still has it and finished a frame off resoration of the car last year) for a...........

4) 1984 Ford Mustang SVO. It had a rollbar inside, handled well, was resonably fast, but most of all it was well a Ford.

5) 1996 WS-6 Trans Am. This was my first new car. I waited 7 months on order. It was fast and handled like a dream. 6 spd manual and I made numerous modifications to the frame (subframe connectors) etc and it was a great all around car. Increasing problems and warrantly expirations eventialy forced me to sell it to some guy who within a few months totaled the car in a track accident.

6) 1999 ML320. Our second totaly new car. It was alot of fun and we really like MB's in general unltill that is the harmonic balancer came apart and took out the oil pan and a $3500.00 repair later we were back ont he road. But it had a really well geared low range (which could be used on dry pavement) and a for real fram (no unit body) and was quite capable offroad (We did Moad, Canyon De Chelly, and several trips to Death Valley's numerous offraod areas). We sold this a few weeks ago

7) 2001 Toyota Corolla. Be bought this car for our mother in law and when she passed away we inherited it. It took the place of the 85 Tercel mentioned above.

8) yesterday we picked up our new car a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid. SO far we are seeing 45 mpg in mixed driving.

posted on Apr, 29 2007 @ 06:22 PM
1) 1967 Plymouth Satellite named Sherman, because he was a tank. Bought him with money from my first job, from my mother's employer who was an auto wrecker, for $350.

2) 1968 Mercury Cougar

3) 1958 VW van, complete with psychedelic paint job when I bought it, and a new version when I sold it.

4) 1987 Mitsubishi truck - first & only vehicle bought new, and repossessed about a year later. I was young and dumb.

5) 1981 Honda 350 that I learned to ride motorcycles on.

6) 1988 Yamaha 650 with Harley tailpipes welded onto it. Loud and ugly, had to be kicked to start, and would often kick back hard enough to leave a dent in your shin.

7) 1986 Kawasaki 650 (miniature version of the police bike)

8) 1988 Kawasaki GPZ 550 that I rode until I was nearly killed by a Volvo driving madman in SF and that was the last bike I ever owned.

9) 1984 Nissan 300 ZX that had belonged to my father, and I drove it into the dirt.

10) 1988 Chevy passenger van so ugly it was named Mongo.

11) Current car a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am.

posted on Apr, 29 2007 @ 06:25 PM
1) 1988 Honda Prelude

2) 1992 Honda Accord EX

Also a Honda scooter during college since parking for those was easy to find much nearer to classes.

I sold my Accord in NYC around 1998. I no longer own any car since it's very expensive to keep one in Manhattan and you don't really need one.

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posted on Apr, 29 2007 @ 06:49 PM
1969 Buick Opel
1967 Ford Mustang
1964 Pontiac Tempest
1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera
2001 Honda Civic
2002 Honda Accord
2003 Honda Accord

posted on Apr, 29 2007 @ 08:04 PM
Oh, the memories of my first vehichles......

1st - 1980 BigWheel

2nd - 1983 Green Machine

3rd - 1985 Black Moped

4th - 1989 Chevy Spectrum

5th - 1985 Chevy Impala

6th - 1985 Dodge Van

7th - 1985 Ford E150 Van

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 12:24 PM
1980 Chevy Malibu 4 Door

1985 Chevy Cavalier (that thing had holes in the radiator, bad wipers, piss poor brakes, and just an all around bad car, but I LOVED it!

1979 Dodge Aspen (This beast was a tank! It was primer gray, and had plaid seat covers, but god it was a machine!)

1973 Mercedes Benz (I bought it for $500, but it sat in my driveway. The guy I bought it from told me it ran, and when I got it to my house, it died, and I never had time to fix it, so I sold it for the same amount I bought it for to a guy who giving the care it needs to get it fixed.)

Right now I'm looking at another '79 Aspen that my mom has right now. It's a 4 door instead of the Sport that I had previously, but it's an Aspen, and I love those cars.

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posted on May, 2 2007 @ 12:37 PM
66 Chevelle Wagon
70 Chevy Nova
83 Toyota Supra
85 Ford Thunderbird
85 Dodge MinVan, Skeleton version..Nothing inside but 2 seats.
78 Camaro
88 Mazda B2000 Pickup
86 Silverado Suburban
89 Ford Thunderbird
89 Ford Aerostar Van (Piece of crap)
95 Nissan Maxima (still have it) One of the best cars ever, 250,000 miles, looks new!

97 Mazda B2200 Pickup
01 Nissan XTerra
03 Mazda B4000 4WD Pickup (still have it)
07 Nissan Versa A gas sipper that we just purchased.

Man, thats a lot of cars..

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posted on May, 2 2007 @ 01:47 PM
I've only been driving for three years so my list is a small quite unimpressive one
95 fiesta 1300
and currently a 2004 fiesta 1300

I did have an old Austin Mini years ago that I never drove as it had no engine and never did get fixed up.

so to fill up this post, Mr pantha and I have tried to remember the cars we've had in the 20 years that we've been together.
what's his is mine and what's mine is mine so I can kind of say these have been my cars too

69 Ford MKII Cortina 16GT
68 Ford MKII Cortina 16GT
Three Ford Capri ( can't remember the years )
77 VW Passat
74 Ford Granada 2ltr
75 Ford Escort 2ltr that he converted to an RS2000
85 Ford fiesta put a 1600 RS turbo lump in it
84 Ford orion again put a 1600 RS turbo engine in it
87 Ford Sierra 1600
84 Ford escort 1100
84 Vauxhall cavalier 2ltr SRi
81 Ford escort 1100 put in a 1600
88 Ford sapphire 1600
93 Ford mondeo 1800 TD
97 Ford Mondeo 1800
2000 Ford focus 2Ltr Zetec
Currently driving a 2003 Honda civic type R 2ltr

As you can see Mr pantha has been a bit of a Ford fan in the past, but has decided it's time for a change. He's eyeing up Mitsubishi Evos at the moment for his next car

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 02:15 PM
1: 1987 VW Golf 4dr. I bought it for something liike $500. Worth every penny, I learned to drive manual on it. Then it got broken into and just wasn't worth fixing.

2. 1994 Mazda MX-6. It was bought wrecked for $1600, a motor swap and a lot of work was put into it. I ended up wrecking it by flying into a fire hydrant.

3. 1994 Mazda MX-6. Yes I decided to buy another one after trashing the first, I only had it for about 2 months before a head gasket went, and subsequent to that my ex drove it into another car. Didn't bother fixing it, had it turned into a cube.

4. 1999 Audi A4 2.8. I got this one in 2005. A great car to drive but breaks down way too frequently. I still love it though

posted on May, 2 2007 @ 02:16 PM
Mrmysticism... you beat me.. I was going to start with the Tricycle that I had .... good one...

I didn't own these first vehicles but..

learned to drive in a 1979 Buick Electra - 4dr huge car. Passed my drivers test in this car, scored a perfect on the parallel parking.
Took the same car on my first car date in 1987.

Did a lot of driving over the next couple of years in my dad's 1985 Pontiac Gran Prix. Took this car to my senior prom...

My first car purchased was...

1979 Monte Carlo - Black w/ red interior, big block 350. It was nice. paid $1000 for it.

1985 Olds Cutlass Supreme Broughm Edt. - loved this car until it was broad sided by a dump truck.. no one was hurt.

1991 Chevy Cavalier - first brand new car... had it for 3 days and it was parked on the street in front of my house, drunk driver in a pick up truck hit it and totaled it. Got another just like it a few days later.

1994 Olds achieva 4 dr - had a child, was time for something bigger.

1996 Monte Carlo - loved it when they brought the Monte back and didn't like the 4 dr...

1997 Satrun - just something to drive...

here's where it gets interesting... started going through a divorce, needed money, etc...

1989 Ford LTD - I think it was an 89. piece of junk.

1988 Subaru Wagon - it ran...

1994 Mercury Sable - I'm on my way back up...

2001 Cavalier - Brand New Car, post divorce.

1997 Grand Prix GT - just wanted something else.

2002 Pontiac Aztek - bright yellow...

2004 Grand Am GT - 30th Anniversary edt. Orange, loaded totally.

2005 Ford Explorer XLT - the wife wanted an SUV.

next on the list is

Pontiac GTO or Nissan Z 350 - just for fun.

posted on May, 3 2007 @ 12:53 AM
There are some cool cars on this list. Check out Pantha with the Type R Civic

I would not mind one of the new GTO's esp the 06 model with the 400+ hp. I have been in one and it reminds me of my 64 version. Fast in the straits but hit the turns and its a wing and a prayer

posted on May, 3 2007 @ 01:55 AM
Now nobody should laugh at me, but........

1982 Chevy Nova

1990 Pontiac Grand Am

1992 Ford Escort ( had a great system in it that you could hear from six blocks away and made my cigarette smoke move)

1992 Chevy Corsica

2003 Hyundai Elantra

Not the best cars, but they got me from point A to point B.

posted on May, 3 2007 @ 02:29 AM

Originally posted by FredT
Check out Pantha with the Type R Civic

The thing is, I can't drive it

I used to drive the focus now and then, but when we got a quote for the type R when we bought it, we couldn't afford to add me to the insurance due to my lack of driving experience. (though personally I think I'm a much safer driver than my hubby
We might have to find a bit of private road somewhere sometime , so I can have a go before he decides to sell it.

posted on May, 3 2007 @ 05:45 AM
1. 1987 Chevy Corsica - Got it from Grandma, the seat was so far in the floor my sister and I had to sit on a pillow to see over the steering wheel. (How cool is that when your in HS)

2. 1996 Nissan 200SX SER - Loved this car, was a sad day when I had to get rid of it, was costing me more than it was worth.

3. 2 cars actually, still have both. First a 1993 Nissan Pick-Up. And a 2004 Nissan Titan. Love the Titan, never buy a first year model though, too many bugs to work out.

posted on May, 5 2007 @ 11:16 PM
1. A 1989 Ford Sierra Saphirre - Wasn't legally allowed to drive it but swapped my mate a sega saturn for it.

2. A 1983 MG Metro - Cheap little car to run around in, drive shaft fell out of the car in the middle of nowhere.

3. A 1986 Ford Orion 1.6 Ghia - Was a death trap, only kept it for a couple of months.

4. A 1994 Fiat Tempra - Dodgy electrics, would just shutdown the car & wouldn't start unless left for 1/2hr.

5. A 1991 VW Sciroco GT - Lovely car to drive but with no power steering it was tough going on long journeys.

6. A 1994 Suzuki Swift GTI - Very quick car from 0-100 & from a 1.3 ltr engine, scary car under braking though.

7. A 1999 Rover 416SI - Decent saloon car, had a honda engine in it which was pretty quick. Wrote this car off in the snow, ended up on the roof after a couple of flips. The car was in pretty good nick considering.

8. A 2000 Toyota Corolla 1.4 VVTI - Fairly average.

9. A 2003 Honda Civic Type-R with additional mods - I love this car, it's just so much fun to drive.

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 12:50 AM
Well, I had to really stop and think; I've owned so many differnet vehicles over the years, it's hard to remember them all. O.K., here goes:

1. 1961 Ford Falcon 2dr sedan- bought it on time off a small used card lot for $700. paid it off in like 6 months. About a year later I was driving it in the local mountains when I hit a patch of ice and plowed nose first into a parked 1972 Cadillac El Dorado; didn't even really hurt the caddy but crupled my hood and ruptured my radiator and fuel line. Sad. I really liked that little car.

2. 1962 Mercury Comet - had a bad piston rod and I kept expecting it to go anytime but it lasted a whole year. Amazing.

3. !969 Ford Mustang Boss 302; what a great car. Had the positraction rear end, the Hearst 4 speed shifter and Hawley Carbs. Ran like a bat out of hell. Bought it from my brother and he conveniently forgot to tell me that he was past due on the note. Reposesed a month after I bought it.

4. !968 Pontiac Firebird 400- My all time favorite car! I bought it just out of the service for cash and what a sweet ride it was, too. This car was totally stock with the 4 speed four on the floor, stock pipes and 4 barrel carbs; the only non-stock items were the tires, which were Sears steel belted radials. I had this car for about 2 years and then the gas crunch hit and gas prices sky-rocketed. Bye-bye baby.

4. 1969 VW Suoer Beatle - hey what's a boy to do? It didn't go fast but I could fill up the gas tank for under $5.00.

5. 1975 Chevy Monza Towncar - the only car I ever bought new, Wish I hadn't; what a lemon. Finally sold it 6 months later for just enough to pay off the note. Bummer!

6. 1974 Chevy Vega.- Piece of crap.

7. 1974 Ford Thunderbird - A very nice car. Drove the wheels off it for several years.

9. !984 Ford Pinto- totalled it in a wreck.

10. 1979 Honda 750 - drove this for 2 + years before I gave it to my ex-wife who later traded it in for a new Triumph Cub,

11. 1986 Harley-Davidson Soft tailed Springer- Ride to live; Live to ride. baby. Still own it.

12. 1992 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale - Still have it and it runs as good today as when it rolled off the assembly line. It's a 6 cyl, so it get's decent gas mileage and it's very comfy to sit in too.

O.K., I'm done; who's next?

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posted on May, 20 2007 @ 06:21 PM
I've only ever owned 2 vehicles:

1988 Ford Ranger, which I had for 9 years and 220,000 miles. Also known as the FO D (the R fell off sometime in college) or the POST (Peice Of S**t Truck), I used to live out of it back in the Navy days. Man, I loved that thing!

1997 Dodge Dakota, bought in 2000, it's got 160,000+ miles on it, and it's time now for that to go, too.

What's next? Only time will tell, or at least I should know in a few weeks.

posted on May, 21 2007 @ 06:30 AM
as best as my memory can recollect

195? morris minor
1953 vangaurd ute
1966hd sedan(gm holden)
1972 hq wagon (gm holden)
1964 ap5 valiant wagon(crhysler)
1965 ap6 valiant wagon (crhysler)
1966 rambler american
1972 vh valiant ute(crhysler)
1976 cm valiant sedan(the complete front 1/2 ,front seats forward, ended up
on the 72 ute
1985 fj62 landcruiser

1942 bsa wm20 500cc
1962 bsa star twin 650cc
1954 matchless 500cc
1975 triumph t150v 750cc triple(or was it 76???)ahh, who cares, it was a long time ago
throw in a bunch of chookchasers,(trail bikes) montesea's, yammy's
and of the whole bunch,
i still have the 64 ap5 and the fj62
thats it, i'm done

forgot to add the snotta, had to buy a snotbox ford laser while i did a reco
on the ap5,need transport as the val was the daily driver(althou i dont
consider it a real car, east west motor, ha, )

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posted on May, 21 2007 @ 07:07 AM
1980 Chevrolet Chevette -junk
1981 Mercury Bobcat- was a good car for me to bad it was based off the pinto
1986 Ford Escort- good car wrecked it though
1985 Chevrolet S 10 Pickup - junk
1988 Ford Festiva- good little car great gas milage only thing I ever had to replace was the tires
1993 Nissan Pickup -great vehicle never a problem with anything
1990 Buick Century -junk
1982 Chevrolet Citation- junk
1991 Honda Accord -stolen
1978 El Camino -stolen
1994 Jeep Cherokee -good vehicle was vandalized at on point never the same after
2003 Nissan Frontier -excellent vehicle
2005 Nissan Titan-Love this truck


posted on Jun, 11 2007 @ 09:46 PM

I bought myself a new Prius on Friday, drove it over 500 miles in 3 days, averaging ~48 mpg.

Here she is....

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